Popular Girl Names (2020)

If you’re looking for popular girl names that’s so adorable, look no further as the following list of charming heavenly names will suit your little one. Having a popular name smells like roses to everyone! A name is something that will become a significant part of a person’s life, whether they like it or not. So it’s essential to choose a suitable name wisely!

If you’re carrying a baby girl, congratulations! You have a long list of sweet popular names to choose from. Whether you seek something adorable, attractive, loving, quirky, or something a little more offbeat, we’ve got you! We’ve rounded up popular girl names perfect for your little one. Let’s dig deep through the list. I’m pretty sure you’re going to love it.

The Social Security Administration (SSA), SSA, says that these are the current most popular names for girls, which keeps track of the popularity of baby names. They introduce the 50 most popular baby names for girls are the first three names

  1. Emma-Whole
  2. Olivia- Olive tree
  3. Ava- Voice
  4. Isabella- Variation of Elizabeth
  5. Sophia- Wisdom
  6. Charlotte-Free man
  7. Mia- Beloved
  8. Amelia-Industrious
  9. Harper- Minstrel
  10. Evelyn- Life
  11. Abigail- Joy
  12. Emily- Striving
  13. Elizabeth- God is my oath
  14. Mila- Stork
  15. Ella- Fairy
  16. Camila- Perfect
  17. Aria- Melody
  18. Scarlett- Red
  19. Victoria- Victory
  20. Madison- Son of Maud
  21. Luna- Moon
  22. Grace- Lovely
  23. Chloe- Young
  24. Penelope- Weaver
  25. Layla- Night
  26. Riley- Brave
  27. Zoey- Life
  28. Lily- A flower name
  29. Eleanor- Shining light
  30. Hannah- Favor
  31. Lillian- Purity
  32. Addison- Son of Adam
  33. Aubrey- Elf ruler
  34. Ellie- Eleanor
  35. Stella- Star
  36. Natalie- Born on Christmas
  37. Zoe- Life
  38. Leah- Weary
  39. Hazel- The Hazel tree
  40. Violet- Happy Girl
  41. Aurora- Dawn
  42. Savannah- City in Georgia
  43. Audrey- Noble strength
  44. Brooklyn- Small stream
  45. Bella- Fair
  46. Claire- Bright
  47. Skylar- Sky
  48. Lucy- Light
  49. Paisley- Colorful fabric
  50. Anna- Mother
  51. Caroline- Fee man
  52. Nova- Butterfly
  53. Emilia- Industrious
  54. Kennedy- Helmet-Head
  55. Samantha- Listener
  56. Maya-Fantasy
  57. Willow- Peaceful
  58. Naomi- Pleasant
  59. Aaliyah- To rise up
  60. Sarah- Princess
  61. Ariana- Silver
  62. Gabriella- God, is my strength
  63. Alice- Noble
  64. Madelyn- Place
  65. Cora- Maiden
  66. Ruby- Red jewel
  67. Eva- Life
  68. Serenity- Calm
  69. Autumn- Born in the fall
  70. Adaline-Noble
  71. Valentina- Healthy
  72. Eliana- Daughter of the sun
  73. Quinn- Wise
  74. Ivy- Red
  75. Piper- Who played the flute
  76. Julia- Youthful
  77. Delilah- A flower
  78. Vivian- Exotic
  79. Kaylee- Precious personality
  80. Madeline- High tower
  81.  Brielle- Hill
  82. Delilah- Seductive
  83. Isla- From Islay
  84. Katherine- Innocent
  85. Sophie- Friendly 
  86. Josephine- May God give increase
  87. Ivy- Vine
  88. Liliana- Lily
  89. Jade- Jewel
  90. Maria- Bitter
  91.  Taylor- Tailor
  92. Hadley- From heaven
  93. Annabelle- Joy
  94.  Faith- the Enduring belief that does not need proof
  95. Alexandra- Defender of Mankind
  96. Brianna- Strong
  97. Bailey- Steward
  98.  Mary- Bitte
  99. Andrea-r Manly
  100. Leilani- Child of heaven
  101. Jasmine- Flower famous for its sweet fragrance
  102. Margaret- Pearl
  103. Alyssa- Rational
  104. Adalyn- Noble
  105. Arya- Noble Goddess
  106. Khloe- Green
  107. Kayla- Crown
  108. Eden- Delight
  109. Eliza- Flower name
  110. Rose- Flower name
  111. Melody- Song
  112. Alexis- Defender of Mandkind
  113. Isabel- Devoted to God 
  114. Sydney- Uncertain
  115. Juliana- Youthful
  116. Lauren- Bay laurel
  117. Iris- Rainbow

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