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Different countries have different traditions, cultures, attitudes, trending, and favors. When some people are choosing a name for a baby girl according to the country. Some countries use straightforward names for girls. But some states use very complicated names.

They are difficult to pronounce also. In every year, social security administration releases top 100 or top 1000 baby girl name list. So you can choose a beautiful and perfect name for your little princess by the country name.


Some parents look for a name for their baby girl with different letters. Some people like names start with the letter ‘A’ or ‘D’ or something. In some Asian countries, parents believe in astrology. So they look a perfect baby name for their baby girl by a letter which had given by the astrologer. You can choose baby names for girls easily by Alphabetic order.


When you are a parent of a baby girl, you always try to choose a cute name for her. All the parents wish to give a name for their pretty girl, which is full of cuteness. When someone calls her by her name, they feel lovely. It is the best name for a girl.


  1. Aksinya (nar.ot Ksenia) – hospitable or vice versa alien (“xenos”)
  2. Alevtina (old) – foreign to the evil
  3. Alexandra (old) – protector of people
  4. Alena (adv. From Elena) – sunny
  5. Alina (new) – a stranger
  6. Alice (new) – charming
  7. Alla (old) – selfish
  8. Albina (old, cf. new. Alvina) – “white.”
  9. Abigail: father’s joy, beautiful
  10. Bella: beautiful
  11. Belinda: sweet, very beautiful
  12. Bonita: sweetheart
  13. Donatella: a beautiful “gift.”
  14. Ella: a beautiful fairy
  15. Ellen: the most beautiful woman
  16. Fire: beautiful
  17. Iowa: beautiful land
  18. Isa: beautiful
  19. Jacinta: beautiful
  20. Caitlin: an intelligent, cute little child

A Popular name sometimes gives a new start to a baby girl. If the name is popular, lots of people know it. So it is not difficult to memorize. Like this because of many reasons some parents like to give their baby girl a famous name. Let’s have a look at some popular baby girl names.


  1. Keva: a charming child
  2. Lily: purity, beauty
  3. Linda: sweetheart
  4. Lynn: a beautiful waterfall
  5. Lucinda: a lovely light
  6. Mabel: the only beauty
  7. Midow: a fascinating field
  8. Label: beautiful coast
  9. Rachel: beautiful
  10. Rosalyn: a beautiful, small rose
  11. Tanzania: the beautiful princess
  12. Idea: a beautiful voice
  13. Abhaya: fearless
  14. Akshita: Wonder Girl
  15. Barn: sky
  16. Amrita: spiritual holy water
  17. Avantika: Queen
  18. Dhara: the constant flow
  19. Divya: divine
  20. Jyotzna: flame


When people are giving a name to their baby girl, they are anxious about the meaning of the name. Los of people loves to provide a name to the girl who has the definition of pretty.


  1. Swara: radiant
  2. Videhy: Sita (wife of Lord Ram)
  3. Karisma: a miracle
  4. Mohini: the most beautiful
  5. Shreya: beautiful, auspicious
  6. Alina (lat.) – white, noble.
  7. Alice – a female form to the name Alex.
  8. Alla (Greek) is another exchange.
  9. Albina (lat.) – white.
  10. Amelia (German) is enthusiastic, hardworking.
  11. Anastasia, Asya (Greek) – resurrected.
  12. Angelina, Angela (Greek) – messenger.
  13. Angelica (French / Greek) – see Angelina.
  14. Anna (dr. Heb.) – grace, grace.
  15. Antonina (lat.) – a diminutive of the Roman family name Anton.
  16. Anfisa (Greek) is blooming.
  17. Aprilina – from April.
  18. Ariadne (Greek) is a courageous, faithful wife.
  19. Astra is the name of the flower.
  20. Aurika (rum.) – gold.


Baby Girls are like Rose flowers. They are the symbol of beauty. So is there any wrong if we put a name to a baby girl with the meaning of beautiful? I’m sure you also choose a name with a sense of beauty.


  1. Diana: Goddess of the Moon
  2. Celine: Moon
  3. Luna: Moon
  4. Rishima: moon ray
  5. Farrah: happy
  6. Musk: smile, happiness
  7. Niall: successful
  8. Yashita: successful
  9. Fawzia: Victorious
  10. Yashashri: the goddess of Success
  11. Aurora (lat.) – morning dawn.
  12. Agatha (Agafia) (church. Agatha) (Greek) – excellent.
  13. Agnes (lat.) – a sheep.
  14. Agnia (lat.) – Immaculate.
  15. Hell (other Heb.) – rejoicing.
  16. Adelaide (other germs.) – of noble origin.
  17. Aza – respected, free.
  18. Azalea is the name of the flower.
  19. Aida (Arabic) – benefit, reward.
  20. Akulina (church. Akilina (lat.) – aquiline.


It is a precious thing if someone lives a biblical life. Some parents are very close to their religion. So they try always to choose a biblical name for their newborn girl. Surely it will be a blessing to her in the future.


  1. Faina (Greek) is a bright torch.
  2. Fatima (Arabic) is not small.
  3. Fyodor (churches. Theodora) (Greek) – God’s gift.
  4. Thekla (Greek) – God, glory.
  5. Felicata (churches. Filitsa and Filitsitata) (lat.) – happy.
  6. Flora (lat.) – the name of others. Rome. Goddess of flowers.
  7. Frida (German) is the world.
  8. Cecilia (lat.) It is an ancient Roman name, blind.
  9. Chara (glor.) – enchanting.
  10. Cheslava (glory.) – honor, glory.
  11. Warlott (French) – A female version of the name Carl.
  12. Eleonora (Heb.) – God is my light.
  13. Eliza / Elsa – on behalf of Elizabeth.
  14. Ellina / Elya (Greek) – Greek.
  15. Elvira (Germany) – protection of all.
  16. Emilia (lat.) – enthusiastic, rival.
  17. Emma (other German.) – affectionate, friendly.
  18. Esmeralda is an emerald in Spanish.
  19. Esther (pers.) It is a star.
  20. Juliana (lat.) – from the clan Julia.


Do you like a name with a cool meaning? I’m sure you are searching for a cool name for your daughter. Never think twice. It might help your cool-girl stand out from the crowd. And your little girl will be a cool one.


  1. Malanya (Greek) – blackness.
  2. Malvina (other Germanic) is a friend of justice.
  3. Margarita (lat.) – a pearl.
  4. Marianne (Heb.) – the addition of the names Mary and Anna.
  5. Mariamne (Heb.) – rejecting, bitter.
  6. Marina (lat.) – sea.
  7. Mary (al. Heb.) Is bitter, (al. Egypt.) – beloved of God.
  8. Marta (lat.) – see Martha, borrowed from app. languages.
  9. Martha (Syriac.) – mistress, mistress.
  10. Matilda (other German.) – Strong in battle.
  11. Matrona (church. Matrona) (lat.) – a noblewoman.
  12. Medea (Greek) is adroit.
  13. Melissa (lat.) – the name of the flower.
  14. Milena (fame) is sweet.
  15. Milisa – a bee.
  16. Mimosa is the name of the flower.
  17. World (new. Russian.) – The world.
  18. Mia is the only one.
  19. Monica (lat.) – advice.
  20. The muse (Greek) is the inspirer.


Some people like to use a straightforward name. And another one like to use more complicated. Every parent wishes to give a unique middle name to his/her daughter as the first one. Sometimes in the future, your daughter will love the middle name more than the first name.


  1. Alevtina (lat.) – see Valentina.
  2. Alexandra (Greek) – protector of people.
  3. Aelita (Greek) – air.
  4. Beatrice (lat.) – happy.
  5. Bella (lat.) – beautiful.
  6. Berta (German) is magnificent.
  7. Bogdan (glor.) – given by God (see Bogdan).
  8. Bozena (Zhenya) – from the Czech language.
  9. Borislav (glor.) – struggling (see Borislav).
  10. Bronislava (fame) is a glorious protector.
  11. Valentina (lat.) – healthy, secure.
  12. Valeria (lat.) – strong.
  13. Wanda (Polish) – the meaning is unclear.
  14. Barbara (Greek) – foreign.
  15. Vasilisa (Greek) – regal.
  16. Vassa (Greek) is a wooded gorge.
  17. Veda (glor.) – Mermaid.
  18. Vela (fame) is excellent.
  19. Velimira (glor.) – the big world.
  20. Venus (lat.) – Goddess of love and beauty.


If a girl has a unique when someone is calling her that no one else there will have a name really, she will feel proud. It might help to develop a great personality also. So parents always search for unusual names for their daughter. Choose the best name for your world.


  1. Glafira (Greek) – graceful, refined.
  2. Gloria (lat.) – glory.
  3. Gorislava (glor.) – from the basics of the words “burn” and “glory.”
  4. Hydrangea (lat.) – gardener.
  5. Dana – given by God.
  6. Daniela (Heb.) – God is my judge.
  7. Danuta (lit.) – the daughter of God.
  8. Daria (Pers.) – strong, victorious.
  9. Deborah (Heb.) – a bee.
  10. Dekabrina – was formed from “December.”
  11. Diana (lat.) – the goddess of the hunt and the moon.
  12. Dinah (Greek, other Heb.) – strong, the judgment of God.
  13. Dobromira (lat.) – good peace.
  14. Dominica (glor.) – the day of God (Sunday).
  15. Domna (lat.) – mistress, mistress of the house.
  16. Donata (lat.) – donated.
  17. Dora (Greek) – a gift, a gift.
  18. Dragoslava (glory.) – dear glory.
  19. Drosida (Greek) – dew.
  20. Ewa (Heb.) – life; (Greek) – a good messenger; (Arabic) – faith.


Is black an ugly color? No. Black is a unique color, and it has so many meanings. There are some newborn baby girls with chocolate color. But they are full of beauty. They have a unique beauty. A name related to black color or a name the meaning of the name referred to black is more suitable for these chocolate girls.


  1. Evangelina (Greek) – bringing good news.
  2. Eugene (Greek) – noble.
  3. Evdokia (Greek) – goodwill.
  4. Eudoxia (Greek) is a good name.
  5. Eulalia (Greek) – sweetly speaking.
  6. Eulampia (Greek) —shine well.
  7. Eupraxia (Greek) – prosperity.
  8. Catherine (Greek) – pure, immaculate.
  9. Elena (Greek) – bright, sparkling.
  10. Elizabeth (church. Elizabeth) (other Heb.) – worshiping God.
  11. Euphemia (Greek) is a good name.
  12. Euphrosyne (church. Euphrosyne) (Greek) – joyful.
  13. Janna (French) – on behalf of John.
  14. Zhdana (Russian) is the bride.
  15. Genevieve (gal.) – white wave.
  16. Josephine (French) – on behalf of Joseph.
  17. Georgette (French) – on behalf of George.
  18. G macaw (pers.) – gold.
  19. Zinaida (Greek) – born of Zeus, divine.
  20. Zlata (fame) – gold.


Girls are very jealousy. So they always like to have something unique and uncommon which hasn’t anyone. Name also like this. Every girl wants to have an unusual name. So some parents are searching for rare names for their friends.


  1. Faith (Russian) – faith.
  2. Veronica (Greek) – bringing victory.
  3. Vivea (lat.) – live.
  4. Victoria (lat.) – Goddess of Victory.
  5. Violetta (fr. / Lat.) – abbr. Viola form – violet.
  6. Virinea (lat.) – greening, fresh.
  7. Vita (lat.) – life.
  8. Vitalina (lat) – vital.
  9. Vitalia (lat.) – vital, living.
  10. Vlada (Slav.) – owning.
  11. Gabriel (Heb.) – God is my strength.
  12. Gazelle is a goat.
  13. Galatea (Greek) – milk.
  14. Galina (Greek) – silence, calm.
  15. Helium (Greek) – solar.
  16. Gella (Greek) – the meaning is unclear.
  17. Henrietta (other German.) – The head of the house.
  18. Dahlia is the name of the flower.
  19. Hera (Greek) is the wife of Zeus.
  20. Gertrude (Germany) is a strong spear.


Do you know a saying ‘Old is Gold’? Sometimes we found good things in old things more than new ones. Some parents have lovely memories of the past. So they love their memories, and they decided to give a name to their daughter related to this memory. It will keep their smile forever. Sometimes the old fashioned name will become a trend in the future.



  1. Zlatoslav (glory) – gold, glory.
  2. Zoya (Greek) – life.
  3. Vetta (germ.) – onion from yew.
  4. Ida (Anglo-Saxon) is a warrior.
  5. Isabella (other Heb.) – on behalf of Elizabeth.
  6. Isis is the Egyptian goddess.
  7. Isolda (Anglo-Saxon) is an outstanding warrior.
  8. Ilona (the Hungarian version of the name Elena) – light.
  9. Inga (dr. Scand.) – dedicated to the god of abundance Yngve.
  10. Inessa (Spanish) – on behalf of Agnes.
  11. Inna (lat.) – a stormy stream.
  12. Iola (Greek) – harp.
  13. Jonah (Heb.) – a dove.
  14. Iraida (Greek) – the daughter of Hera, wife of Zeus.
  15. Irena is a variant of the name Irina.
  16. Irida (Greek) is the goddess of the rainbow.
  17. Irina (Greek) – the world.
  18. Irma (other German.) – dedicated to the god of war.
  19. Oia (Greek) – violet
  20. Kaleria (lat.) – A variant of the name Valery, calling.


Lots of people love Anime characters who are strong, beautiful, and smart. Some people feel proud because if those characters. From these characters, we have lots of things to get as well as things to throw away. If you love any aspect, you can select the name that you like for your baby girl.


  1. Haruko – F – Spring
  2. Hachiro – M – Eighth son of
  3. Hideaki – M – Brilliant, excellent
  4. Hikaru – M / F – Bright, shining
  5. Hide – F – Fertile
  6. Hiroko – F – Generous
  7. Hiroshi – M – Generous
  8. Hitomi – F – Doubly beautiful
  9. Hoshi – F – Star
  10. Hotaka – M – Name of the mountain in Japan
  11. Hotaru – F – Firefly
  12. Ichiro – M – First son
  13. Ima – F – Gift
  14. Isami – M – Courage
  15. Ishi – F – Stone
  16. Izanami – F – Attracting
  17. Izumi – F – Fountain
  18. Jiro – M – Second son of
  19. Joben – M – Loving purity
  20. Jomei – M – Carrier of light


Girls are not weak. They are the strong persons who give birth to another one, one day. And parents like to say that my little girl is a strong one. Names with the meaning definite provide the girls with pride. You also can choose a strong female to your little princes.


  1. Nana is an independent form on behalf of Anna.
  2. Natalia (lat.) – nee.
  3. Natella is a variant of the name Natalia.
  4. Nelya / Nelly (diminutive of Elena) – bright.
  5. Nika (Greek) is the name of the goddess of victory.
  6. Nina (Greek) is the name of the Assyrian capital Nineveh. Nin is the god of fertility.
  7. Novella (lat.) – new.
  8. Nora (Heb.) – Light.
  9. Mary / Mara is the European version of the name Mary.
  10. Oxana (Ukrainian variant of the name Ksenia) – guest, foreign.
  11. Octavia is the eighth.
  12. Olesya (Ukrainian and Belarusian version of the name of Alexander) is a defender.
  13. Olivia – “Olive” – ​​olive, tree, symbolizes the world.
  14. Olga (scand.) It is a saint.
  15. Ophelia (lat.) – help.
  16. Pavla / Paola (lat.) – small.
  17. Pansia (Greek) – “pans” – a child.
  18. Paraskeva – Friday.
  19. Patricia (lat.) – a nobleman.
  20. Pelagia – marine.


Female is the most energetic person in the world. Any other cannot do her role. So they should have tough names like them. If a badass name gives to a girl, it will encourage your baby to be strong and independent women. Choose a badass name for your baby girl also.


  1. Svetlana (glor.) – bright.
  2. Selena (Greek) – the goddess of the moon.
  3. Selina (lat.) – heavenly.
  4. Seraphim (al. Heb.) – burning, flame.
  5. Silva (lat.) – forest.
  6. Simone (Heb.) – hearing God.
  7. Snezhana – snowy.
  8. Sophia (church. Sofia) (Greek) – wise.
  9. Stanislava – become glorified.
  10. Stella (Italian) is a star.
  11. Stepanida (church. Stefanida) (Greek) – crowned.
  12. Stephanie (Greek) – a wreath.
  13. Susanna (church. Sosanna) (other Heb.) – white lily.
  14. Tasia ​​(Greek) – the goddess.
  15. Tamara (cargo) is a fig tree.
  16. Tamila (glor.) – languid.
  17. Tatyana (church. Tatiana) (Greek) – organizer, legislator.
  18. Teresa (Greek) – huntress, (other German.) – beloved and robust.
  19. Liana (church. Juliana) (lat.) – from the clan of Julius.
  20. Ursula (German) is a bear.


When you are choosing a name for your baby girl, one thing you have to consider is the number of syllables of the name. A lot of times, a short name brings you fortunate more than a long name. Today a lot of people like to use names with the minimum number. Choose a one-syllable name for your baby girl also.


  1. Aby
  2. Amy
  3. Key
  4. Leen
  5. Ann
  6. Lis
  7. Chris
  8. Kate
  9. Jane
  10. Zen
  11. Vene
  12. Mel
  13. Raze
  14. Bell
  15. Zin
  16. Merry
  17. Ash
  18. Mow
  19. Delle
  20. Fi


Muslim girl’s name is not like other nationalities. They are very specific names. Their pronunciations are also different. For this, every Muslim name has a particular meaning and idea. If you have a Muslim baby girl choose a name according to their meanings.


  1. Amina (Arabic) – loyal, reliable, honest, prosperous.
  2. Amirah (Arabic) – the lord, commanding; Princess.
  3. Anisa (Arabic) is a close friend.
  4. Asma (Arabic) – high, majestic.
  5. Afiya (Arabic) – visitor, guest, health, well-being, well-being, life force.
  6. Asana (Arabic) – the best, most beautiful, incomparable.
  7. Bella (lat.) – beauty; the abbreviated form of the name Isabella.
  8. Valida (Arabic) is a girl.
  9. Valia (Arab.) – mistress; saint; close girlfriend.
  10. Vasima ( Viasimya ) (Arabic) is very beautiful.
  11. Guzelia (Turkic-Tatar.) – The owner of indescribable beauty.
  12. Guzel (Turkic-Tatar.) – The most beautiful, admirable.
  13. Gulnara (Pers.) – pomegranate flower.
  14. Gulfia – similar to a flower.
  15. Gulshat (Pers.) It is a flower of joy.
  16. Gulya is a flower.
  17. Damira (Turkic-Tatar.) – solid, similar to iron.
  18. Denmark (Arabic) – close; famous, glorious.
  19. Darius (Persian) is a sizeable full-flowing river.
  20. Delphus is the silver of the soul.


Asian countries are not like European countries. They are very close to their traditions, cultures, and religions. So when they have a newborn baby girl, they always try to close their babies to the customs and customs. And the names are also different in Asian countries. If you are in an Asian country, you can choose a name according to your culture.


  1. Jamilya – beautiful, beautiful
  2. Jana – fresh fruits,
  3. Jude fruits – generosity, generosity; Yahweh will reward
  4. Zahra – radiant, brilliant, Venus; shiny, sparkling
  5. Karima – sweet, generous, generous
  6. Leila – black-haired, night, darkness
  7. Maryam is a devout serving God; loving
  8. Munira – bright, bright
  9. Narmin – tender, soft
  10. Nur – light
  11. Raisa – the boss, managing
  12. Rania – looking intently
  13. Salma – prosperous, healthy
  14. Samira – the interlocutor, bearing fruit; supportive conversation, smile
  15. Sania – high, majestic
  16. Sarah – a noblewoman, mistress; Princess; pleasing
  17. Safia – pure, clear, transparent,
  18. Sultan ‘s girlfriend – power, domination, supreme rule
  19. Amira – princess, princess, princess
  20. Anisa – companion, affectionate, best friend


A Vintage name gives tradition and uniqueness. And some use Vintage name to honor a family member or hero from the past. Today use Vintage names for most fashionable girls. You also can choose an old name for your little girl.


  1. Pauline (French) – small, owned by Paul.
  2. Psyche (Greek) is the soul.
  3. Pulcheria (lat.) – beautiful.
  4. Raisa (Greek) – easy.
  5. Raymonda (German) – intelligence, protection.
  6. Rachel (Heb.) – Sheep.
  7. Rebekah (dr. Heb.) – network, bind.
  8. Regina (lat.) – Queen.
  9. Renata (lat.) – newly born.
  10. Rimma – Throw.
  11. Rita is an independent firm of the name Margarita.
  12. Rose / Rosalia (lat.) – the name of the flower.
  13. Rosina is a diminutive of Rose.
  14. Roxanne (Pers.) – Dawn.
  15. Rufina (lat.) – reddish.
  16. Ruth (lat.) – red.
  17. Abina – from the Sabine tribe.
  18. Salome (Greek) – peace, peace, prosperity.
  19. Sana (lat.) – healthy.
  20. Sarah (other Heb.) It is a noble princess.


A twin girl newborn is a fantastic incident for a family. As this incident choosing a beautiful two names is the other major thing. Lovely twin girls should have two adorable names, like rhyming words. Choose an amazing for your little twin princesses.


  1. Anya – Yana
  2. Masha – Marina
  3. Marina and Maria
  4. Victoria – Vitalina
  5. Zarina and Darina
  6. Arina and Marina
  7. Alina and Arina
  8. Alyana and Ulyana
  9. Ksenia and Stefania
  10. Liliana and Violeta
  11. Vika – Veronica
  12. Olya and Fields
  13. Arina and Sabrina
  14. Anna and Jeanne
  15. Victoria and Roxana
  16. Arina – Irina
  17. Alice – Elizabeth
  18. Kira and Mira
  19. Ulyana and Julia
  20. Olga – Tatyana


Are you a person who loves classical things? It gives an extraordinary value. The perfect girl’s name memorizes us the past things. So if you choose a traditional name for your newborn girl, the girls will be a reason for spreading that tradition one day. Some time times a classical name will give your baby a new beauty.


  1. Camellia is the name of the flower.
  2. Camille (lat.) – chamomile.
  3. Capitoline (lat.) – from the name of one of the seven hills of Rome.
  4. Karina (Italian) – dear.
  5. Karina (lat.) – dear.
  6. Kira (Greek) – mistress.
  7. Claudia (lat.) – from the clan Claudius, lame.
  8. Clara (lat.) – clear, bright.
  9. Clarissa is a variant of the name Clara.
  10. Cleopatra (Greek) is glorious by his father.
  11. Clotilde (German) – the famous battle.
  12. Concordia (lat.) – the name of the Roman goddess of consent.
  13. Constance (lat.) – unchanging, constant.
  14. Bark (Greek) is a girl.
  15. Christina (Greek) is a Christian belonging to Christ.
  16. Ksenia (Greek) is a foreign guest.
  17. L ada (fame) – dear, wife.
  18. Layla (arab.) – night.
  19. Lala (Arabic) – poppy, tulip, pearls.
  20. Larisa (Greek) is a seagull.


Every girl likes a fantasy world. So if they have a fantasy name, they will be happy about it, especially when they are teenagers. If parents give a fantasy name for their daughter, she will love this name. Fantasy name gives an exceptional beauty for your name and you too.


  1. Laura (lat.) – laurel.
  2. Leda (Greek / Lycian) is a woman.
  3. Leonard is a female version of the name Leonard.
  4. Leonid is a female version of the name Leonid.
  5. Lera is a diminutive of Valeria.
  6. Lydia (Greek) – from Lydia.
  7. Lily / Liliana / Liana (lat., Glor.) – Lily (flower name).
  8. Lina – short for Capitoline, Carolina.
  9. Linda – short from English. Ethelinda.
  10. Leah (other Heb.) – a heifer, weary.
  11. Lolita / Lola (diminutive of Dolores) – sadness, sorrow.
  12. Louise (French) – glory in battle, glorious warrior.
  13. Lyubava (fame) is beloved.
  14. Love (Russian) – love.
  15. Ludwig – a female version of the name Ludwig.
  16. Lyudmila (fame) – dear to people.
  17. Lucia / Lucia (lat.) – light.
  18. M agdalene / Magda / Madeleine (Heb.) – from Magdala (Palestine).
  19. Magnolia is the name of the flower.
  20. Maya (Greek) is the name of the goddess, the mother of Hermes.


BABY BOY NAMES FOR GIRLSThere’s no regulation specifying that boy names are for kids, and lady names are for ladies, so have some fun as well as mix it up with these remarkable Baby Boy Names for Girls.


After covering the graphs a few years back, Aidan gets on a little bit of a decrease for boys– but it’s rebounding as one of the most preferred young boy names for ladies. Then It suggests “fiery.”.


Asa has been a boys’ name typically, though it reviews as it can quickly be for ladies. So the name is related to healing