Boy Names That Start With A Letter (2019)

First, picking an infant name can be a troublesome choice. So, the following are a few thoughts for Boy Names That Start With A Letter according to the information from the Social Security Administration.

So, the primary letter of the alphabet, boy names that start with A Letter indicates aspiration, fearlessness, and universal authority. Hence infant kid names beginning with the letter A are some of adorable child kid names for you to select.

A-M Range

Abasi             – Stern                                                       – Swahili

Abba             – Father                                                    -Hebrew

Abban           – White                                                    – Latin

Abbey           – Father rejoiced                                    – Hebrew

Abbott          – father of the abbey                             -Old English

Abi                 – Elder brother                                         -Turkish

Abiah             -God is my father                                    -Hebrew

Abie               – Servant                                                   -Arabic

Abir                – Strength                                                 – Hebrew

Abisha            – Gift of God                                            -Hebrew

Abraham       -Father of multitudes                           –Hebrew

Abram            -Son of the high father                         – Hebrew

Abu                 -Father                                                       -Arabic

Acar                -Bright                                                         -Turkish

Ace                 -Unity                                                           -Latin

Acilles             -Without lips                                             -Greek

Acim               -The lord will judge                                   -Hebrew

Ackerley        -From the meadow of oak trees               – English

Acton             – Belonging to the town with oak trees   – Old English

Adahay          -Dweller by the oak tree                            – Scottish

Adalard          -Noble                                                           -Old German

Adalric           -Noble ruler                                                  -German

Adam             -Red Earth                                                     -Hebrew

Adan              -One who brings pleasure                         -Arabic

Adar               -Dark                                                              -Hebrew

Addison         -Son of Adam                                              -Old English

Adel                -Noble                                                           -Arabic

Adham           – Black                                                          – Arabic

Adiel                -Ornament of the Lord                            -Hebrew

Adilo               -Noble                                                           -German

Adiv                -Pleasant                                                       -Hebrew

Adlai               -Refuge of God                                            -Arabic

Adler               -Eagle                                                            -Old German

Adnan             -Pleasant                                                      -Arabic

Adney             -dweller at the noble one’s land             -old English

Adolf               -Noble                                                           -Old German

Adom             -God will help                                               -Akan

Adon              -Belonging to the Lord                               -Hebrew

Adonis           -Lord                                                                -Hebrew

Adri                -Rock                                                               -Pakastani

Adrian            -Rich                                                                -Latin

M-Z Range

Aran            -Forest                                                            – Thai

Arash          -Hero                                                                – Persian

Arawa         -Shark                                                             – Maori

Archer         -Bow                                                              – Old English

Ardai           -Warrior                                                          – Celtic

Ardell          – Eager                                                             – Latin

Ardon          -Bronze                                                          – Hebrew

Arlen            – Promise                                                      – Irish

Arnold          -Strong as the eagle                                   – Old German

Aroon           -Dawn                                                            -Thai

Arthur          – Noble                                                           -Scottish

Arun             -Sun                                                                -Hindi

Arundel       – From the eagle valley                              – English

Arvin            -friend of the people                                  -Old German

Aron              – Enlightened                                           -Hebrew

Ascott          -Dweller at the cottage in the east         -Old English

Asher            – Happy                                                          -Hebrew

Ashur            -Black                                                             – Hebrew

Aston            -From the easterly town                            – Old English

Atalik            -Like his father                                             -Hungarian

Atamai         -Knowing all                                                 –Tongan

Atarah          – Crown                                                          -Hebrew

Athan           -Immortal                                                      -Greek

Athol             -From Ireland                                              -Scottish

Atid               -Sun                                                                -Thai

Atif                -Caring                                                          -Arabic

Atiu               – The eldest                                                 -Polynesian

Attila             – Father                                                         -Old English

Atwater        – At the edge of the water                        -English

Atworth        – At the farm                                                -English

Auberon       -king of the faires                                        -Old German

Aubrey          -Reddish                                                        -Old French

Auburn         -Brown haired                                              -French

Auden           – Old friend                                                   -English

Audie             -Noble                                                            – German

Audon            -Rich                                                                -French

Audric            -Wise ruler                                                    -French

Audun            -Old friend                                                    –Scandinavian

Aukai              -Sailer                                                             -Hawaiian

Aurek              – Golden haired                                           –Polish

Aurelian          – Golden dawn                                           – Latin

Aurick              – Protecting ruler                                      – German

Avel                 – Breath                                                         – Russian

Avaram          – father of multitudes        – Hebrew

Awan             – Somebody                       –Native American

Ayer               – Son                                    – Old French

Aylmer          – Famous                              – Old English

Aymil             – Industrious                      -Greek

Axel                – Father of peace                – Greek

Averall            – Born in April                                            – Middle English

Avi                   – Father                                                         – Hebrew

Aviv                 – Spring time                        – Hebrew

Azel                  – Noble                                – Hebrew

Azik                  – laughter                             -Russian

Azim                – Great                                  – Arabic

Azin                 – Decoration                        – Persian

Aziz                   – Precious                            – Swahili

Azuriah           – Aided by God                    – Hebrew

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