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1000+ Top Cool Last Names As First Names in 2022

There are plenty of cool surnames which can be used as first names and also you can use them if you wish to change your last name. As last names generally come from your mom or dad, indeed, you can’t choose your given name. Even though you’re not a fan of your surname, you can legally change it, as long as you’re of age. Look through this list of cool last names for girls and boys and see if there’s one you’d prefer to have as your last name. Check out the following list and see what you think!

Coming up with a smart last name, let her seem a lot cooler, among others. While settling for some of the more cute names paired with an excellent first name is one way to go, I’ve always liked to try to make every aspect of the name stand apart from the tradition. A cool last name lets you find your character’s family history a little more easily.

Here we bring you some of the cute and lovely last names which can be used with any first name as per appropriate meanings. Make sure your last name compliments your first name.

What are Some Short Cool Last Names, You Can Use as First Names?

Here we have listed short family names which are commonly used as first names. They are easy to use and significant. There are no restrictions, and you can use them as middle names too.

Abernathy – Fun and mysterious

Abner – Short and sweet

Amor – Being loved

Amherst – Regal

Armstrong – Having a good company

Angeles – One from the paradise

Annesley – Cool and soft

Archer – Cool

Bancroft – Posh

Bandini – Cool

Blackwood – Dark and spooky

Blood – a little bit creepy

Bloom – Cute

Boulder – Cool l

Cage – never be caught

Carmichael – kind

Cobain – A rock star

Cohen – cool

Colburn – You’re on fire, but you won’t burn up

Colt –wild and beautiful

Crabtree – classy and sophisticated

Dalton – cool and classic

Duke – For one with a noble heritage

Fawn –sweet and innocent, yet powerful inside

Freeze –ice queen

Granger – smart, pretty, and secretly a wizard!

Gryffon – A remarkable mythical creature

Gunn –cool and sexy

Halifax – cool

Hilton –heiress

Holly – beautiful

Hope – expect

Ice – cool

Iris – A stunning flower

Ivy –cute and harmless

Joy – Happy

Kelly – fun and flirty

Knight –fighter

Lily –pretty, delicate

Love – sweet

Mayhem – for someone who causes trouble

Merry – One who is happy all the time

Noble –treated like a princess

Paris –the coolest and most sophisticated

Pendleton – A quaint and cool

Phoenix –rising from the flames

Power – Power

Quake – a sound

Raven – dark and mysterious

River – a girl who loves nature

Rose – A flower rose

Savage – tough and cool

Slade – mean and a little bit dangerous

Slayer – in charge, or an excellent homage to Buffy!

Star – a star

Stratton – cool and collected

Stryker – lucky

Styles – Just like Harry

Tatum – famous

Tremaine – sophisticated

Troublefield – manage to make some trouble

Underwood – fresh and magical

Verbeck – classy and a little bit mysterious

Violet – pretty

Waldgrave – it is unusual but cool

Winter –he coldest season of the year. And It is a cool and beautiful last name

Wolf – wild animal

York – short and sweet

Young –forever young

Zedler – life

Here is the latest collection of one syllable girl names

Most Popular Cool Last Names for Boys

These are the top cool names this year for baby boys. We have collected these data through several types of research, which we have conducted through social media and parenting forums. We have selected the highly voted last names from that.

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Axton- Sword stone

Beckham- Famous name of a footballer

Black- One who has a dark complexion

Braxton- Inhabitants

Brennan- Brave

Brock- Derived from Badger

Caverly- Cool historical name

Carson- Son of Carr

Chandler- Gifted One

Cohen- Priest

Cole- Cold black

Dalton- dale.

Danvers- habitational name

Delgado- slender exquisite

Devlin- Fierce

Donovan- dark brown

Easton- From East town

Fletcher- Maker of arrows

Falkov- derives from nature

Grady- illustrious

Gunner- Battle strong

Glen- valley

Hayden- valley

Hudson- son of the heart

Hunter- One Who Hunts

Jacoby- supplanter

Jagger- Carter

Jaxon- God has been gracious

Jensen- son of Jens

Kane- The name of multiple identities

Keating- mean kite

Keegan- means son

Kingston- King’s settlement

Kobe- tortoise

Kyler- stylish

Lennon- A philosopher’s name

Logan- hollow

Lowell- Wolf cub

Marley- Pleasant wood

Maverick- Entire

Morton- a variant of Martin

Melendez- very little

Morgan-meaning sea.

Mercier- notions dealer

Moreau- Dark skin

Munoz- son of Muno

Nolan- champion

Parker- keeper of the park

Paxton- Peace Town

Peyton- A famous bearer was Peyton Randolph

Pierce- Form of Piers from Peter

Porter- gatekeeper

Quinn- the descendant of Conn

Reid- A person with red hair

Riley- luxurious

Ronan- Little Seal

Rowan- A little red one

Ryder– Mounted warrior

Ryker- The Next Generation

Rylan- island meadow

Ramirez- son of Ramiro

Rye- Island meadow

Sire- Modest

Slade- Valley

Starr- Sounds like stars

Steel- Rough and tough

Stryker- Tester

Trace- Good

Tatum- Brings joy

Wade- Advancer

Vogel- a happy person

West: Direction

Weston- A wet town

Willoughby- From the willow farm

Wolfhart – Brave and strong

Zimmerman- carpenter

Zuniga- habitation name

Cute Surnames for Girls

So, this is the list of pretty cool last names for girls with their meanings. Most of these names are popular and you will sweet baby will love these names.

Griffin- Strong in faith

Tate- Cheerful

Capelli – Hats

Alberti – sculptor

Reese- Ardent and fiery

Chianti – an Italian red wine

Cassiani – Champion

Mary – wished for

Bentley – woodland clearing

Marani – of the sea

Jane – Graced by Yahweh

Grazzini – beloved

Larra – god

Agustini – fresh and beautiful

Fiori – a place where flowers are grown

Niccolini – daughter of a descendant

Surnames in Alphabetical Order

Here, I have categorized all the last names according to the alphabetical order, so that you can easily find the surnames starting with your favorite letters. If you like to see the latest collections of baby names for boys and girls, you can find them through these links.

There are a massive amount of surnames that start from letter A, but we can use only a certain amount of names as the first name. Most of these names are already using as first names by most of the famous people.


Abelard – bee

Avad – Marvellous

Avaliani – cool surname

Averbach – meadow brook

Aguilar – a haunt of eagles

Alam – World

Adams – Son of Adam

Adan – Of The Earth

Adlard – brave, strong

Asaro – Thanks

Aksar – Imperishable

Axelrod – axle wheel

Alegria – Joy

Alexis – helper, defender

Alain – Harmony, stone, or noble

Allen – handsome

Almond – noble protection

Alon – Oak Tree

Albert – a person who is worthy or bright

Atena – Goddess of wisdom

Atilla – father

Attila – little father

Aho – glade

Ash – someone who lived near a prominent ash tree

Albertus – Noble and famous

Alvarez – son of Alvaro

Alver – White

Alving – noble friend

Aldana – Luck

Almagor – lack of fear

Ambergris – a chemical compound

Anand – Happiness

Anvari – like red hair

Angel – messenger

Andro – manly

Arad – bronze

Arakida – seashore rice paddy

Arden – high

Arder – The valley of the eagles

Arens – an eagle

Arent – wald

Arzhan – A Kind Of Mountain Almond

Arlan – pledge; promise; oath

Arreola – to stone

Arrian – Holy

Arro – a pagan temple

Arto – Bear; rock

Arturo – bear

Asturias – water


Baar – height

Варlvaro – Warrior

Bayer – cattle-shed

Bayard – russet-haired

Ballard – bald head

Banville – a pleasant place

Bandello – a gift of god

Banyan – swelling

Bar – hill

Barbury – son of Barbara

Barbo – son of Barbara

Barbier – a person who not only cut hair and shaved beards

Barry – spear-like

Bart – bearded one

Barton – settlement

Bach – Someone who lived by a stream

Breaststroke – swimming style

Brentano – Notable

Breton – from Brittany

Bronte – house

Brooks – grove

Bull – bull

Bord – a little house, lodging

Borel – harness

Bosco – undergrowth

Bayardo – someone who works as a poet

Bright – bright, fair or beautiful

Brand – sword

Bachman – one who dwells by a stream

Baker – to dry by heat

Bailey – berry clearing

Bale – someone who lived by a wall

Baines – bones

Bambo – Stronghold of a man called Bana

Benedetti – blessed

Beranger – bear

Berent – bear

Berkeley – birch leaf

Blake – someone with pale hair or skin

Brilliance – Intelligent

Bozhidar – Divine gift

Bono – good

Boon – bean


There are plenty of best cool last names starting from ‘C’, and many people already using them as their first names. You may hear some names, even in the movies you watched.

Cavalcanti – bald someone who lived in an area of stony or clay ground

Cavana – From Cavan

Callas – Beauty

Caldeira – kettle

Calvino – Bald

Calderon – tinker

Chapel – the Christian place of worship

Clogs – a lump of wood

Cappello – A captain or one who wears a capstone

Cardone – rough

Carcano – white or gray-haired Fighter

Carr – dusky

Carre – square

Carter – transporter of goods by cart

Cartland – From the land between the streams

Cascales – Imperial rock

Cass – treasurer; curly-headed

Castro – castle

Clavel – a keystone of an arch

Clark – scribe, secretary

Clough – someone who lived near a steep slope

Cleveland – bank, slope

Clifford – Ford near a slope

Claudel – lame

Coke – a purveyor of cooked meats

Connelly – fierce as a hound

Conon – raise the dust, fast, rapid

Conradi – happy or laughing

Cognard – a tooth on the rim of a wheel or gear hope

Coronado – beloved or dear

Corso – came to rescue

Court – brave

Corti – court

Creton – border and farm or settlement

Crawl – the twisting or winding shaw

Cross – pass in an opposite or different direction

Chari – grace

Chiarini – clear

Cherry – Dear one

Chesney – oak grove

Chevall – knight

Chevalier – horseman


As I feel, names start with letter ‘D’ and have a strong influence. I like the way they pronounce with letter D. Among these cool last names, I like Darius and Dorris for a little boy.

Dactyl – finger

Dancona – a sacred image of God is my judge

De la mar – a forest of the lake

Daubigne – from Saint-Aubin

Dobignac – Brilliant rays of the sun

De lint – black

Darius – He who holds firm to good

De Lazzari – help

Debiol – little Chincha

Debord – Bee Spear

Delille – of the island

De Roberti – Royal fame

De rada – Royal Care

Giordano – flow down

George – tiller of the soil

Di prima – the first beauty

Di Filippo – swiftness of Friend of horses

Dixon – son of Richard

De Villiers – Royal town-dweller

Dode – My beloved or uncle

Dodge – dog

Duolingo – of the Lord

Don – noble

Dorris – bountiful

Drake – male duck

Douglas – dark water, dark stream

Duncan – brown-haired spirit, life, soul or heart

Duhamel – homestead

Dubois – wood

Duval – of the valley

Dupree – from the meadow


This letter doesn’t have good surnames that can use as first names. I will try to find more names and will update this section in future.

Evans – racious gift of Jehovah

Evola – danewort

Egert – fort

Emerson – Brave; powerfu

Erdman – herdman

Erickson – always ruler

Espinosa – thorn


Former – something that came at an earlier time

Flight – a stretch of arable land

Faber – skillful

Fabri – craftsman

Fabris – craftsman

Fabricius – ingenious

Fante – a foot soldier

Fast – quick

Feuerbach- fire

Fernandez – son of journey

Ferrand – a person with grey hair

Ferriss – grandson

Fest – holiday

Fielding – pasture or open country, which was land cleared of forest

Fitzgerald – the son of Gerald

Fisher – one who obtained his living by fishing

Flynn – red or reddish

Flint – Stream

Florian – Blooming, flowering

Fox – a cunning creatures

Fountain – someone who lived near a spring or well

Fontanel – a soft spot of the skull

Fore – situated or placed in front.

Ford – dweller at the ford

Foresight- the ability to predict what will happen or be needed in the future

Foss – a nickname for a sly or cunning person

Fosse – a ditch or dike

Fred – peaceful ruler

Frain – ash tree

Fried – peace


You may be already familiar with most of these cool last names like Galley, Gilbert, Gomez, and Grande. They were very common in previous decades.

Gabor – a man of God

Gavaldon – abundant pasture

Guy – a professional guide

Galan – brave person

Galeano – pleasant peacefulness

Galley – ship

Gallant – dashing

Gift – present

Gilbert – noble youth

Gendre – son-in-law

Gallo – a person with some of the attributes associated with a bird

Gammer – chamberlain

Gardner – one who worked as a gardener

Garland – a wreath of flowers and leaves, worn on the head or hung

Garnier – someone who creates plans to be used in making something

Garaudy – hug of a grandson of Godhra

Gough – red

Guardini – protector

Guinicelli – the wise old bird

Geyer – a greedy or rapacious person

Geyermans – a greedy person

Game – play

Geller – one who yells

Gelfand – elephant

Gentz – noble

Gerardi – brave

Guerin – guard

Gert – a spear

Gilels – protected one

Gillan – son of the servant

Gomez – man

Goncourt – a court of a heart

Gonzalez – son of Gonzalo

Goran – Woodsman

Goss – goose

Goff – Godly person

Grail – the cup or platter used by Christ

Grandee – someone of significant stature

Grande – tall

Grange – someone who lived by a granary

Grass – charm

Gray – a person who had gray hair

Grenier – a worker at a mill or granary

Grentz – beak

Grasse – pleasantness

Grimm – severe

Green – Green color

Gross – great


Hoffman – one who manages the property of another

Hertz – heart

Hess – a solo flighter

Hesse –  warriors who wore a particular type of helmet like a hood

Hamilton – From the Beautiful Mountain

Halevi – the Levite

Herbert – Illustrious warrior

Hecker – woodcutter

Herald – Army commander

Hernandez – son of bold voyager

Him – male

Haggard – son of the priest

Hunter – one who does or works with

Harris – son of Harry

Hart – stag

Hill – a person who lived on a hill

Hoff – farmstead


Irving – green river

Ivo – archer

Imber – bee

Imbriani – unique work-rule

Inber – bee

Irwin – boar friend


Joyce – Lord

Jones – Jehovah has favoured

Johnson – son of John

Jordan – holy water said to be taken from the Jordan River

Jung – young

Juris – a farmer

Jordan – Yarden

James – a heel

Jacques – he who supplanted

Jammu – A Sweet Condiment Or Musical Get-together desire

Jarry – fickle

Jarre – an earthenware vessel

Jenny – the Lord is gracious

Jolanda – Violet


Kato – Good Judgement

Kalhano – bald mother of Samuel

Kahana – priest

Kay – wharf

Kelman – smooth person reaches of water in a rough stream

Kemal – fortress

Keno – bold

Kim – Noble or brave

King – tribal leader

Kipiani – He who Jehovah has favoured who dwelled near a pointed hill

Kipling – From Cuppel’s People

Kirino – A little shy boy

Kolas – good job

Kowaldzhi – black smith

Kron – crane

Korf – basket

Kremer – tent


Lavant – To wash

Lavi – Lion

Lagrange – a royal someone who lived by a granary

Lazar – God has helped

Land – an estate

Lamur – love

Langelan – long Orchid Flower

Langeron – long counsel-rule

Lann – enclosure

Lanua – beautiful Orchid Flower

Labor – a person who worked as the laborer

Larry – Laurel crowned

Larsen – son of Lars

Lasker – moose in brushwood

Lauri – sweet bay tree

Leander – lion-man

Lewald – old lion

Levant – the rising

Leconte – comes

Leman – Leofman

Lemercier – merchant

Le – happy

Lemonte – laying man

Lemoine – Monk

Lemierre – the physician

Lenz – someone who was born in the spring

Leopardi – Leopards

Leroux – red-haired

Leroy – The King

Loess – drop

Lessing – woodman

Lee – clearing in the woods

Lily – my God is my oath

Lipton – to raise

Lear – cheek

Lizardi – someone who lived by an ash wood

Lodge – place to rest in

Lox – salmon

Long – tall

Lons – a dweller in the Lane

Lone – a dweller in the Lane

Lopezvega – son of wolf

Lopez – wolf

Lord – hlaf-weard

Lawrence – man from Laurentium

Lorenzo – From Laurentum

Laurie – the spokesman

Lucas – shining

Lurie – clerk


Here, I found plenty of cool last names that have very cool meanings and accessible. These are very popular and have exciting meanings.

Magorian – Great little king

Mado – Lovely girl

Masius – son of farmstead

May – proud

Mayer – elected head of the community

Myron – perfume

Maggio – greatness

Mccarthy – loving

Mackay – son of

Mackenzie – fair or bright son

Macron – yellow coloured or dark

Malraux – open to some paint

Mandelstam – The day of the week of which one was born Innocent

Manji – a weapon

Mandino – Golden castle

Mann – person

Munroe – a man of Ro

Manto – great

Mao – feather

Maran – marine

Mare – by the sea

Marias – the god of war

Marinetti – Home ruler of the sea

Marino – of the sea

Movie – film

Mark  –  to gleam

Michel – He who is like god

Marlo – Decendent of Mary

Maro – bitter

Marr – the sea

Mars – marsh

Marseilles – market and Jehovah is God

Martin – warrior

Marty – the god of fertility and war

Martin – warlike

Martian – someone who lived by or in a marsh or fen

March – boundary

Marshall – servant

Mascaro – dear measure

Mass – measure

Machado – axe

Meir – one who shines

May – young man or woman

Meyer – an officer in charge of legal matters

Mailer – a painter

Mello – grove

Mendes – complete sacrifice

Merime – beloved

Mering – seat as Lords

Merino – the title of a royal

Mercury – the Roman messenger

Merlot – blackbird

Merry – cheerful

Mercier – a trader

Merton – Sun in lake

Mestre – teacher

Milani – Heavenly beautiful

Miller – having large lips

Milli – bee honey

Milligan – bald

Miles – mercy

Milton – the town which had a mill

Mystery – something that is difficult or impossible to understand

Miura – three bays

Michelson – son of Who is like God

Modiano – a relationship of position courage

Molinari – a person who owned, managed, or worked in a mill

Molina – miller

Monroe – from the mouth of the river

Montanelli – bright, shining mountain

Montenegro – the dark mountain

Montaigne – dweller on the hill

Moravia – the main river of the land

Morales – son of someone who lived near a mulberry or blackberry tree

Moran – Little Big

Morante – dark skinned

Morella – anyone of a markedly dark complexion

Morel – dark and swarthy

Moritz – dark-skinned

Morris – dark

Moore – an area of uncultivated land

Murray – seafarer

Musse – Classmate Finder

Musso – someone with some peculiarity of the mouth


Nadir – rare

Nadson – stones

Narbut – short and stocky fool

Narignani – Beautiful Flower

Narsis – Narcissus flower

Neville – new town

Negri – black

Nemo – No one

Nerve – cattle herder

Nere – Mine

Neris – noblewoman

Nerses – the divine messenger

Neff – nephew

Nikki – Victory Of The People

Nyx – Night

Nielsen – descendant

Nimmo – The attempt

Novalis – a tiller of new soil

Nolan – famous

Noll – knoll

Norris – northerner

Norton – North Town

Newman – modern guy


Oyerbach – meadow brook

Oliver – olive tree

Orkan – storm

Ormando – famous and ardent

Orten – settlement

Orton – enclosure

Orzi – bear

Osman – god-fame

Ossian – little deer

Oster – eastern

Osterman – the direction of the rising sun

Otero – height


Pant – Source

Paolini – small person

Parker – keeper of the park

Parr – minister’s house

Parun – Goddess

Pass – passage

Patrician – an aristocrat or nobleman

Perez – Son of Pero or Pedro

Perry – Bible

Perrot – rock

Percy – Pierce Valley

Pier – Rock

Plat – a person who resided near a physical feature such as a hill

Platt – flat

Plessis – someone who lived by a quickset fence

Policiano – a small person

Pontano – many gold offerings

Porter – doorkeeper

Potter – drink

Preston – village held by the Church

Princes – prince

Priestley – forest clearing


There are only few cool last names start with letter Q and we can only use few of them as first names.

Quintana – country house

Queen – Female ruler

Quito – Fifth


Rice – fiery warrior

Russell – little red

Raffi – noble

Rahman – Gracious

Rashid – Rightly guided

Rutherford – a shallow part of a river

Ray – king

Raid – A Leader

Rhine – hardy

Rimbaud – joyful white antelope

Renan – Light of God

Renard – strong

Reignard – brave in council

Rivera – riverbank

Reed – red

Rimmel – a branch

Rinaldo – Wise power

Ritz – power

Robbins – fame-bright

Rober – bright

Roberston – son of Robert

Roberts – bright renown

Robinson – son of Robin

Rogan – grandson of

Rodari – wheel

Rock – stone

Rockett – little rock

Rollan – fame or victory

Rollie – Renowned in the land

Rollins – Famous soldier

Romer – fame

Romm – someone who had a connection with Rome

Ross – The horse

Rosetti – red

Rostan – new rose

Rua – Dreams

Russo – red


Sabatini – slipper

Sabir – patient

Saverin – a person who resided near a stream

Saviano – Saviour

Sauvignon – wise small stream

Savioli – learned

Simon – one who harkens

Sand – sandy soil

Sartre – tailor

Safir – Saphhire

Saint – blameworthy

Sivers – sea-passage

Saintaman – saint

Serafino – Fiery ones

Sylvia – silversmith

Simmons – victory

Simon – one who harkens

Saintoler – fat one

Sears – son of Sayer

Smart – quick

Smith – to smite or strike

Sorel – reddish-brown

Sorrentino – Little God of Thunder

Saintgeorges – blameworthy rustic

Spark – Sprightly

Sparks – son of

Spaziani – to scatter Interest

Stark – Stark

Stelmakh – wheelwright

Stern – star

Style – fashion

Stratis – good soldier

Strauss – quarrel

Strozzi – rivalry

Stewart – household guardian

Suarez – son of Soeiro

Suar – Beauty

Shabah – kicking

Shagar – sea-spear

Shakir – Thankful

Shamir – A sharp thorn

Shapiro – handsome

Sheckley – robbers woodland glade stone

Sheldon – hill

Shelley – a wooded clearing on a ledge

Shepard – herdsman

Sherman – shearer of woolen garments

Schmidt – metalworker

Show – to inspect

Stern – star

Schulz – the person in charge of collecting payments

Schumann – shoe maker

Schumacher – shoe maker

Sharron – in the Holy Land

Saffron – Yellow Flower

Shuff – the manager

Shahani – bride

Shahar – Sunrise

Shahriyar – Friend Of The City

Schweizer – a person who resided near a physical feature such as a hill


Tadros – gift

Tarot – foolishness

Tasso – deed

Tirso – People

Tissot – The God’s Lake

Tit – The tye

Toma – Toma

Thomas – twin

Thomson – son of Thom

Topelius – destroy gratitude

Thor – a gate

Torelli – thunder plum tree

Toro – a bull

Torres – tower


Unsouri – not like red hair

Urban – city dweller

Uri – My Light


Valerius – to be strong

Valles – valley

Val – Strong

Valery – a person who resided near a physical feature such as a hill

Vialar – life Teaches

Vian – alive

Valdez – from the valley.

Vassian – son of the companion

Vidadi – King life

Vogel – bird


Weil – a country house or estate

Wales – fellow-countrymen

Waller – a good humoured person

Weber – to weave

Weil – a country house or estate

Weiss – vice

Weller – a well

Wenner – a maker or seller of winnowing fans

Werth – enclosure

Wiesel – meadow god

Wilde – undisciplined or out of control

Vinge – conquering

Winner – a type of basket

Wolf – animal wolf

Wood – forest

Wulf – battle

White – very light hair

Wilson – protection

Wright – worker or shaper of wood

Cool last names starting with “Y” and “Z” are bit rare than other names.


Yang – ocean

Young – The young one


Zalman – peace

Zegers – Victorious

Zohar – light, brilliance

Final Words on Cool Surnames

I hope you like the cool last names collection that you can use as first or middle names. We love to hear your thoughts and feel free to leave a comment with your experience.

You can visit our home page “Unique Last Names” for all types of surnames, and we have a vast database with meanings and even background information we collected through several kinds of research. Share this with your friends who are interested in the same topic, especially mothers who are expecting babies.

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