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Best Boy Names That Mean strong (2022)

Are you trying to find a magnificent moniker for your little one? Are you searching for the best strong boy names for your little one? This article is all you need to find the perfect name for your precious bundle of joy. Consider these names that have strong in the meaning and give the impression of masculinity and power. Keep reading! These strong infant boy names with beautiful meaning need to make your list.

A strong name will give an extra measure of strength and power to your baby boy. Sometimes when parents look for names for their baby boys, they go for names that are intense and powerful.

Nevertheless, hunting for a strong baby boys name on the Internet can be a bit challenging. But do not worry! If you have decided to go for a strong and powerful baby boy name, do check our list below. We have compiled this list taking the most powerful strongest names from every corner of the world. Some will be quite familiar to you while the others will not. We have added some unique but powerful names that you will not find anywhere.

Boy Names That Mean strong You’ll Love


Currently, in the top 50 infant names, these ageless traditional ways “strong as well as macho.” Andrew is the benefactor holy person of Scotland and also Russia.


This Scottish choice indicates “one stamina,” as well as its vast claim to fame is Angus Young, the lead guitar player from AC/DC. Then it fell out of the top 1000 in the 1940s, making it a unique name option for your boy.


This Spanish infant name indicates “vital” and most carefully connects with comedian/talk program host Arsenio Hall.


This name is a Germanic name. It has been used for both ladies and children just recently. It implies the “strength of a bear.”


Brian is an Irish classic provided to one of Ireland’s kings. It means “ethical and also strong,” as well as is related to a multitude of celebrities, including Coastline Child Brian Wilson, supervisor Brian de Palma, and also Backstreet Child Brian Littrell.


This reliable German name indicates “bold expert,” as well as was the name of five various kings in Germany.


This chic Irish name suggests “intense courage.”


unisex name, Finley suggests “fair-haired hero”– as well as enables you to get to the prominent label, Finn.


Among one of the most timeless reliable Boy Names That Mean strong, Ethan is a top 10 preferred and also comes from the Old Testament.


This surname (popularly related to actor Colin Farrell) indicates “hero,” and also is an exceptional Irish choice.


This name was famous in Ireland and Scotland, and also indicates “guy of valiance.” You’ll discover the name among ancient Scottish, Irish, as well as Welsh nobility, and as the name of Merida’s father in the movie Brave.


Consistently in the top 100 child names for the past three decades, Gabriel means “God is my strength,” and also was the name of an archangel in the Holy Bible.


Garrett’s currently directly outside the leading 300 children’s names in the UNITED STATE, an Irish pick that implies “spear toughness.”


Looking to honor a Kenneth in your past? Attempt Kendrick, which suggests “vibrant power.”


Most of the longer variations of “Leo” show stamina, with their association with lions. This Germanic variation suggests “brave people.”


Max is one of the most popular labels, and this Latin version, which suggests “the best.” So it was commonly included in the names of Roman Armstrong Boy Names With Powerful Meaning forces heroes. It’s currently in the leading 200, ranking over Maximilian, an additional variation with the same meaning.

Ideal Classic Child Names for Boys


This English name suggests “effective therapist,” as well as is a fresher means to recognize a Ronald in your family’s past.


This short and sweet name has a definite meaning–” king.”.


A variant on Valentine, this sleek name suggests “solid and also healthy and balanced.”.


This unusual Greek name suggests “sea stamina.”.


More Boy Names That Mean strong which You’ll Want for Your Checklist

Moreover, There’s a wide range of trustworthy child names out there in alphabetical order, whether you’re looking for a popular choice or something one-of-a-kind. So try a few of these on for dimension.


Aarav – thundering

Aaron – strong

Abraham – father of many

Agustus – great and magnificent

Aiden – little fire

Ainsley – one’s own meadow

Aislinn – dream or vision

Alarik – noble ruler

Alastair – Defender Of The People

Albert – One who is noble

Albie – white

Alcinder – man’s defender

Alejandro – Defender of Mankind

Alessandre – man’s defender 

Alessandro – man’s defender 

Alexander – defender of men

Alonzo – ready for battle

Amaury – work power

Ambrose – immortal

Amell – Power of an eagle

Amory – home strength

Amzi – My Strength

Anders – strong and manly

Andre – manly and strong

Andreas – warrior

Andrew – strong and manly

Angus – pure

Anniston – Ann’s Town

Antin – highly praiseworthy

Anyston – Unknown

Apollo – destroyer

Archer – Bowman

Archie – genuine

Aric – forever or alone

Aristotle – the best of all

Armstrong – son of the strong man

Arnold – power

Arnoldo – eagle ruler

Arrow – A Projectile Fired From A Bow

Arsenio – strong

Arthur – the eagle

Ashland – ash lane

Ashton – ash tree town

Asoka – painless

Atticus – belonging to Attica

Auden – old friend

Augustine – to increase

Augustus – majestic

Austin – Exalted

Azai – Strength

Azeil – flower

Aziel – flower


Baldrik – brave ruler

Ballard – Bald-​Headed Man

Barack – lightning

Baraka – blessings

Barin – Noble fighter

Barnett – the son of Bernard

Baron – Noble Man

Barret – bear strength

Barrett – bear strength

Basshar – Bringer of glad tidings

Batair – Strong warrior

Baylor – deliverer of goods

Bear – strong and brave bear

Beau – beautiful

Beckett – bee cottage

Beckham – homestead by the stream

Bellamy – handsome friend

Bendall – little

Benjamin – son of the right hand

Bentley – The Bent-Grass Field

Benton – town in the bent grass

Bernard – Brave as a bear

Bernhard – hardy

Bernis – strong and brave bear

Berwin – bright friend

Bexon – Gift of God

Bill – will-helmet

Blaze – stutter

Boaz – strength

Boone – good

Boris – Wolf

Brady – spirited

Branly – raven meadow

Branton – broom

Branwen – White Crow

Braxton – Brock’s town

Breton – from Brittany

Brian – noble

Brion – high or noble

Bryce – freckled


Cadman – battle man

Caesar – long-haired

Caleb – faithful

Calloway – Place Of Stones

Cameron – crooked nose

Carlo – man

Carson – Son of Carr

Carter – cart user

Casper – Treasurer

Caspian – white

Cathal – battle rule

Cayden – Fighter

Cedric – kindly and loved

Chael – Who Is Like God?

Channing – young wolf

Charlie – Free Man

Chase – to hunt

Chevy – horseman

Christian – anointed

Cillian – little church

Cobane – enclosure

Coen – bold advisor

Colby – swarthy person’s settlement

Colden – dark valley

Colten – swarthy person

Conal – strong wolf

Conrad – brave counsel

Constantine – steadfast

Cooper – barrel maker

Cormac – impure son

Cruz – cross

Cyrus – One who bestows care


Dallas – Bitter

Daniel – God is my judge

Danni – God is my Judge

David – beloved

Dawson – Son Of David

Dean – From The Valley

Declan – full of goodness

Delaney – Competitor’s child

Denver – green valley

Denzel – from the high stronghold

Denzell – A place in Cornwall

Derreck – power of the tribe

Devan – Poet

Dewey – Beloved

Dietrich – Ruler of the People

Dirk – Famous Ruler

Dominic – Belonging to God

Donaghy – battle

Donal – brown-haired fighter

Donovan – brown-haired chieftain

Donte – lasting

Dorian – maintains possessions well

Dreng – Farmhand

Drew – wise

Dries – manly

Duke – the leader

Duron – Strong

Dustin – brave fighter


Eberado – brave or strong boar

Ebert – brave


Edmond – wealthy protector

Edric – rich and powerful

Edward – wealthy guard

Egon – edge of a sword

Einar – one warrior

Ekon – strong

Eldon – Ella’s hill

Elijah – Yahweh is my God

Ellington – Ellis’s town

Ellis – benevolent

Elmer – Noble And Famous

Elon – oak tree

Elora – sun ray

Elron – Song from God

Emeric – Home Ruler

Emitt – universal

Emmett – universal

Emory – home strength

Emry – industrious

Enzo – home ruler

Eric – ruler

Estevan – crown or garland

Etan – long-lived

Ethan – strong

Evander – good man

Ever – Always

Everado – brave or strong boar

Everest – Unknown

Everet – brave

Everett – brave

Everitt – brave and strong boar

Excalaber – Unknown

Ezekiel – strength of God

Ezra – help

Ezzie – emerald


Fadi – savior

Farrel – hero

Farris – iron-strong

Fenyang – conqueror

Ferguson – highest choice

Ferris – A man of iron

Fidel – faithful

Finian – fair

Finlay – fair-haired courageous one

Finley – blond warrior

Finn – fair

Finnley – fair-haired courageous one

Flamma – little fiery one

Fletcher – arrow-maker

Flynn – ruddy-complected

Forest – woodsman

Forrest – woodsman

Fort – brave

Francis – free man

Frankie – frenchman

Franklin – free landholder

Fraser – of the forest men

Frederik – peaceful ruler


Gabriel – God is my strength

Garrett – spear strength

Gautier – strong ruler

Gavin – white hawk

George – farmer

Georgie – farmer

Gibor – strong one

Godric – God-ruler

Goliath – exile

Gordon – large fortification

Gordy – Beloved

Grant – tall

Gray – gray

Greyland – gray land

Greyson – son of the gray-haired man

Griffin – strong in faith

Griffith – strong grip

Guevara – Prominent

Gunner – warrior

Gus – majestic


Hadleigh – heather meadow

Hagan – youthful

Hamilton – flat-topped hill

Hamzah – lion

Harding – the son of Harding

Harlow – army hill

Harrington – a town in Cumberland

Harris – son of Harry

Harrison – son of Harry

Harvey – eager for battle

Hassan – handsome

Hekmer – Warrior’s wrath

Helmer – Warrior’s wrath

Hendrix – ruler of the home

Henrick – Rules the home

Henry – house ruler

Herbert – illustrious warrior

Herbie – illustrious warrior

Hercules – Hera’s glory

Hu – A nature god

Hudson – son of Hudde

Hunter – one who hunts

Huxley – Hugh’s meadow


Igor – farm labourer

Imre – Innocent

Indivar – Blue Lotus

Isaac – one who laughs

Ivar – yew or bow army

Ivor – bow army


Jabbar – almighty

Jack – God is Gracious

Jacob – supplanter

Jagger – carter

James – supplanter

Jamison  – son of James

Jan – God is gracious

Jax – God has been gracious

Jaxson – son of Jack

Jayme – he who supplants

Jed – Friend Of God

Jedidah – beloved

Jedrek – a strong man

Jedrick – a strong man

Jenner – engigneor

Jerry – ruling spear

Jian – God is gracious

John – graced by God

Jonathan – God has given

Jones – Jehovah has favored

Joseph – God will give

Joshua – the lord is my salvation

Jude – praised

Julian – Jove’s child

Julius – Downy


Kai – keeper of the keys

Kalmin – strong

Kamden – winding valley

Kamdon – winding valley

Kamey – son of Simon

Kano – capability

Karamat – Nobility

Kash – Universe

Kaspen – Treasurer

Kawan – Friend

Kegan – small flame

Kelly – female warrior

Kendrick – greatest champion

Kenji – strong and vigorous

Kenzo – healthy and wise

Killian – little church

King – ruler

Kingsley – king’s meadow

Kingsten – Strength

Kingston – king’s settlement

Knight – Warrior

Kolden – unknown

Korden – unknown

Kwan – strong

Kyson – son of Kyle


Lachlin – from the land of lakes

Laird – lord

Landry – ruler

Larabee – everlasting

Larry – Of Laurentum

Laurent – the bright one

Lawrence – man from Laurentum

Layton – meadow settlement

Lazaro – God is my help

Leelo – folk song

Leeson – unknown

Leland – meadow land

Leo – lion

Leon – lion

Leonardo – brave as a lion

Leonidas – lion strength

Leopald – brave

Leopold – people

Levin – dear friend

Liam – protector

Lincoln – town by the pool

Liondre – unknown

Lionel – lion

Loland – sorrows

Lonnie – Noble

Lorcan – little fierce one

Louie – famous warrior

Louis – famous warrior

Lowell – young wolf

Ludwik – Renowned warrior


Magnar – Strength

Magnus – Great

Mahandas – servant of Mohan

Makin – Strong

Malachi – messenger of God

Malaki – messenger of God

Malen – Maiden

Malin – little strong warrior

Malix – unknown

Mallon – little strong warrior

Malthe – Rule

Mann – man

Maoz – strength

Mardy – unknown

Marin – Of The Sea

Mario – Hammer

Marshall – Love of Horses

Martin – Servant Of Mars

Mason – One who works with stone

Mauz – mouse

Maverick – independent

Max – greatest

Maxfield – Mac’s field

Maxim – the greatest

Maximiliano – Greatest

Maximo – greatest

Maximus – largest

Maxwell – great stream

Maynard – strength

Meeton – Unknown

Melville – Leader

Merrick – power

Michael – who is like God?

Miles – servant

Milo – pleasant

Monroe – mouth of the Roe river

Montana – mountain

Montey – Gomeric’s mountain

Montgomery – Gomeric’s hill

Morgan – sea protector

Morley – meadow on the moor

Mozzie – unknown

Muhammad – laudable

Myles – merciful

Mylo – merciful


Naois – Mythical warrior

Napoleon – lion of the new city

Narendra – lord of men

Nash – by the ash tree

Nathaniel – Gift of God/El

Neal – passionate

Ned – wealthy

Nelson – son of Nell

Neron – Sea

Nika – Victory

Nikolai – people of victory

Noah – rest

Nolan – noble


Oakley – meadow of oak trees

Olis – a powerful man

Oliver – olive tree

Ollie – elf warrior

Ondrej – warrior

Orion – dawning

Orson – bear

Osbourne – bear god

Oscar – spear of the gods

Osiris – god of the dead

Oswald – God’s power

Oswaldo – God’s power

Otto – wealth

Owen – young warrior

Oxton – From the ox farm

Oz – Strength

Ozzie – God’s power

Ozzy – God’s power


Palebo – unknown

Pandan – textile screw pine

Patrick – noble

Patton – fighter’s town

Paxel – unknown

Peirson – unknown

Phoenix – dark red

Prescott – dwelling

Pridbor – unknown


Qadir – capable

Quadir – powerful

Quentin – the fifth

Quillion – strong

Quillon – strong

Quinlan – strong

Quinn – counsel

Quinten – fifth

Quiver – to tremble


Ragnar – judgment warrior

Reginald – ruler’s advisor

Reginold – ruler’s advisor

Remi – Oarsman

Remington – place on a riverbank

Remo – oarsman

Rex – king

Reynard – strong decision

Reynold – powerful

Ricardo – Brave Ruler

Richmond – The Protector King

Ricker – powerful and brave

Rinaldo – Wise power

Rinc – warrior

River – flowing body of water

Rock – stone

Roland – renowned land

Roman – powerful

Ronald – Powerful

Ronell – Powerful

Ronin – well-advised ruler

Roosevelt – from rose field

Ross – Flower

Rupert – fame bright

Ryder – Knight

Ryker – brave power


Safdar – Fighter

Salman – Secure

Sanosuke – sand

Sawyer – woodcutter

Saylor – Boat Man

Sebastian – venerable

Sewell – sea victory

Shogun – general who overcomes the barbarians

Shonnen – few years

Silias – Man Of The Forest

Stachel – bristle

Stanford – stony meadow

Stanley – stony meadow

Stark – unyielding

Stone – Dweller By The Stone

Swithin – Strong

Swithun – quick

Sympson – Son of Simme


Takeo – strong like bamboo

Takeshi – Warrior

Takio – great light

Tatumn – Tate’s homestead

Thaddeus – courageous heart

Thane – Landowner

Thegann – Spear Protector

Theodore – God’s gift

Thor – thunder

Thunder – Stormy tempered

Tiberius – Good vision

Tiger – Powerful Cat

Timber – Wood

Titus – title of honour

Tobias – God is good

Trenton -Trent’s town

Trip – Traveler

Turner – wood-worker


Ubaldo – brave heart

Udo – power of the wolf

Uisne – place of the hearth

Ulric – power of the home

Umberto – Bright Warrior

Uzziah – Lord is my strength


Valdus – powerful

Valen – healthy

Valentine – healthy

Valentino – strong

Valerian – healthy

Valerio – to be strong

Valient – Brave

Valin – Monkey King

Vernados – brave bear

Victorio – champion

Vidar – wide warrior

Vladimir – renowned prince

Volker – people’s defender


Walt – commander of the army

Walter – warrior

Warner – army guard

Warren – watchman

Watson – son of Watt

Wells – spring

Westley – western meadow

Wexton – Unknown

Wigman – warrior

Wilder – untamed

William – resolute protector

Winston – joyful stone

Wyatt – brave in world


Xander – Defender of mankind

Xanthus – golden-haired

Xavier – new house

Xavion – fighter

Xi – Dawn


Yaden – Yahuah has heard

Yemon – guardian of the gat

Yuma – Son Of The Chief

Yves – yew


Zale – sea-strength

Zane – God Is Gracious

Zeus – living

Zuben – Zuben

Zuberi – strong

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