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Most Unique Indian Last Names (2022)

Indian surnames often reflect the professional activities of ancestors and castes. Some examples of Indian Last Names are Choudary, Naidu, Varma, Singh, Burman, Raja, Reddy, Tagore, Thakur. These are the surnames of the upper class (caste). Besides Indian baby names like Shetty, Paradise are merchants. Some Indian surnames come from the area in which the ancestors of the person lived. For example, Aluru, Marwari, Kapoor, etc

Asan – Teacher

Kakkar – Strong

Nair – Leader

Talwar – sword

Gupta – Protector

Bhat – Scholar

Dhawan – On the field of battle he/she is the messenger

Adiga – Priest from North Karnataka In India

Gandhi – Perfume

Iyer – Noble but this derived from Tamil word Ayya

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