Beautiful Girl Names (2020)

Almost every name has a meaning, of course, but sometimes it’s less about what a name means and more about the impression that a name gives to people when they hear it. If you’re looking for beautiful girl names that’s so adorable, look no further as following list of heavenly charming names will suit your little one. Having a beautiful name definitely smells like roses to everyone! A name is something that will become a significant part of a person’s life, whether they like it or not. So it’s essential to choose the right name wisely! 

The following names are the kind of names that belong to beautiful girls: names that have fun and adorable connotations.


  • Abby:  cute
  • Ada: Classy
  • Adele: 
  • Agnes: Mysterious 
  • Alexa: Flirty 
  • Amelia: A bit shy and beautiful.
  • Angel: Looks angelic
  • Aurora: Naturally beautiful


  • Bambi: Extremely sexy.
  • Beatrice: Preppy and pretty. 
  • Blair: Tall and beautiful.
  • Bonita:  loves to have fun.
  • Brooke: Witty and beautiful 
  • Bryony: Quiet and studious
  • Buffy: Strong


  • Cadence: Softly spoken 
  • Callie: Bright and bubbly
  • Candy: Naughty but nice
  • Celia:  innocent
  • Chanel: Cute and perky
  • Charis: Dark and sexy
  • Charlize: Weird


  • Daisy:  incredibly beautiful
  • Daphne: Warm and friendly.
  • Darcy:  Badass and sexy.
  • Dede: Hot but unkind.
  • Delilah: Sporty 


  • Elina: Gorgeous 
  • Ella: Funny and pretty
  • Emelda: Simply stunning
  • Emmaline: Strong 
  • Erin: Sweet and pretty
  • Esme: Extremely kind
  • Evelyn: smart 


  • Faith: Lives for pleasure 
  • Felicity:  sweet
  • Fleur: As beautiful as an orchid
  • Florence:  pretty.
  • Francesca: Exotic 
  • Freya: Bewitchingly beautiful


  • Gabriel: Has an angelic face, but don’t let it fool you.
  • Gaynor: 
  • Gia: Achingly beautiful, but troubled.
  • Gillian: Cute, but a bit tacky.
  • Ginger: Wild and carefree.
  • Grace: Pretty and serene


  • Harmony: Has a singing voice as beautiful as her face.
  • Harper: Cheeky
  • Hazel: Pretty but wears too much makeup.
  • Heather: Very confident
  • Hester: Always in trouble
  • Hope: Looks innocent
  • Hyacinth: 


  • Ida: Looks smart
  • Isobel: Very beautiful, but very clumsy.
  • Ivy: Gorgeous


  • Jasmine: Always fun to be with.
  • Jessa: Cool 
  • Juno: Strong and beautiful


  • Karly: Very sensual 
  • Kayla: Sweet and funny
  • Keira: Stunningly gorgeous 
  • Kora: Wealthy


  • Laila: Always tries to do the right thing
  • Laurie: Believes in true love 
  • Lena: Smart, pretty and successful
  • Lenore: Adorable
  • Lilith:  very beautiful 
  • Lilly: Likes flirting and showing off 


  • Mackenzie: Not the sharpest tool in the box.
  • Macy: Loyal
  • Maddie: Usually sensible
  • Malory: hot.
  • Margot: Undeniably gorgeous
  • Morgan:  feel feminine 


  • Nala:  Mysterious and beautiful.
  • Naomi:  sweet and beautiful 
  • Nancy: Fun and gorgeous
  • Nell:  beautiful and brilliant.
  • Nora:  Having an awesome personality.


  • Octavia: Loves to travel 
  • Olivia: Works hard and protects other people
  • Opal: Never boring and admired by all.


  • Paige: Gorgeous
  • Pearl: Beautiful
  • Penny: Cute and sexy
  • Piper: Stunning
  • Pixie: Cute and petite. Loves having fun.
  • Poppy:  sensible
  • Primrose: Amazingly sexy 


  • Queenie: vital than she is
  • Quinn: Lovely, but superficial 


  • Ramona: fresh and beautiful 
  • Raven: Stunning, but dark and mysterious
  • Raya: Will never back down when she’s wrong.
  • Regina: Gorgeous, but a definite mean girl.
  • Renee: Curvy and incredibly sexy.
  • Renata: Very shy and quiet
  • River:  having a clear sense of purpose and direction.
  • Rosa:  kind and loving deep down
  • Rosemary: A little bit creepy
  • Roxy:  flirting with cute boys.
  • Ruby: A real gem


  • Saffron: Stunning
  • Sahara: High maintenance
  • Samantha: A real damsel in distress
  • Sara: Easygoing and fun 
  • Sasha: Always wants to be turning heads
  • Scarlett: Unbelievably beautiful
  • Selena: Has exotic looks 
  • September: Makes friends quickly, without even trying.
  • Serena: Very placid. Loves peace.
  • Shelby: Extremely active. 
  • Skye:  so sweet and pretty that everyone loves her.
  • Sophia: The most popular girl.
  • Star: A dreamer


  • Tamsin: Cool, fun and beautiful
  • Tara:  hot 
  • Tatum: A strong, gorgeous woman 
  • Taylor: Pretty and superficial.
  • Teagan: Creative and talented.
  • Tori: Incredibly talented 
  • Trinity: Fun and attractive
  • Trixy: Pretty and well-intentioned.


  • Uma: Having good looks and a great personality.
  • Ursula: There’s no denying she’s beautiful


  • Venus: Understands love
  • Vera:  beautiful girl 
  • Verity: Gorgeous
  • Veronica: Smart yet also fun and pretty.
  • Virginia: Gullible but very sweet.


  • Wallis: Independent and aloof. 
  • Willow: Seems shy but gorgeous
  • Winona: Very beautiful
  • Winter: An ice queen. 


  • Xandra: Cute and funny
  • Xia: Enjoys the finer things in life.


  • Yazmin: Exotically beautiful
  • Yelena: talkative but so beautiful that no one cares.
  • Yolanda: So smart 
  • Yvette: Always happy
  • Yvonne:  naturally stunning.


  • Zaheera:  adventurous
  • Zali: Kind to everyone.
  • Zaya: Fun-loving 
  • Zelda: Loves adventures
  • Zelina: gorgeous 
  • Zeva:  naughty 
  • Zoe: Stylish 
  • Zola: Extremely organized.
  • Zora: Can be prudish
  • Zula: Loves nothing 
  • Zuri: Incredibly accomplished and hard-working.

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