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100+ Good Guy Names with Positive Meanings for Your Baby (2023)

What’s in a name? A lot. Your name is the first thing people hear about you, which can tell a lot about who you are. Are you searching for the perfect name for your little bundle of joy? Look no further than our guide to Good Guy Names. In today’s world, parents are looking for names that sound great and have a positive sense. Good Guy Names are the perfect choice for parents who want to give their children a name that embodies kindness, strength, and intelligence. There are plenty of options if you’re looking for a good guy name. Whether you want something traditional or unique, there are many perfect names. Here are some of our favorite good guy names.

What Makes a Good Guy Name?

What Makes a Good Guy NameWhen naming your baby boy, there are many things to consider. All want a meaningful name that will allow their babies to grow. Many parents choose names based on family tradition or personal choice, but other factors must be considered. Here are a few tips for choosing a good guy name:

  1. Go for something classic: Certain names have stood the test of time for good reason. These names have a lasting charm and tend to be associated with strong, successful men. If you’re looking for a good guy name, consider going with something classic like James, William, or George.
  2. Please keep it simple: A name that is too complicated or hard to pronounce can be difficult for a child to grow into. Choosing a name that will be easy for your son to say and spell as he gets older is essential. A simple, one or two-syllable name is usually best.
  3. Avoid trendy names: It’s always tempting to find a unique name for your child that is trending but beware of giving your son a name that will soon go out of style. Stick with something timeless that won’t date him as he grows up.
  4. Consider his initials: When narrowing down your list of potential names, and please consider what his initials will spell out. 

Famous Good Guy Names with Special Meanings

Famous Good Guy Names with Special Meanings

Many famous good guy names have special meanings. One of the most famous is “John.” The name “John” comes from the Hebrew word “Yohanan,” which means “God is gracious.” This name has been given to many great men throughout history, including John the Baptist, John F. Kennedy, and John Lennon. Other famous good guy names include “David,” which means “beloved,” and “Joseph,” which means “he will add.” These names are all associated with positive qualities and attributes, making them perfect for any boy who wants to be a good guy.

  1. Adam – “man” or “earth”
  2. Albert – “noble, bright”
  3. Andrew – “manly” or “warrior”
  4. Anthony – “priceless one” or “flower”
  5. Alexander – “defender of the people.”
  6. Arthur – “noble and courageous.”
  7. Atticus – “man of Attica”
  8. Augustus – “great” or “magnificent.”
  9. Benjamin – “son of the right hand.”
  10. Caleb – “faithful, devoted.”
  11. Charles – “free man.”
  12. Christopher – “bearer of Christ.”
  13. David – “beloved”
  14. Edmund – “prosperity” or “wealthy defender.”
  15. Elijah – “my God is Yahweh”
  16. Ethan – “strong, firm.”
  17. Francis – “free man.”
  18. Gabriel – “God is my strength.”
  19. George – “farmer” or “earth-worker”
  20. Gregory – “watchful, vigilant.”
  21. Henry – “ruler of the home.”
  22. Isaiah – “salvation of God.”
  23. Jacob – “supplanter”
  24. James – “supplanter” or “holder of the heel.”
  25. Jason – “healer”
  26. Jeremiah – “God will uplift.”
  27. Jesus – “savior”
  28. John – “God is gracious.”
  29. Jonathan – “gift of God.”
  30. Joseph – “God will increase.”
  31. Joshua – “God is salvation.”
  32. Julian – “youthful” or “dedicated to Jove.”
  33. Leo – “lion”
  34. Leonardo – “brave lion.”
  35. Luke – “light giving.”
  36. Martin – “warrior of Mars.”
  37. Matthew – “gift of God.”
  38. Michael – “who is like God?”
  39. Noah – “rest” or “comfort.”
  40. Nathan – “God has given.”
  41. Nathaniel – “gift of God.”
  42. Oliver – “olive tree.”
  43. Paul – “small” or “humble.”
  44. Peter – “rock” or “stone.”
  45. Philip – “lover of horses.”
  46. Raphael – “God has healed”
  47. Samuel – “asked of God.”
  48. Simon – “he has heard.”
  49. Stephen – “crown”
  50. Theodore – “gift of God.”
  51. Thomas – “twin”
  52. Timothy – “honoring God.”
  53. Victor – “conqueror”
  54. William – “resolute protector.”
  55. Zachary – “God remembers.”

The Best 10 Good Guy Names

Best 10 Good Guy Names

There are a lot of great names out there for baby boys. But sometimes, you want something a little more unique. Something that will set your son apart from all the other little boys in his class. If you’re looking for a hot name with more personality, check out our list of the best good guy names. These names are perfect for the little man in your life who will grow up to be a stand-up guy.

  • Luke’s baby name meaning

The name Luke originates from Greek and means “Bringer of Light.” Luke is a popular name in the Bible. The name has been used in England since the 12th century but became more common after the Reformation.

  • Max baby name meaning

Max is a firm name, perfect for a baby boy who heads the household. It means “great” in Hebrew, making it an excellent choice for a boy growing up to be a great man.

  • Aidan’s baby name meaning

Aidan is a Celtic name that means “little fire” or “fiery one.” It’s a popular name for boys in Ireland and has been gaining popularity in the United States.

  • Liam baby name meaning

Liam is a popular name for baby boys in the United States. It is of Irish origin and means “strong-willed.”

  • Owen’s baby name meaning

It is a popular Welsh name, meaning “young warrior” or “well-born.” It’s perfect for your little guy, who might grow up to be a strong and brave man.

  • Noah’s baby name meaning

Noah originates from Hebrew and means “rest, Repose, or comfort.” It is a popular name in the Bible and has grown in recent years. The name Noah is also used as a surname.

  • Jack’s baby name meaning

Jack is a classic that has been around for centuries. This name has many origins and meanings, but the most common is “God is gracious.” This meaning makes Jack a perfect name for a boy who will grow up to be a kind and loving man. Other popular origins include the Hebrew name Yacov, which means “he who supplants,” and the Old Norse name Járnnaxa, which means “iron axe.” No matter what the origin, Jack is a strong and handsome name for a baby boy.

  • Carter’s baby name meaning

Carter is a name with English origins. It means “one who transports goods by cart.” Carter is also an occupational surname. Famous people with the surname include:

  • Jimmy Carter, former President of the United States
  • Cindy Carter, an American model, and actress 
  • Nick Carter, an American singer 
  • Aaron Carter, an American singer

 The name Carter has been on the rise in popularity in recent years.

  • Miles’s baby name meaning

Miles is a name of English origin, and it means “soldier.” It’s a firm name for a boy with much history behind it. Miles was the name of several early saints, including St. Miles of Rome. It’s also the name of several famous fictional characters, like Miles Standish from “The Pilgrim’s Progress” and Sherlock Holmes’s sidekick, Dr. Watson.

The Worst 25 Good Guy Names

When naming your child, choose a name representing who they are. However, sometimes good guy names can have a negative sense. Here are the top 10 worst good guy names:

  1. Anthony – often teased as Tony the Tiger or Ant-Man
  2. Azazel – meaning “scapegoat,” but also associated with a demon in various religious traditions.
  3. Benjamin – linked to being intelligent but also stuffy and nerdy
  4. Caliban – meaning “little bald one,” but also associated with the monstrous character from Shakespeare’s “The Tempest.”
  5. Christopher – associated with being religious or uptight
  6. Cain – Hebrew origin, meaning “acquired” or “possessed.” In the Bible, Cain is the first murderer, which gives the name negative connotations.
  7. Charles – too feminine sounding for a boy
  8. Damien – meaning “to tame,” but also associated with the horror movie character possessed by a demon.
  9. Draco – meaning “dragon,” but also associated with the Harry Potter character who was a villain.
  10. DokuJapanese origin, meaning “poison.” This name has a very negative connotation in Japanese culture.
  11. George – sounds like an older man’s name
  12. Gregory – commonly shortened to Greg, which can be seen as unmasculine
  13. Herod – meaning “heroic,” but also associated with the biblical figure who ordered the massacre of the innocents.
  14. Iblis – meaning “devil” in Arabic and Islamic tradition.
  15. Jeffrey – often made fun of as Jeff the Giant or Jumbo Jeff
  16. Judas – meaning “praised,” but also associated with the biblical figure who betrayed Jesus.
  17. John – often associated with being boring or average
  18. Kali – Sanskrit origin, meaning “black” or “time.” In Hinduism, Kali is a goddess associated with destruction and death.
  19. Loki – Norse origin, meaning “trickster.” In Norse mythology, Loki is a mischievous god who causes trouble and chaos.
  20. Malachi – Hebrew origin, meaning “my messenger” or “my angel.” In some cultures, the name Malachi is associated with the devil or demons.
  21. Nero – meaning “strong,” but also associated with the notorious Roman emperor known for his cruelty.
  22. Richard – often shortened to Dick, which is not ideal
  23. Samael – meaning “venom of God” in Jewish and Christian traditions.
  24. Timothy – shortens to Tim, which can be seen as weak or effeminate
  25. Vlad – meaning “ruler” but also associated with the historical figure Vlad the Impaler, who inspired the legend of Dracula.


In conclusion, choosing a Good Guy Name for your child is a great way to give them a strong, positive start in life. Many great guy names are out there, and it can take time to choose the right one. If you’re looking for something traditional, masculine, and strong, you can’t go wrong with any of the names on this list. However, check out other options if you want something more unique or modern.

No matter what you’re looking for in a name, there’s sure to be something here that will fit your interest. From classic choices like James and William to unique options like Asher and Micah, there’s a Good Guy Name for every parent and child. With some research and thoughtful consideration, you’ll be sure to find a Good Guy Name that your child will be proud to carry with them for a lifetime. Thanks for reading!

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