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The Best Fantasy Surnames (2020)

Let your imagination run free. A fantasy last name provides you with creative surnames for role play games, novel characters, and more. This list of Fantasy Surnames going to be useful if you’re looking for a name of a character in your favorite story you’re a fan of. Maybe you are looking to change your name permanently. Still, you are looking for a name for a role you are writing about. So let’s have a ride through the list.

Fantasy Surnames that Start with A

Ambers – The river

Albion – a man from Alba

Ashsorrow – ash, and sadness

Ashbluff – ash-colored cliff with a broad face

Albimbert – bright-army

Astaseul – Bright As A Star

Albania – pure person

Amberflaw – the river flaw

Abordieu – thicket

Amberhide – at the residence close by the river

Andre – courageous, manly 

Asteria – the goddess of justice and innocence

Andilet – manly power

Autumnbow – a season of the year which comes between summer and fall

Abbington – estate associated with a man called Abba

Ambrose – divine or immortal

Abril – April

Albizia – the Lord from Alba has remembered

Amberflayer – the river flowing

Alinac – light

Surnames that Start with B

Bizeveron – twice

Brichazac – classmate finder

Bellevue – trust one

Bougaitelet – Buddy love

Boneflare – a good Destroy love

Brichallard – a person who worked as a larder

Béchalot – a young knight or novice at arms

Brightdoom – a fair hill

Belmont – lovely

Blackmark – tardiness

Broffet – a person who resided near a hill, stream, church, or type of tree

Bluebleeder – a despicable person

Bobellon – beautiful

Bougaimoux- unity of soldiers in the feudal period

Bonnie – fine or beautiful

Boulderward – someone who once worked as a sifter of meal

Barleyjumper – woodland clearing

Brownie – Gift Of God

Bertillon – High Spirited someone who came from London

Surnames that Start with C

Commonseeker – a usual person who is attempting to find something

Crowstrike – security

Chanassard – chum

Chamillet – charm

Coldsprinter – a cold and short race at full speed

Crestbreeze – quick or speedy

Cremeur – a shopkeeper

Chabares – friendly bear

Chauveron – diverse Pearls and other precious stones

Clanwillow – graceful willow tree

Castemont – gracefully

Clearpunch – misdeed

Chanalet – Grace gladness and joy

Chauvet – Pearl

Cinderbreaker – an ash breaking wave on water

Coldblight – slight Merry or Gentle

Cragore – vigilant

Coldcloud – puffy

Cliffless – ford at the cliff

Cinderhell – ash-colored hell

Clanwing – Glory

Chabaffet – Table

Covenbreath – Goddess of the darkness of the air

Cliffdane – Dweller in the Valley near a rock

Castedras – Dear Lion

Crystalbone – Good Follower of Christ

Cretillon – noble clearing

Clawroot – hook plant

Clawarm – hot and Wickedly beautiful

Credieu – a belief of God’s Gift

Surnames that Start with D

Duras – the original bearer lived or held land

Dawnless – the first appearance of light, daybreak

Dumieres – Great and Holy Innocent man

Deep grain – Light, lamp love

Dustseeker – brave soldier finder

Distantwind – someone who lived near a fresh pathway,

Distantfury – Fly flower

Dewbringer – fat carrier

Duskbloom – flower bloomed between Day And Nigh

Duskstalker – to stalk or approach stealthily Between Day And Night

Deepwing – Light Glory

Dragoncutter – Fire-breathing Creature

Deepwoods – Big forest

Surnames that Start with E

Echethier – House of wild animal

Embershadow – person shade From Sun 

Elfscribe – manger of elf ruler

Elffire – fiery or blaze or sun

Elfbreath – life of a elf

Elfwind – air of elf

Fantasy Surnames that Start with F

Foreswift – one who was quick

Fog – the grass that was left to grow once the hay had been cut

Forge – someone who lived near a forge or a smithy

Frozenscribe – freeze journalists

Fern – nature of a green shade-loving plant

Fang – square

Flame – fire

Flatwatcher – a keeping guard low-lying on ground

Fourswallow – four guys thought to resemble the bird

Forebluff – a person who resided near a cliff with a broad face

Featherdreamer – one who manufactured quilts

Flatstrider – a patch of level 

Featherswallow – someone thought to resemble the bird Feathers

Fallenorb – Bright someone who lived near either a waterfall or a meadow.

Finecrusher – A device that crushes something 

Frozenreaper – to reap ice

Flameshaper – fire sheep

Featherbrew – strong and calm farmer

Fourspire – four spears

Surnames that Start with G

Ginerisey – fair Drawing

Grandsplitter – a significant person or thing occupied in or designed for splitting something.

Ginemoux – Honey and sweet very friendly Queen

Gaimbert – a bright or famous servant 

Gloryweaver – a magnificent person who weaves cloth from long strands of fiber

Gorelight – a sunny triangular piece of land

Grasshammer – charm rock or crag

Gairil – joyful

Gloryrock – a beautiful rock

Gaignory – to cultivate or work

Gaillot – he bold or the joyous

Surnames that Start with H

Hallowswift – fast runner in a deep valley

Hallowedsorrow – a sacred feeling of deep distress

Hazerider – a Rider in slight obscuration of the lower atmosphere

Humblecut – lowly cut

Hallowshadow – a sacred shadow

Hellbough – shining bending

Humblebringer – someone who brings or provides it lowly

Hardshout – loud crying

Humblereaper – a person or machine that harvests a crop lowly

Hardarm – steep-sided valley

Havenash – having ash

Honorhorn – Dignity

Hazekeep – protecting a reddish-brown color or hazel tree

Havendoom – a place of safety or refuge hill

Havenglow – glowing ruler of a place of safety or refuge

Hydrabreath – water serpent air

Hallowedchaser – to hunt holy things

Surnames that Start with I

Irongrip – iron is to hold it firmly

Icehand – cool hand

Ironcut – make an opening of the iron

Surnames that Start with J

Jouvempes – joy vampire

Jouvessac – a drag joy queen

Surnames that Start with K

Keenstone – King’s field

Keenfollower – king rule-follower

Surnames that Start with L

Lomadieu – follower of Demeter

Laughingsnout – a long projecting and jolly nose

Laughingroar – a jolly Fighter of praise

Lauregnory – the Prince in bay

Leafslayer – beloved one who kills a person or animal in a violent way

Lignichanteau – Wood stone

Leafwater – water in leaf

Lightscream – small loudness

Leafdream – dear or beloved dream

Longshard – tall bright

Lamogre – aimless manner

Larmalart – The sea art

Larmalleve – a warning sound drug

Lamagnon – someone who lived by a small stream

Larmanton – the son of Armand

Larmagnory – ceremony in the sea

Limochanteau –  a luxury camp

Lamadras – dear one who lived by a marsh

Lamanie – land-bright

Lignignon – light small stream

Lonerider – dweller in the Lane

Surnames that Start with M

Marblemaw – relative in pool or stream at the boundary,

Mildbreath – smooth air

Monsterbelly – good or fair creepy

Marblewing – people of the temple near a pool or stream at the boundary

Marshrider – rider who lived by or in a marsh or fen

Masterfang – a fragrant superior

Mournrock – garment stone

Mistblood – the blood of a person who behaved in a masterful manner

Misteyes – eyes of a person who behaved in a masterful manner

Mourningsnow – snow fallen in the morning

Mountainbane – white or fair hill

Montalli – warn Dew from Heaven

Mildstrike – serious strike

Meadowbrace – meadow Breeches

Mirthmantle – joyful mantellus

Macherac – humble

Maignes – hand

Marblewhisper – Soft Voice of marble

Moltenore – a wild shore

Masterjumper – a superior jumper

Moltentide – become liquid that breaks the yoke

Maignes – great

Montarac – a reddish mountain

Mirthcleaver – to cleave

Marbletail – tailor of pool or stream at the boundary

Mirthhorn – Gladness and gaiety of spur of land

Machenet – machine net

Mailon – beloved

Massoulleve – measure Serpent

Montanne – a mountain

Macherral – someone who does things

Massoumbert – measure light of the land

Mistbinder – a person who behaved in a masterful manner to bind

Mournmoon – mouning moon

Massouchanteau – measure sth singing song

Fantasy Surnames that Start with N

Neredras – my dear

Nicklegrain – goblin, devil dry seed

Nicklewhisk – a flexible bunch

Nobledane – high-born Dweller in the Valley

Noblestrike – employed one to maintain the accuracy of a measure of corn

Nightwind – a dark winding road

Nobledrifter – high-born one that drifts

Surnames that Start with O

Oattaker – oats eater

Oceancut – Sea

Oatshine – beautiful oats

Oatcrag – a small, rocky hill

Orbarrow – Citydweller near stream

Oceanseeker – sea watcher

Ocean – sea

Orbstrike – Citydweller device

Surnames that Start with P

Peacescream – small loud

Plaingrove – Low Lying wood

Proudswift – pride fleet

Paleforce – a White person

Pellelles – Rocks

Pellerelli – a catchpoll

Pridewood – precious trees

Proudchaser – proud one who worked as a person who was the chaser

Proudfollower – pride one Who Follows a Nobleman

Pridesong – Praise proudly

Surnames that Start with R

Roughwhirl – rough swirl

Runebraid – wide secret

Rocheveron – renown varying

Ronchessac – ruler’s counselor + cheese bagger

Rapidclaw – firm curved

Rambumoux – raven’s nest

Redshadow – red reflection

Roserun – a rose

Rosewhisper – Soft Voice of a rose

Rosedreamer – who dreams of a rose

Regalhelm – royal helmet

Rochelieu – wealthy place

Richshout – brave shout

Regalshade – royal shadow

Roughdust – rough dust

Ronchegnac – a wood or thicket light

Roquenet – to roar

Rumbleash – Rome blossom

Roughforest – thick wood

Roqueze – question of rough soldier

Ronchelieu – mountain of strength + chalk landing place

Rapidroot – quick glad

Rochegne – succeeded Red haired

Rainward – Abundant Blessings guard

Fantasy Surnames that Start with S

Silverweaver – to weave silver-colored

Shieldtrap – shallow place rogue

Softgloom – easy to mold + total darkness

Sharpdoom – smart death

Smartreaper – to reap smartly

Sagepunch – learned press

Slateflayer – slat cheating

Solidcut – hard cut

Shadegrove – a small wood in the darkness

Sacredpelt – holy race

Stillblade – unmoving knife

Sacredmore – more holiness

Springbender – One who jump and bend something speedy

Strongblaze – a very large or fiercely burning fire

Silentbrace – a device fitted to something quietly

Spiritscribe – a soul writer

Shieldgem – a gem with having protection

Skyfire – fireworks

Steelpike – metal with a sharp point.

Suva – taste

Swiftbrew – make by mixing it with hot water

Serpentbrook – a giant snake near a small stream

Skysnow – snow in the sky – cloud

Sternshine – severe bright light

Saurmaw – the jaws or throat of a greedy animal

Skyshade – sky shadow

Stormorb – a violent disturbance of the atmosphere with strong winds

Shadowflaw – a shadow mark

Smartlash – smart beat with a whip or stick

Sagesun – to taste the sun

Sternguard – star protector

Sufelon – a Noble serf

Skyhunter – one who hunts in the sky

Stonebender – someone with curly hair in stone

Springspell – well spell

Snowscar – snow garbage

Steelrunner – a foundry worker

Sarramond – International Interest in ridge

Spiritglade – a spike in a bright space

Sharpblade – sharp cutting edge

Suteuil – shoemaker

Stoutspirit – bold soul

Surnames that Start with T

Terrarock – The planet earth stone

Truthbelly – Loving, and truthful Man of encouragement

Terraspear – a lookout man in The planet earth

Treelash – leach someone who lived near a conspicuous tree

Tarrencloud – Lives on the hill in the cloud

Terrawater – The planet earth water

Treeshaper – tree sheep

Terramaul – The planet earth mouth

Tarrenseeker – watcher lives on the hill

Twoaxe – two father is peace

Titantoe – the big toe defender

Thundermourn – to feel or express Stormy tempered sorrow

Tusksnarl – a growling long pointed tooth

Surnames that Start with V

Vernize – Victory bringer

Vernillard – a person who worked as a room about spring

Vassezac – round Lord has remembered

Vegne – behalf

Voidreaper – empty person or machine that harvests a crop

Vernifelon – young evil in heart

Verninne – young in heart

Virac – flower

Voidlash – useless

Voidbend – empty and curved

Surnames that Start with W

Winddane – windy valley

Wheatglow – white brightness

Wildforce – untamed strength

Warbelly – Man of encouragement of a battle

Winterwound – injury in the coldest season of the year

Whitemoon – white-colored moon

Wisekeep – a smart heavy person

Warmane – true man

Wisekiller – a strong young man with brown skin

Wyvernseeker – viper watcher

Warmight – bright and shining person

Whispercrest – Soft Voice in the peak of a hill

Wildwhirl – to turn uncivilized

Whitwatcher – White protector

Wolfgrain – traveling wolf + grain

Wheatbrow – active arch of hair over the eye

Warbreaker – battle breaking wave on water

Woodlight – forest shining light

Woodflower – floral forest

Fantasy Surnames that Start with Y

Youngvigor. – strength of the young one

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