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Top 1000+ Cute Girl Names Unique (2022)

If you’re looking for cute girl name that’s as adorable as nothing found in-universe, look no further as the following list of charming holy names will suit your little one. Having a pretty name smells like roses to everyone! A name is something that will become a significant part of a person’s life, whether they like it or not. So it’s essential to choose a suitable name wisely!

If you’re carrying a baby girl, congratulations! You have a long list of sweet names to choose from. Whether you seek something adorable, attractive, loving, quirky, or something a little more offbeat, we’ve got you! We’ve rounded up cute girl names perfect for your little one. Let’s dig deep through the list. I’m pretty sure you’re going to love it.

Check out the Cute Girls’ Names from A to Z 


Find our  Girls names Start from A. These meaningful baby girl names give you best choices to your baby girls. 

cute girls names Start from A

Addison – son of Addie

Adley – God is just

Agnes – pure

Amara – everlasting

Amelia – Industrious

Amie – Friend

Arabella – Beautiful Lion

Aria – air

Aspen – Cold water

Aubrey – Noble Ruler

Aurelie – golden

Ava – Like A Bird

Avery – Elf King

Aaroha – Always Ascending

Arora – Dawn

Aamu – morning

Aasha – Hope

Aasta – Love

Aba – Father

Abena – born on Tuesday

Abequa – Stays at home

Abigail – My Father is joyful

Abina – born on Tuesday

Abiona – born on a journey

Abla – Full-Figured

Abra – father of many

Abrina – Smart

Abyan – Clear

Acacia – thorny tree

Anish – supreme 

Acantha – thorn

Accalia – Mythical

Acelin – Noble

Anona – Goddess Of The Harvest

Aricia – Princess of royal blood

Ariel – Lion of God

Arien – Enchanted

Arietta – Home ruler

Arika – forever or alone

Arleana – Oath

Armida – Little armed one

Armilla – Bracelet

Asha – Wish

Ashanti – thank you

Asher – Blessed

Ashia – Hope

Ashira – Wealthy

Ashley – Ash tree meadow

Ashling – dream

Ashton – ash tree town

Atara – Crown

Athali – God Is Exalted

Ayesha – Woman Life

Aza – comfort

Azalea – Dry Flower

Azariah – Helped by God

Azelia – not jealous

Azora – sky blue


These pretty unique girl names include some rare girl names and also common names. So you have a choice. Have a pretty name tour!

Bailey – berry clearing

Beatrice – she who makes happy

Bexley – woodland cleaning

Birdie – little bird

Braelynn – Strong

Brea – Beauty Beyond Sight

Bree – Hill

Brinley – beautiful flower

Brooklyn – Broken Land

Bella – promise of God

Brittany – From Britain

Bryony – to sprout

Buffy – yellowish-brown


If you want to find cute girl names starting with c, then you are in the right place. My favourites are Canilia and Clarina. What’s yours?

Callie – beautiful

Cecily – blind

Chloe – blooming

Clara – Bright

Colette – Victorious

Cora – maiden

Cadey – pure

Cadie – a rhythmic flow of sounds

Cadynn – A rhytmic girl

Caitlyn – Pure beauty 

Caesarea – Leader

Cahaya – light

Cedrica – kindly and loved

Ceegan – fiery

Celena – the moon

Celestia – heavenly

Chaand – The moon

Chaaya – Shadow

Chadley – Beautiful Soul

Clarice – bright or clear

Clarina – bright

Clarisin – brilliant

Cianna – beautiful

Ciara – dark-haired

Cyra – throne

Cyrah – sun

Cyrena – Mother of Aristaeus

Cyrilla – Mistress

Cyan – Light Blue-Green

Czarina – Female Ruler


There are some cute girl names related to nature in below list. Their meaning are so beautiful. I made this list from my own experience guys. So let me know your thoughts.

Dahlia – Dahl’s flower

Daisy – day’s eye

Dakota – friend

Dale – valley

Daphne – Bay tree

Darby – The Deer Park Farm

Diem – Day

Dacey – from the south

Delilah – delicate

Derora – Running Streams

Devon – defender

Dora – gift

Dove – Bird Of Peace

Dusty – Thor’s Stone


Look our cute baby girl names starting with e. There are some cute boy names also. So if you are expecting a baby boy, then that’s also fine. 

cute baby girl names starting with e

Eden – delight

Effie – Fair flame

Ellerie – cheerful

Elsie – God is perfection

Embry –  Work Rule

Emma – whole

Everly – From The Boar Meadow

Evie – life

Eadoin – Jealousy

Ealga – noble

Earlene – nobleman

Eartha – Worldly

Easter – at the end of Holy Week

Eavan – Fair Radiance

Ebba – fortress of riches

Eberta – Intelligent

Ebony – Dark Black-wooded Tree

Ebun – Being a gift

Eca – Bird

Echo – reflected sound

Eda – Happy warfare

Edana – Noble

Edinburgh – Edwin’s fort

Edda – With Clear Goals

Eden – Paradise

Edeva – Expensive present

Edina – Prosperous Friend

Edith – riches or blessed

Ediva – strife for wealth

Efrata – fruitful

Egan – Little Fire

Ehani – Song

Ehawee – laughing maiden

Eilah – tree

Eileen – bright

Eira – snow

Esperanza – hope

Elka – noble one

Ekua – born on Wednesday

Elle – she

Ellen – shining light

Ellenora – sun ray

Elli – noble

Ellia – the stranger

Ellice – God is Lord

Elliston – My God is Jehovah

Elmina – determined protector

Elmira – noblewoman

Elodie – foreign riches

Eloisa – famous warrior

Elora – My God Is My Light

Emerald – precious gemstone

Emere – Rival

Emilia – industrious

Emma – universal


These cute baby girl names beginning with F are some beautiful choices for you. Some names can be also used as unisex names.

Fawn – Young deer

Faye – fairy

Fiona – fair

Fleur – flower

Faiza – victorious

Fenella – fair or white shoulders

Fia – wild

Finola – White shoulder

Fiona – White

Fumiko – Little Friend


As the seventh letter in Alphabet, It can be lucky for your daughter. In my personal opinion, Names starting with G would give some strength and uniqueness to your baby girl.

Gabriella – strong man of God

Gracie – Grace Of God

Gloria – Glory

Grace – kindness

Gratia – Grace

Grazia – Grace

Gwen – holy

Gwenda – Blessed


The below list includes beautiful sweet names that can suit different nationalities. On the other hand, Some are modest, and some are rustic. Select what you want, moms!

Hadley – heather meadow

Harper – Harp Player 

Hartley – From the stag’s meadow

Hensely – one who is ambitious

Hope – Desire Of Fulfilment 

Harika – miracle

Hazel – God sees

Heidi – Nobility

Helen – Shining light

Hilda – battle

Hilma – famous battle

Hirkani – Small diamond

Honey – nectar

Hulda – weasel or mole

Hyacinth – the blue larkspur flower


Looking for unique and cute baby girl names starting with the letter I? Then here you are. I listed the most cutest names for girls ever, including my favorites Isla and Isabel.

Ida – industrious one

Imogen – maiden

Ines – virginal

Ireland – land of bright-headed

Isabella – pledged to God

Isla – island

Ivy – God’s Gift

Idona – Active in love

Imara – Strong

Ina – queen

Iona – Purple Jewel

Isabel – God Is My Oath

Ivonne – young archer


Girl names starting with J can be like a Jem for your girl. Look around. I will add more cute names in the future.

Jade – precious green stone

Jane – Yahweh is gracious

June – Young

Juniper – young

Jacky – may God protect

Jacoba – Supplanter

Jeliana – Child of the gods

jelia – God has answered

Jelani – powerful

Jioina – farmer

Jinsy – God is Gracious

Jiniya –  a flower

Jinia – maiden

Jehane – Yahweh is merciful

Jheel – Lake

Jharna – A stream

Jhanvi – Ganga river

Jhansi – queen

Jeffie – fair and smooth

Jacqueline – May God protect

Jacyn – The Supplanter

Jada – he knows

Joanna – God is gracious

Joaine – God is gracious

Joaida – Yah knows

Juli – youthful

Juhi – jasmine flower

Juhainah – unmarried woman

Judzea – female warrior

Judith – Praised

Jwala – flame

Jwahir – light

Jyotsna – moonlight


If you’re in search of cute K names for your baby girl, look no further. Because, we will get you covered. There will be lots of names on the way.

K names for your baby girl

Kaia – Pure

Kennedy – misshapen head

Kenzie – The fair one

Kiera – Dark

Kaci – watchful

Kadal – The deer’s head

Kadeja – premature child

Kadence – with rhythm

Kiana – God is gracious

Klara – bright

Klaare – bright

Klaara – famous

Knaval – Gracious

Knarik – lyre

Kyoko – Respectful

Kyra – black

Kyrah – Lord

Kyrenia – mermaid

Kyria – Womanly

Kyrie – Lord

Koyal – A Bird

Kiah – Person Of Earth

Kjersti – a Christian

Kjellfrid – beautiful

Kloey – young green shoot

Kloe – verdant and blooming

Kader – Power

Kubria – great

Keanu – Cool Mountain Breeze

Keani – The Wave

Kealoha – The loved one

Kealii – Chief

Kealani – Clear heaven

Keala – The Path

khaleesi – queen

Khaista – Beautiful

Khaira – The Best

Khagen – Bird

Keahi – Flames

kubwa – unknown

Kudesia – A pure person

Kuhaki – Enchanter

Kuhu – Sweet Note of the Bird

Kulap – rose

Kuma – Bear

Kumani – Destiny

Kumari  – Princess


From pure Lily to moon Luna, I have plenty of girl names with the letter L in my list. I can indeed say that one of them would be perfect for your little sweety.

Layla – night

Lily – pure

Luna – moon

Laban – White

Lacey – from Lassy

Lachan – From the land of lakes

Lacy – from Lassy

Ladona – lady

Lady – lady

Laertes – Father of Odysseus

Lafayette – faith

Laguna – pond

Laidh – the son of the fair warrior

Latifa – gentle

Latika – goddess

Latisha – Joy

Latona – Greek Goddess

Latoya – Victorious one

Lena – Woman Of Magdala

Lenna – trong as a lion

Lenore – Light

Leonie – lioness

Lorna – alone

Luz – light

Lyra – Lyre


Are you looking for cute baby girl names starting with the letter M? Browse the below list, including different names with a different number of syllables.

Madeline – Woman Of Magdala

Mae – bitter or pearl

Makena – happy one

Merritt – boundary gate

Mia – beloved

Mila – gracious

Madge – Pearl

Maia – great

Maida – maiden

Maina – Messnger Of God

Mansi – spiritual devotion

Maya – illusion

Mieko – Already Prosperous

Mindy – Love

Ming – shining bright

Mira – wonderful

Mona – noble or aristocratic

Monica – to advise

Morag – Great

Muriel – sea

Myra – Behold


If you want a cute name for your daughter with the letter ‘N,’ then this list is yours. I will grow it more and more. So always be with us.

Naya – new

Nova – new

Nadiya – hope

Nadine – hope

Nahara – light

Nairn – river with alder trees

Naomi – pleasantness

Napoleon – lion of the new city

Nash – by the ash tree

Nasir – victorious supporter

Natasha – Born On Christmas Day

Navali – Princess of love & relief

Ned – Wealthy Guardian

Nedra – underground

Nela – horn

Nem – others

Neola – Youthful

Nicola – victory

Nila – dark blue

Nilda – ready for battle

Nola – Fair Shoulder

Nona – ninth

Nysa – goal or ambition


Girl names starting with O are literally rare and highly fashionable names. I’m pretty sure that they will suits the next hundred years too.

Girl names starting with O

Olive – olive tree

Oriana – golden

Odina – Divine Creative Inspiration

Olena – yellow

Olga – Blessed

Omyra – myrrh

Oneida – Eagerly Awaited

Opal – precious stone

Oprah – Gazelle

Orane – rising

Orsa – little female bear

Ottilie – prosperous in battle

Ouida – Famous Warrior

Ozette – large lake


All the Babies are the love of your life. But baby girls are gems of your life. So, choose the best name for your cutties. This list would help you find the perfect cute name!

Paislee – church

Paloma – dove

Pearl – pearl

Penelope – weaver

Penny – Coral

Piper – Flute Player

Posie – A flower


Are you struggling with searching girl names with the letter Q for naming your little princess? Because they are so rare. But I will add more and more names. Keep touching with us!

Quinn – descendent of Conn

Qiana – Gracious


Please have a look at our list of cute names that start with the letter Q. With this list, I’m sure that you can find suitable baby name options. 

Rae – female sheep

Rayna – counsel

Rose – rose

Rowan – little red-haired one

Ramona – wise protector

Rhea – flowing stream

Rima – story

Ruth – Friend


Check out our modern and cute baby girl names that start with the letter S below. If you have a baby girl or are expecting one and looking for unique names, then read on!

Sadie – Princess

Sahara – desert

Scarlet – Red

Sicily – Sea monster

Sloan – Expedition

Sophie – wisdom

Stella – star

Samantha – God Heard

Selena – Moon

Sania – brilliant

Sona – wisdom

Star – Star


Hey moms, I gathered the below names from my personal experiences because girl names starting with T are one of my favorites. They are all so unique and have beautiful meanings.

Taylor – tailor

Teagan – attractive

Thea – goddess

Tinley – Dennis’ Field

Tamara – date

Tammy – palm tree

Tara – Queen

Tatiana – fairy queen

Tecla – God’s glory

Tia – joy

Tiara – Crown

Tian – heaven

Tyra – fighting thunder goddess


As we know, Cute names with the letter U are so rare. But if you are expecting your baby name to start with U, That would be so unique. So I hope the below list also will help you.

Uri – God Is My Light

Uma – fame

Ursula – little bear


Ever wonder why there are so many girls with the name Victoria? Because it’s so cute. But it may be too familiar. If you want baby cute girl names that start with V, but not too common, then have a look at our below list. There may be your future baby girl name!

Viola – Violet

Veda – Eternal Knowledge

Vega – dweller in the meadow

Velma – determined protector

Venus – Goddess Of Love

Victoriya – conqueror

Vidya – knowledge

Vina – Beloved

Viveca – War


Girl names that start with the letter W are my next rare names. But in my opinion, these cute names give your baby much more strength and confidence feeling. Because it has some strong sound, so try it also!

Waverly – meadow of quivering aspens

Wilda – Untamed

Wendy – Friend

Winona – firstborn daughter

Weylyn – Son of the wolf

Willa – protection

Willow – graceful

Wyndra – otter

Wynne – fair or pure


Among cute names that start with x for girls, my favorite is Xylia. What’s yours?

cute names that start with x

Xael –  from the sea

Xiu – Beautiful

Xylia – From The Forest

Xoey – Life in Greek

Xiomara – stranger


This letter may be one of the least chosen letters by parents. But don’t ignore them because there are so many cute and rare names such as Yareli and Yohani.

Yvette – God is Merciful

Yadira – Worthy

Yana – He Answers

Yareli – water lady

Yolanda – Violet

Yoshiko – Beautiful

Yuki – happiness

Yusia – Save


Are you struggling with searching for cute girl names that start with the last letter of the alphabet, letter Z, then you definitely at the right place. We have a list below.

Zara – radiance

Zaylee – Dry

Zinnia – Flower

Zoe – Life

Zuri – beautiful

Zain – beauty

Zahara – flower

Zia – light

Zu – Knowledgeable and voracious reader

Zana – God Is Gracious

What Girl Name means Pure? 

  • Agnes
  • Cadey  
  • Kaia  
  • Lily
  • Wynne 

What Name means Princess?

  • Sadie – Princess
  • Navali – Princess of love & relief
  • Kumari  – Princess
  • khaleesi – queen

What Name means Love is Beautiful?

  • Aasta
  • Lolonyo
  • Mindy 

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