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Fancy Last names – The Best Collection (2022)

Look through this list of fancy last names for girls and boys. See whether there’s one you’d like to have as your last name. Coming up with a fancy surname, let her seem a lot cooler in the eyes of your others. You should set more fancy names to match with an excellent baby first name. We’ve always preferred to try to make every appearance of the name stand apart from the custom.

A fancy last name lets you find your character’s family history a little more easily. So here we bring you some of the fancy last names. They can be used with any first name as per appropriate meanings. Make sure your surname compliments your first name. So look at these following list and see what you think!

Here are the most popular French Last Names


Andilet – messenger

Alinac – light

Amberflaw – Jewel defect

Astaril – strong

Abordieu – approach to a little ridge

Autumnbow – to live in a fall

Amberhide – once lived at the hide in the river

Andigre – manly

Angebannes – Angel Bannerman

Abonton – estate associated with a man called Abba

Amberore – the hill-slope river

Abiril – April

Albizac – the Lord has remembered from Alba


There are many popular Fancy last names starting with letter “B”. You can use these names as a first name for your baby. 

Bancroft – Posh

Bandini – Cool

Blood – heart’s blood

Bloom – flower

Boulder – someone who once worked as a sifter of me

Bouillon – dweller near the birch trees

Bobellon – Gate of God

Bougaimoux – I’m so excited now

Bonnenie – attractive or beautiful

Blackmark – something that makes something else less perfect

Brownie – Gift Of God

Bronie – a glow of life

Bronze – the metallic brown color

Brownie – a gift from the life of Jesus

Bertillon – Intelligent

Barley – grower or seller of barley

Boulderward – a large rock

Baratillon – innocence short walk

Bertillon – system


Carmichael – kind

Cobain – A rock star

Cohen – priest

Colt – a young four-year-old male horse 

Coldcloud – Cool Visible Vapor

Cliffless – ford at the cliff

Cage – never be caught

Cinderhell – Ash to conceal

Cretillon – short fleshly walk

Cardaimtal – Upper Homestead teasel

Couillard – deliberation bacon fat

Clawroot – hook plant

Cardairel – Card lion of God

Crystalbone – ice good

Colburn – coal brook

Clanwing – family Glory

Chabaffet – Snow

Castedras – a specific dear social class of people

Covenbreath – the breath of Goddess of darkness

Cliffdane – rock valley

Clawarm – curved hand

Chauvempes – pearl vampire

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Fancy Last names start with D

Dalton – With a Life Path

Duke – leader

Distantwind – long air

Distantfury – the big flowered smell

Dewbringer – tiny drops of water taker

Duskbloom – flower Between Day And Night

Duskstalker – to stalk or approach stealthily Between Day And Night

Dulles – boring

Deepwing – Light Glory

Dragoncutter – Fire-breathing Creature who cut things

Deepwoods – Light small forest


Elffire – foolish flame

Elfwind – foolish air

Elfbreath – mischievous air


fancy surnames

Featherswallow – trader thought to resemble the bird

Flatwatcher – a keeping guard on low-lying ground

Fourswallow – four people believed to resemble the bird

Forebluff – a person who resided near a steep bank

Fourspire – four hunters skilled at using the spear

Fallenorb – leader Citydweller

Flameshaper – sheep born of fire

Fallenwinds – leader as speedy as the wind

Featherdreamer – a ridge trader

Flatstrider – low-lying ground to fight

Frozendreamer – iced person who dreams

Featherbrew – substantial farmer and Hair Covering Of Bird


Granger – granary

Gryffon – dangerous person

Gunn – battle

Gloryweaver – spokesman to weave

Gorelight – a nimble triangular piece of land

Grasshammer – a charm maker of hammers

Gloryrock – spokesman in a rock

Gaillot – merry

Gairil – power

Gaignory – full of joy plus my light

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Halifax – cool

Hilton –heiress

Holly – beautiful

Hope – at the hope

Hydrabreath – water serpent air

Hardshout – strong yelling

Havenglow – a steady radiance of light at the haven

Hazekeep – a state of mental confusion keeping

Havendoom – a place of safety or refuge death

Honorhorn – high respect horn

Hallowedchaser – made holy person or thing that pursues someone

Humblereaper – God is Gracious to reap

Havenash – consultant

Hardarm – strong hand


Ice – cool

Iceland – frozen land

Iron – metal


Joy – Happy

Jouvempes – fortunate bold hope

Jouvessac – Joy one who designs clothing


Kelly – fun and flirty

Knight –fighter

Keenfollower – a follower of someone who is brave

Fancy Surnames start with L

Lily -pretty, delicate

Logan- hollow

Lowell- Wolf cub

Love – sweet

Lignignon – light place

Lightscream – small loud

Leafdream – dear dream

Lamogre – boring one

Larmalart – the art of The sea

Larmallevé – luxury having little weight

Lamanie – kindness

Lamagnon – lips that are dark like the color of a sunset

Larmanton – Highly praiseworthy The sea

Larmagnory – a rule of The sea

Limochanteau – a person who lived in a castle having a Large luxurious car

Lamadras – dear one who lived by a marsh

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Mayhem – to maim

Merry – cheerful

Marley- Pleasant wood

Maverick- Entire

Morton- a variant of Martin

Melendez- very little

Morgan-meaning sea.

Mercier- notions dealer

Moreau- Dark skin

Munoz- son of Muno

Mondelli – Moon noble kind

Montalli – moon Dew from Heaven

Massoumbert – Innocent and Intelligent

Meadowbrace – maker or seller of armor in Field Of Grass

Mirthmantle – pleasure mantels

Mournmoon to feel the moon

Massouchanteau – Dweller in the upland or lowland stone

Maschera – fancy dress

Magnes – greatest

Marblewhisper – the sound of a small ball of colored glass

Macherral – dear one’s mother

Magnes – a powerful man

Moltentide – become liquid that breaks the yoke

Mirthcleaver – pleasure one who cleaves

Montana – a mountain

Masterjumper – a superior jumper

Moltenore – become liquid edge

Marbletail – marble tailor

Montana – wooded upland

Mourningscribe – writer of the expression of sorrow for someone’s death

Machenet – Battle of The divine mother

Montarac – mountain

Maison – strong foundation

Marlon – a dweller on moor-land

Mailon – beloved

Mirthhorn – pleasure spur of land


Noble –treated like a princess

Nolan- champion

Nightwind – knight as speedy as the wind

Noblesprinter – illustrious One who runs short distances very fast

Nobledrifter – distinguished One that drifts


Oceanaut – Someone who lives or works underwater

Outshine – beautiful grains used as a food

Oatcrag -grains used as food and rock

Orbtrap – Citydweller rogue

Oceantoe – someone who is always happiest as an outsider in the vast sea

Oceanseeker – a person who is attempting to find about the sea

Last Names Start with P

Paris – hawk

Pendleton – settlement

Phoenix –rising from the flames

Power – Power

Parker- keeper of the park

Paxton- Peace Town

Peyton – of Payton

Pierce- Form of Piers from Peter

Porter- gatekeeper

Pridesong – Satisfaction From Achievement Praise

Proudfollower – a nickname for a vain follower

Pridewood – Satisfaction From Achievement + forest

Purchaser – to hunt Satisfaction From Achievement

Pouinac – well rays of the sun

Pellerelli – shining over heaven.





Raven – dark and mysterious

River – a girl who loves nature

Rose – A flower rose

Reese- Ardent and fiery.

Reid- A person with red hair

Riley- luxurious

Ronan- Little Seal

Rowan- A little red one

Ryder- Mounted warrior

Ryker- The Next Generation

Rylan- island meadow

Rosedreamer – dream to live near a rose garden

Roughdust – thick dust

Regalhelm – royal covering

Richshout – wealthy shout

Regalshade – royal boundary

Roqueze – Rock

Richelieu – wealthy place

Ronchegnac – Counsel Rule + chicken and egg

Rochegne – renown

Rochelle – little rock

Rainward – rain guard

Roquenet – group of Rocks

Rumbleash – Old-fashioned to remove color or stains from

Roughforest – rough woodsman

Rapidroot – quick grown root

Rambugnon – hair nun


Savage – a man of the wood

Slade – a valley

Slayer – a destroyer of life

Star – a star

Stratton – Roman road

Stryker – lucky

Styles – Just like Harry

Suvau – guardian

Swiftbrew – substantial farmer of fleet

Suva – guardian

Serpentbrook – snake grove

Skysnow – thunderstorm

Sternshine – star fox

Sharpblade – smart cutting edge

Skyhunter – to hunt the sky

Skyshade – sky shadow

Stormorb – Educated man with Violent weather

Shadowflaw – a female troll shadow

Smartlash – quick one who worked as a doctor

Saurmaw – chestnut relative

Sages – learned

Sagesun – sensible sun

Sternguard – star protector

Sufelon – noble wandering

Stonebender – who bend stone

Snowscar – frozen garbage

Steelrunner – a messenger of metal

Sarramond – ridge Heart

Spiritglade – soul clearing in a forest

Springspell – season spring spells


Tatum – famous

Tremaine – sophisticated

Troublefield – manage to make some trouble

Terramaul – the mouth of the Earth

Tarrenseeker – thunder seeker

Titanite – wedge

Thunder – one who sheared

Tusksnarl – canine teeth of the wild boar growling

Titantoe – defender toe


Underwood – fresh and magical


Verbeck – a weir from/of the creek

Violet – pretty

Voidbend – Bend To fill the emptiness within yourself

Voidreaper – To fill the gap within yourself and reap

Voidlash – lash To fill the emptiness within yourself

Vernifelon – young partner in the heart

Verninne – young in heart

Virac – flower

Vernie – spring green

W – Best Fancy Last Names

There are popular British surnames starting with “W”, such as White, Wood, Wilson and Williams. There are 294,625 people in United Kindom with Williams surname.

Waldgrave – forest manager or overseer

Winter – the coldest season of the year

Wolf – traveling wolf

Warmane – articles of trade man

Wisekiller – knowledgeable killer

Wyvernseeker – snake watcher

Warmight – lovely Dream

Whispercrest – Soft Voice in the peak of a hill

Whitwatcher – A sharp Protector

Wolfgrain – traveling wolf Dislike

Wheatbrow – brave air

Woodlight – forest shine

Warbreaker – battle destroyer

Woodflower – forest blooming

Wildwhirl – uncivilized flywheel of a spindle


York – short and sweet

Young –forever young

Youngvigor – young force


Zedler – life

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