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Chinese Boy Names – Most Popular Baby Names (2022)

The best Chinese Male names that start with a to z and English meaning can get here to give a gift of the beautiful and cute Chinese name for new baby boy. A right name always is related to a bright future, forefather heritage, good fate, and gorgeous personality: Chinese Boys Names implicit prosperity, characteristics, and strength. The parents believe in selecting a harmonious name that helps bring luck and prosperity to the kid. They conjointly follow some pseudoscience rules to decide on the proper characters for naming the baby. Chinese baby boy names are equally exceptional as lady names. But they normally are with gender qualities such as strength and vigor.

Chinese boy names have their traditions and characteristics. Not like westerners, the family name in China is put first, followed by the given name. A fame covert does not use her husband’s family name interestingly. 1 or 2 names with characters contained in the first name. However, to avoid confusion, now newly-born babies are entitled to be given names of three characters. If you’re searching for boy names for the to appreciate Chinese dialects like Chinese and Mandarin. If you want to respect the cultural history, you can use them.

Pick your favorite title from this to spark inspiration for your baby boy and also have a beautiful day to choose famous Chinese men names with high expectations and a sweet dream.

Chinese Boy Names in Alphabetical Order

Below is the list. Here we go….

Here, we have added the names that can use as Chinese first names. And the list has been categorized according to the alphabetical order so that you can easily find the names you like.

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Aiguo – Love country, patriotic

Ah Cy – Lovely

Ah Kum –Good as gold

Anguo- Protect the country

Ah Lam – Peace

Ango- Protect the country


Bei ye- Adventurer

Bingwen- Bright and cultivated

Bo – Waves

Bao ba- Dad of future babies

Bergin – Spear-like

Bambang- A soldier

Benjamin- Right-hand son

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Cheng- Accomplished 

Chun Yemen- Pure man

Chao- Surpassing personality

Chung- Wise

Cong- Intelligent

Chi- the younger generation

Chenglei- Become vase

Cheung- Fortune

Chinese Male Names Starting with D


Du Yanlong- Single-eye dragon


Dewei -highly virtuous

Da- Attaintment

Deluna- Virtuous order

Da Xia- A guy who always likes to help

Disung -A truthful person

Dai Tou- a guy who is clumsy in a cute way

Donghai- Eastern sea

Dingbang- Protect the country

Deshi-A man of virtuous

Dai- Martial arts sword technique

Duyi- Independent wholeness

Da Bao- Big treasure

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Er Bao- Second treasure

Fa -a new beginning

Fu- Wealthy

Fai –beginning

Fang- Upright and honest

Fuhua-Fortune flourishing

Fan –lethal

Feng –maple

Fung- Bird



Gan -adventurous, daring

Gang –strong

Ge Ge- Brother

Guang –Light

Chinese Names for Boys Starting with H

Hyson- Flourishing spring

Hop –agreeable


Hu -tiger, vigorous

Hua- Prosperous

Hao –Perfect

Horacio- Timekeeper

Hou –nobleman

Hong- Large

Hui –Clever


cute chinese baby names

Jia- Great person

Jing sheng- Born in the city

Jian -strong, healthy

Jiao long- Looking like a dragon

Jin -gold

Jian Toumen- Gentleman


Jiang -the determined person


Jing -Clear and Perfect

Jodrell- Joyful/ Unique

Juan-Have jolly/fun and friendly attitude

Jun- Truth


Kong -glorious, sky

Kang- Health

Keung –Universe

Koshing- Step by step upwards

Kuo –Vast

Kun- Universe

Kaili –Beautiful

Chinese Male Names Starting with L

Lan piao- Blue ticket

Li Qiang-Energetic

Long -power, good fortune

Lao da- Leader

Lei- Thunder

Lee- Healer

Li Jei -beautiful

Liang ren- Good person

Long Aotian- Perfect

Liwei- greatness

Lim- Forest

Liko -Protected by Buddha

Liang- Excellent

Li Wei -great

Lok –happiness


Longwei- Great dragon

Li Jun -Beautiful


Ming -bright, shining

Manchu –Pure

Ming- Bright

Mencius –Power

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Ning -spirit

Nan Shen- Good like a guy

Nuan nan- A boy who can melt your heart

Nianzu- Thinking of ancestors

Chinese Boy Names Starting with P

Ping -peaceful one, level-headed

Peng -grandson of a king Zhuan xu


Qirin -Qilin

Qingshan- Celebrating goodness

Qiang -who possesses the strength

Qi Guan Yan- Guy who takes a subordinate role in a relationship

Qiao- handsome

Qiu -Autumn

Qing yuan -clear spring


Rong -who brings prosper

Ru- Scholar


Shan- Mountain


Shoi-ming- Life of sunshine

Shuang-To be bright and clear

Sying- Star

Shen shi- Gentleman

Shing –Victory

Si GUI- Little ghost

Suehyn- Continuity Harmonious

Shuo -a great achievement

Shining- Peaceful world

Siyu- Thinking of the world

Sheng –Victory


Tung- Universal

Tai -great extreme

Tsun chang- Middle village

Tong -chatterbox

Taio-Great person


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Ushi -the ox


Wang lei -King and Pile of Stones

Wei- Greatness impressive might

Wa Zi- A person who has the responsibility to work outside home

Weiyuan- Preserving depth


male chinese names

Xiang Gong- romantic Boyfriend

Xiao qing qing- Little kiss-kiss

Xiao keAi- Little cute thing


Yong -courageous

Yin Vhi- Cute guy

Yu -universe

Yan Jing- Glass wearing guy

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Zhang Yong -brave

Zhang Wei -Extend extraordinarily

Final Words

We have selected the most popular Chinese names for boys. Feel free to leave your favourite names in the comment section, it will definetly help other parents who are visiting this site.  

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