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Cool Girl Names (2022)

As names are generally passed down from your mom or dad, indeed, you can’t choose your given name. Even though you’re not a fan of your name, you can legally change it, as long as you’re of age. Look through this list of Cool Girl Names and see if there’s one you’d prefer to have as your name. Check out the following list and see what you think!

Coming up with a smart name, let her seem a lot cooler in the eyes of your others. While settling for some of the more cute names paired with an excellent first name is one way to go, I’ve always liked to try to make every aspect of the name stand apart from the tradition. A cool last name lets you find your character’s family history a little more easily.


Adele: noble and serene

Amaranth: An edible grain

Amaryllis: beautiful and blossoming

Amethyst: pretty, mystical sounding middle name

Anise: This unique name means “pure.”

Artemis: An ancient Greek goddess 

Angelica: Angelic

Agata: Good

Agnella: Pure

Alda: Noble

Alice: Strong 

Anna: Beautiful grace

Arianna: Chaste or holy

Alfonsi: Ready

Alma: Soul

Alonza: Ready for battle

Andria: Love

Asia: Sunrise or east

Aurora: Dawn

Anita: Grace

Anetta: Favour

Armide: Little armed one

Amy: Dearly loved

Alina: Fair

Adaline: Noble

Angelina: Word

Anastasia: Resurrection

Aliyah: To rise up

Arabella: Answered prayer

Alexis: Defender of Mankind

Alyssa: Rational

Adalyn: Noble

Arya: Noble Goddess


Bardot: a sexy and sophisticated 

Bellamy: A fresh and exciting 

Blair: Gossip Girl

Blake: dark

Blanche: pale-skinned

Blossom: cute and fun  

Bluebell: A pretty flower  

Bree: strong and virtuous

Brooke: Near the small stream


Calypso: An exotic 

Camden: valley

Canary: bright and flighty

Caprice: whimsical

Cascade: A waterfall  

Charity: generous and kind

Charm: little charm

Cherry: A fun and fruity  

Circe: A name from Greek mythology

Claret: Rich, expensive and classy

Cloud: someone who has her head in the clouds

Clover: luck

Coral: Pretty and delicate, but significant

Charlie: Word

Cecilia: Blind

Catherine: Pure

Clara: Bright


Dido: The Queen of Carthage

Dove: Peaceful  

Daisy: Flower name

Daniela: God is my judge


Ember: burns so brightly

Eris: The Greek goddess of chaos 

Eternity: This name will live on

Eve: The first woman  

Eden: Delight

Eliza: Flower name

Esther: Star

Elise: Consecrated to God

Emerson: Son of Emery


Fable: A story 

Fawn: A baby deer 

Faye: fairy 

Fern: a nature lover

Forever: strong and true

Frost: born in the winter

Fiona: Fair


Glow: has an ethereal glow that nobody can ignore

Genevieve: White wave


Hallow: to make holy

Honey: adorable 

Honor: honest and full of integrity

Hope: As hope is one of the essential things in life

Harmony: Unity


Isabel: Devoted to God 

Iris: Rainbow


Jolee: pretty 

Joy: happy and full of life Always

Juno: A Roman goddess of love 

Jasmine: Flower famous for its sweet fragrance

Juliana: Youthful

Julianna: Youthful

Jordyn: To flow downward

Jocelyn: Derived from the name Gautelen


Kae: A fortified place

Korin: maiden

Khloe: Green

Kayla: Crown

Kimberly: Kimber’s meadow


Lane: short, fresh and fun 

Lilac: A pretty flower 

Love: loving and pure

London: A place

Lily: Purity

Laila: Born at night

Lucia: Light

Lauren: Bay laurel

London: Capital of the United Kingdom


Mercy: kind and compassionate

Merle: blackbird

Moon: unique 

Morgan: Circling sea

Molly: Bitter

Mariah: Bitter

Mackenzie: Wise one

Melody: Song

Margaret: Pearl


Nicole: Victory of the people

Nova: New


Ocean: Vast, expansive and limitless 

October: someone born in October

Olive: sophisticated 

Ophelia: Hamlet


Payten: noblewoman

Pearl: rare and precious

Petal: sweet 

Poet: someone who sees the wonder and beauty in everything

Primrose: beautiful 

Paige: Page

Presley: Meadow


Raine: who was born in stormy weather

Raven: A big, blackbird 

Reagan: little ruler

Reece: sexy and different

Rose: The most beautiful flower

Rose: Flower name

Ryleigh: Courageous

Reese: Passionate

Reagan: Little ruler

Rachel: Ewe


Sable: strong and outspoken 

Sage: who is wise and fair

Selene: The Greek goddess of the moon

Sky: reach for the sky and achieve her dreams

Sloane: A classy sounding name that is different and unique

Sonnet: A love poem 

Starling: A cute bird 

Sydney: Uncertain

Sara: Biblical


Trinity: name which has religious connotations without sounding stuffy

Taura: Lakes

Teruko: Shining baby

Toki: Opportunity

Tokiwa: Constant

Tomiju: Longevity

Tomo: knowledge

Trinity: Three

Teagan: Little poet


Ume: Blossom of plum

Umi: Ocean

Utano: Field of songs


Valentine: A heart-breaker

Velvet: Rich, dark and sumptuous 

Valerie: Exotic


Whisper: A strong woman

Willow: A beautiful tree 

Wind: Strong, eternal and unwavering

Winter: born in the colder months


Zion: A strong and unique 

Zoe: life

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