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Popular Girl Names (2022)

If you’re looking for popular girl names that’s so adorable, look no further as the following list of charming heavenly names will suit your little one. Having a popular name smells like roses to everyone! A name is something that will become a significant part of a person’s life, whether they like it or not. So it’s essential to choose a suitable name wisely!

If you’re carrying a baby girl, congratulations! You have a long list of sweet popular names to choose from. Whether you seek something adorable, attractive, loving, quirky, or something a little more offbeat, we’ve got you! We’ve rounded up popular girl names perfect for your little one. Let’s dig deep through the list. I’m pretty sure you’re going to love it.

The Social Security Administration (SSA), SSA, says that these are the current most popular names for girls, which keeps track of the popularity of baby names. They introduce the 50 most popular baby names for girls are the first three names


If you want your popular baby girl name beginning with first letter “A,” here are top ideas to name your baby.

Popular Girl Names starting with A

Aaliyah – To rise up

Anna – Mother

Aurora – Dawn

Addison – Son of Adam

Aubrey – Elf ruler

Aria – Melody

Abigail – Joy

Amelia – Industrious

Ava – Voice

Audrey – Noble

Alice – Noble

Agatha – good

Agnia – pure

Adeline – nobility

Aida – Happy

Aksinya – guest

Alexandra – Defender Of Mankind

Alyona – bright and shining light

Alina – of noble kind

Antonina – Highly praiseworthy

Ariana – Very Holy

Arina – Peace

Ava – Like a Bird

Amelia – Work

Abigail – my father’s joy

Avery – ruler of the elves

Aria – treasure

Aubrey – Noble Ruler

Aurora – dawn

Aaliyah – rising

Aliya – Defender 

Adeline – nobility

Ariana – Silver

Autumn – Born in the fall

Adaline – Noble

Alexandra – Defender of Mankind

Annabelle – Joy

Andrea – Manly

Alyssa – Rational

Adalyn – Noble

Arya – Noble Goddess

Alexis – Defender of Mandkind

Alice – noble

Alia – exalted

Alla – Other

Albina – Fair

Amina – peace

Alyona – bright and shining light

Angelina – messenger

Arina – peace

Anastasia – Resurrection

Antonina – Highly praiseworthy

Anfisa – Flowering

Agatha – good

Angelica – messenger of God

Alexa – Defender of the People

Arianna – most holy


Come to this place if you want the most popular baby girl names that begin with B. All the names have beautiful meanings.

Brooklyana –  Broken Land 

Bella – Fair

Brielle – God is my strength

Bet – pledged to God

Betha – Life 

Brianna- Strong

Brina – From The River Severn

Bojana – Battle

Bailey – law enforcer

Biyona – Thanks

Barbara – strange

Bozhana – daring grace

Bianca – white


The letter C has hundreds of sweet names for your girl child. Because it is a very poplar letter among parents in all over the world. Here is a list of popular girl names with C.
c girl names

Charlotte – man

Camila – Perfect

Chloe – Young

Caroline – free woman

Carolina – Song of happiness

Carla – free woman

Cora – Maiden

Caroline – Fee man

Claire – Bright  


Select the suitable name from below options to complement her beauty. Here is our list with some popular girl names that start with D.

Delilah – A flower

Darya – kingly or the sea

Diana – Luminous

Deniza – blue sea

Darina – Upholder Of The Good

Delia – From Delos

Delilana – pleasure of oak tree

Daria – kingly or possess well

Dilnaz – sweetheart

Dana – God is my judge


Have a look at our baby girl name list that start with E including the ever-popular Emma (Emma Watson), Emilia (Emilia Clarke), Elle (Elle Fanning) and so on. Select the your baby one!

Popular Girl Names with E

Emma – Whole

Ella – Fairy

Evelyn – Life

Emily – Striving

Elizabeth – God is my oath

Eleanor – Shining light

Elizabeth – My God is an oath

Ekaterina – Innocent

Eve – Living

Evgeniya – Noble

Elena – bright

Evelina – Light

Evelyn – wished for child

Emily – rival  

Eleanora – sun ray

Ellie  – light

Everly – from the Boar Meadow

Emilia – Industrious

Eva – Life

Eden – Delight

Eliza – Flower name

Eliana – Daughter of the sun

Elina – beautiful

Emilia – Strength

Elvira – Truth

Evangeline – Messenger Of Good News    

Emery – Work Ruler


Go through our below list of popular girl names that begin with F. Guess what? Babies whose names starting with the F are believed to be memorable and lovely.  

Faith – Confidence

Felicita – Happy

Ferida – Precious one

Ferdi – journey

Ferdina – protection

Fiona – Fair


Names that start with the letter G sounds cute but strong. So if you are looking for popular but strong name, then you are in the right letter section!

Grace – Lovely

Galina – Clarity

Grace – Charm

Golda – Made Of Gold

Galina – Clarity

Gabriella – God is my strength

Genesis – Beginning

Gabriella – strong man of God

Gianna – God is gracious

Greta – pearl


The names starting with letter H has an angelic sweetness. Look the popular girl names such as Hope, Hannah, and Heaven. So I think if you are looking for that kind of sweetness, then this should be your princess name section.

Harper – Minstrel

Hannah – Favor

Hope – Desire Of Fulfillment

Harperina – harper + joy

Hannah – favour

Hana – Happiness

Hazel – The Hazel tree

Hadley – From heaven 

Hailey – dweller in the hay meadow

Helina – Shining light

Harlin – army land


baby names

Isabella – pledged to God

Ivy – Red

Isla – From Islay

Irina – Peace

Inna – Rough Stream

Irena – Peace

Ivy – Vine

Isabel – Devoted to God 

Iris – Rainbow

Isla – island

Iveta – Yew


These J names will inspire your daughter to be a generous, good, and happy child. So have a look at our list of the popular names starting with letter J.

Julia – Youthful

Josephine – May God give increase

Jade – Jewel

Julia – Jupiter’s child

Jeanne – Yahweh is gracious

Jamalia – Beautiful

Jita – conquer

Jasmine – god’s gift

Juliana – Youthful

Josephine – God Will Increase

Johanna – God is gracious

Jade – precious green stone


If you’re expecting to name your baby princess with a popular name that starts with the letter k, then you are definitely in the right place to find the perfect name.

Kennedy – Helmet-Head

Kaylee – Who Is Like God?

Katherine – Pure

Kseniya – welcoming

Kristina – follower of Christ

Kira – Black

Karina – beloved

Khloe – small green shoot of a plant

Kayla – Crown

Khabiba – unknown

Katrin – Virginal purity


Find the perfect choice for your little doll from below list. It consists the popular picks of lovely girl names starting with L which is a letter of Love for you.

Layla – Night

Luna – Moon

Lily – A flower name

Leah – Weary

Lucy – Light

Love – Full Of Love

Lydia – beautiful one

Lada – Goddess Of Love And Fertility

Lillian – My God is a vow

Leah – weary

Liliana – Lily

Leilani – Child of heaven

Lauren – Bay laurel

Ludmila – favour of the people

Larissa – Cheerful

Lee – Clearing 


If you want to feel some kind of cuteness when you’re calling to your baby girl, then yes. Your choice is great. Here I add popular names starting with M. 

Mia – Beloved

Mila – Stork

Madison – Son of Maud

Maya – Fantasy

Madelyn – Place

Maria – sea of bitterness

Milan – dear

Milena – dear

Margarita – Child of light

Marina – of the sea  

Madeline – High tower

Mary – Bitte

Margaret – Pearl

Melody – Song

Miroslava – peace and glory

Marianna – Bitter or grace

Maryana – drop of the sea

Mayan – water

Milena – love

Mandelyn – Purity and courage 

Madeleine – Woman Of Magdala

Madeline – woman from Magdala


Here I add the list of Popular baby girl names starting with letter N. Among them, my favourite is Natalia. What’s yours?

girl names starting with letter N

Natalie – Born on Christmas

Nova – Butterfly

Natalia – Christmas Day

Nellie – Light

Nora – awesome 

Naomi – Pleasant

Nika – victory

Nina – enclosure of fish 

Nevaeh – Heaven

Nina – fire


Look our list of beautiful names starting with the letter O. With this list, you can name your little princess with the nicest and most popular one with Letter O.

Olivia – Olive tree

Olga – Blessed

Olesya – holy

Olesyana – holy

Oneli – First of all

Osheni – Still like water

Omeshi – Unknown

Oshin – little deer

Olina – Ancestor’s Heir

Oksana – praise be to God

Oliviana – Graceful

Olgana – Unknown


Find our perfectly precious P letter girl names. Their meanings are so cute. 

Penelope – weaver

Paisley – Church

Pauline – humble

Paise – unknown

Pipeona – unknown

Premina – unknown

Piper – Who played the flute

Polina – Little Stone

Perva – unknown

Pelina – unknown


Names starting with Letter Q are so rare. But if you can find a unique name, then you win. But no need to worry. Look below. I added beautiful and popular girl names.

Quinn – Wise

Qiang – strong

Quina – Wise and lucky

Quishi – seeking truth from facts


Are you in search of popular names with letter R for your baby doll? Then look below and you can hunt the suitable name for your baby girl!

Riley – Brave

Ruby – Red jewel

Rainy – queen

Rainey – queen

Reeta – Pearl

Reesha – Blessed

Rose – Flower name

Ramona – wise protector

Rodica – fertile

Romani – Gift of god

Ruth – Friendship

Rumona – unknown


girl names starting with S

Scarlett – Red

Sofia – Wisdom

Svetlana – star

Sophia – Wisdom

Sofia – Wisdom 

Stella – star

Savannah – grassy plain

Snezhana – snow woman

Seraphim – burning ones

Skylar – Scholar

Samantha – listens well

Sarah – Princess

Serenity – calmness

Sadie – Princess

Sophie – wisdom

Solomiya – peace


Here you can find the trendy girl names that start with T that has been a highly popular letter for girl names for many years. So why don’t you pick a name for your little princess starting with this letter?

Taylorina – tailor from Laurentum

Tatyana – An arranger

Taisiya – beloved

Tamara – palm tree

Tatiana – fairy queen

Tara – Queen


Ulyana – Youthful

Uvisha – Good Culture

Uyana – Royalty within queens

Una – together


Come and select your baby girl name from our world of popular names starting with V. They are so unique. It’s just as cute as the popular A and D names.

Victoria – Victory

Violet – Happy Girl

Valeria – to be strong

Veronica – true image

Vasilisa – kingly

Vera – Truth

Violetta – purple

Valentina – Healthy

Vivian – Exotic

Viola – violet

Vladislav – possessor of the glory

Valentine – strong

Vlada – rule

Vitalina – Full of life

Vasilina – royal


girl names starting with W

Willow – Peaceful

Willona – Hoped for


Xiona – Destiny

Xi – Rare


Are you struggling with searching girl names starting with Y? Then you are in the right place. Look below and select the best name for your daughter.

Yana – God is gracious

Yaroslav – fierce and glorious

Yaroslava – fierce and glorious

Yesenia – floral

Yana – God is gracious

Yui – Elegant Cloth


Here we come to the last letter in the Alphabet. You can find the popular girl names to name your baby girl. Let us know your opinion, Momies and Dadies! 

Zoey – Life

Zlata – golden

Zoe – Life

Zoya – life

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