Cool Girl Names (2020)

As names are generally passed down from your mom or dad, indeed, you can’t choose your given name. Even though you’re not a fan of your name, you can legally change it, as long as you’re of age. Look through this list of Cool Girl Names and see if there’s one you’d prefer to have as your name. Check out the following list and see what you think!

Coming up with a smart name, let her seem a lot cooler in the eyes of your others. While settling for some of the more cute names paired with an excellent first name is one way to go, I’ve always liked to try to make every aspect of the name stand apart from the tradition. A cool last name lets you find your character’s family history a little more easily.


  • Adele: noble and serene
  • Amaranth: An edible grain
  • Amaryllis: beautiful and blossoming
  • Amethyst: pretty, mystical sounding middle name
  • Anise: This unique name means “pure.”
  • Artemis: An ancient Greek goddess 
  • Angelica: Angelic
  • Agata: Good
  • Agnella: Pure
  • Alda: Noble
  • Alice: Strong 
  • Anna: Beautiful grace
  • Arianna: Chaste or holy
  • Alfonsi: Ready
  • Alma: Soul
  • Alonza: Ready for battle
  • Andria: Love
  • Asia: Sunrise or east
  • Aurora: Dawn
  • Anita: Grace
  • Anetta: Favour
  • Armide: Little armed one
  • Amy: Dearly loved
  • Alina: Fair
  • Adaline: Noble
  • Angelina: Word
  • Anastasia: Resurrection
  • Aliyah: To rise up
  • Arabella: Answered prayer
  • Alexis: Defender of Mankind
  • Alyssa: Rational
  • Adalyn: Noble
  • Arya: Noble Goddess


  • Bardot: a sexy and sophisticated 
  • Bellamy: A fresh and exciting 
  • Blair: Gossip Girl
  • Blake: dark
  • Blanche: pale-skinned
  • Blossom: cute and fun  
  • Bluebell: A pretty flower  
  • Bree: strong and virtuous
  • Brooke: Near the small stream


  • Calypso: An exotic 
  • Camden: valley
  • Canary: bright and flighty
  • Caprice: whimsical
  • Cascade: A waterfall  
  • Charity: generous and kind
  • Charm: little charm
  • Cherry: A fun and fruity  
  • Circe: A name from Greek mythology
  • Claret: Rich, expensive and classy
  • Cloud: someone who has her head in the clouds
  • Clover: luck
  • Coral: Pretty and delicate, but significant
  • Charlie: Word
  • Cecilia: Blind
  • Catherine: Pure
  • Clara: Bright


  • Dido: The Queen of Carthage
  • Dove: Peaceful  
  • Daisy: Flower name
  • Daniela: God is my judge


  • Ember: burns so brightly
  • Eris: The Greek goddess of chaos 
  • Eternity: This name will live on
  • Eve: The first woman  
  • Eden: Delight
  • Eliza: Flower name
  • Esther: Star
  • Elise: Consecrated to God
  • Emerson: Son of Emery


  • Fable: A story 
  • Fawn: A baby deer 
  • Faye: fairy 
  • Fern: a nature lover
  • Forever: strong and true
  • Frost: born in the winter
  • Fiona: Fair


  • Glow: has an ethereal glow that nobody can ignore
  • Genevieve: White wave


  • Hallow: to make holy
  • Honey: adorable 
  • Honor: honest and full of integrity
  • Hope: As hope is one of the essential things in life
  • Harmony: Unity


  • Isabel: Devoted to God 
  • Iris: Rainbow


  • Jolee: pretty 
  • Joy: happy and full of life Always
  • Juno: A Roman goddess of love 
  • Jasmine: Flower famous for its sweet fragrance
  • Juliana: Youthful
  • Julianna: Youthful
  • Jordyn: To flow downward
  • Jocelyn: Derived from the name Gautelen


  • Kae: A fortified place
  • Korin: maiden
  • Khloe: Green
  • Kayla: Crown
  • Kimberly: Kimber’s meadow


  • Lane: short, fresh and fun 
  • Lilac: A pretty flower 
  • Love: loving and pure
  • London: A place
  • Lily: Purity
  • Laila: Born at night
  • Lucia: Light
  • Lauren: Bay laurel
  • London: Capital of the United Kingdom


  • Mercy: kind and compassionate
  • Merle: blackbird
  • Moon: unique 
  • Morgan: Circling sea
  • Molly: Bitter
  • Mariah: Bitter
  • Mackenzie: Wise one
  • Melody: Song
  • Margaret: Pearl


  • Nicole: Victory of the people
  • Nova: New


  • Ocean: Vast, expansive and limitless 
  • October: someone born in October
  • Olive: sophisticated 
  • Ophelia: Hamlet


  • Payten: noblewoman
  • Pearl: rare and precious
  • Petal: sweet 
  • Poet: someone who sees the wonder and beauty in everything
  • Primrose: beautiful 
  • Paige: Page
  • Presley: Meadow


  • Raine: who was born in stormy weather
  • Raven: A big, blackbird 
  • Reagan: little ruler
  • Reece: sexy and different
  • Rose: The most beautiful flower
  • Rose: Flower name
  • Ryleigh: Courageous
  • Reese: Passionate
  • Reagan: Little ruler
  • Rachel: Ewe


  • Sable: strong and outspoken 
  • Sage: who is wise and fair
  • Selene: The Greek goddess of the moon
  • Sky: reach for the sky and achieve her dreams
  • Sloane: A classy sounding name that is different and unique
  • Sonnet: A love poem 
  • Starling: A cute bird 
  • Sydney: Uncertain
  • Sara: Biblical


  • Trinity: name which has religious connotations without sounding stuffy
  • Taura: Lakes
  • Teruko: Shining baby
  • Toki: Opportunity
  • Tokiwa: Constant
  • Tomiju: Longevity
  • Tomo: knowledge
  • Trinity: Three
  • Teagan: Little poet


  • Ume: Blossom of plum
  • Umi: Ocean
  • Utano: Field of songs


  • Valentine: A heart-breaker
  • Velvet: Rich, dark and sumptuous 
  • Valerie: Exotic


  • Whisper: A strong woman
  • Willow: A beautiful tree 
  • Wind: Strong, eternal and unwavering
  • Winter: born in the colder months


  • Zion: A strong and unique 
  • Zoe: life

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