Yes, you can use your Amazon Echo in the bathroom. Here’s how

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    id=”article-body” class=”row” section=”article-body”> An Echo Dot works best in the bathroom.

    James Martin/CNET The bathroom may be the last spot you’d think about placing your Amazon Echo — you’re usually busy showering or brushing your teeth, and that area of the house is filled with germs and bacteria. However, it can prove to be convenient to have Alexa in the bathroom.

    For example, 고양이 종류 when you notice you’re low on soap or shampoo, you can immediately tell Alexa to order you more. Also, you can play music or podcasts while you’re getting ready in the morning, rather than wasting your phone’s battery life.

    The trick is to figure out the best spot to place your Amazon Echo ($52 at Amazon) device — not too close to the toilet and 강아지 등록 nowhere near running water. So read on to find out where in your bathroom to put your speaker and all the benefits of having Alexa in the bathroom.

    <b><u>Mount your Echo on the wall or ceiling in your bathroom.</u></b>

    <b>Taylor Martin/CNET Where to place your Echo</b>
    The first step of putting Alexa in your bathroom is trying to figure out where to place it. You definitely don’t want it near your toilet due to all the germs that linger in that area. And you also shouldn’t place it on the sink or near the shower because you don’t want to risk getting your speaker wet. 

    So where can you put your Echo device? The best option is to mount it on your wall or ceiling with a sticky strip or a nail (if possible). You’ll need to make sure that the cord is within reach of an outlet (or use an extension cord) before you mount it. Another option would be to set it on a wall shelf or 강아지 슬개골 탈구 a vanity without a sink.

    Note that if you decide to mount it on the wall, it’s best to use a smaller speaker such as the Echo Dot.

    <b>Order items you’re low on</b>
    Let’s face it — you only remember that you need shampoo when you’re in the shower. But if you have an Echo in your bathroom, you can tell Alexa to order it. First, make sure you’ve got voice purchasing enabled in the Alexa app (Go to Settings > Account Settings > Voice Purchasing and toggle the Purchase by voice setting on). 

    When you notice you’re low on something, just say “Alexa, I’d like to purchase soap.” You can also just tell Alexa to add the items to your shopping list if you’re planning on going to the store later.

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