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Chinese Girl Names – Most Popular List (2021)

The home of Kung Fu, China, is such a unique place. Most people in world discover china’s beauty through movies and tours. One ravishing expression of China is their names. Chinese Girl Names are magical. If you are more intended to figure out the meanings of Chinese girls’ names, here are some popular girl’s Cute names.

Chinese Girl Names Starting From A

Ahcy- Lovely

AhKum- Good as gold 

AhLam- Peace

Ai – Loving, Affection

Alix – Having dignified king

An –Peace


Bo – Precious

Bai- Pure, White and crystal clear

Bik- Jade

Baozhai- Precious Hairpin

Bao- To order

Biyu- Jasper semi-precious stone

Bernarda- Feminine of Bernard

Bethsheba- Oath

Bi- Green Jade

Billi- Will- helmet

Bo- Precious


Caihong – A rainbow in the sky

Chao- The one who surpasses

Changchang- Flourishing

Changying- Flourshing lustrous

Cheng- An accomplished person

Chao-xing – Morning star

Chenric- Amazing morning

Chenguang- Morning light

Chow- Summertime

Chu- Pearl/A precious jewel use worldwide

Chu hua- Chrysanthemum

Chuntao- Spring peach

Chyou- Sweet autumn

Cui- A prince

Cuifen- Emerald fragnance


Dongmei- Winter plum

Da chun- Long spring

Dandan- Cinnabar red

Diu- One who is down to earth and is practical person

Da- xia –  Biggest hero/Long summer

Daiyu – Black jade

Dai-tai – Leading a boy in hopes


Eu-fnh –Playful phoenix

Eu-meh – Especially beautiful


Far – Flower

Fang- Fragnent

Fenfang –Fragnant

Fung – Bird


Genji- who is most valuable as gold

Guan- Yin – Goddess if mercy

Gho – A inspirational and responsible being

Guo- It is the word which is written on Chinese, the wall that surround the city


He- A harmony and peace the river brings

Hfang- Nice fragrance

Hee – Lotus

Howin- A loyal swallow

Heng- Steady/Persistent/ Constant

Hu – Tiger

Hien- Nice/Quiet/Gentle/Persevering 

Hua- Flower

Holea- Holy

Hualing- Flourishing herb

Hua- Prosperous

Hop- Consistent/Agreeble

Huan- Happiness

Hui- Sharp/ Quick/ Clever

Huian- Kind peace

Huidai- Wise dai

Huifang- Kind fragrant

Huifen- Wise fragrant

Huilang- Wise jade tinkling

Huiliang- Kind good

Huiqing –Kind affectionate

Huizhong- Wise loyal

Hwei-ru- Intelligent, wise


Jia- Great person who is everyone’s favorite

Jiahui- Nice person

Jia Li- Good and beautiful

Jiayi- Household flourishing

Jiao- Loveable and beautiful person who loves to teach

Jie- Cleanliness

Jingfei- Still fragnance

Ju- Daisy flower

Jinghua- Situation splendid

Julissa- Sweet/ Absolute/ Unique in personality

Juan- Graciousness

Jun- Truth


Kaili- Beautiful and victorious

Kuai hua- Mallow blossom

Kue ching- Piano reach sounds good

Kwong- Broad


Li Jing- Beautiful Spirit           

LiNa –  Beautiful/ Delicate

LiXiu-  Beautiful/Outstanding

Lai- Future

Lha- Beautiful pear blossom

Lan- Mountain mist/ Chinese orchid

Le- Joy

Lihwa- A Chinese princess

Lee- Plum

Li- Upright/Logic

Li Hua- Pear blossom

Lin- Beautiful jade

Li mei- Beautiful plum flower

Lian- A girl who is graceful as a willow, a lotus flower

Liang- A feeling of elevation

Lien- One who possesses the beauty and pureness of a lotus flower

Liena- A woman as beautiful as a lotus flower

Ling- Compassion understanding

Lienna- A beauty and grace of a lotus flower

Linqin- Beautiful zither

Liling-White jasmine

Lien Hua- Lotus flower

Lin- Beautiful jade/ Forest

Lifen-beautiful fragrance

Liqiu- Beautiful autumn

Lijuan- Beautiful graceful

Ling- A chime of the spirits/ A soul

Lihua- Beautiful flourishing

Liu- Flowing

Lixue- Pretty and pure as snow

Loi- Thuner

Luan- An upspring


Lanfen- Orchid fragrant

Liling- Beautiful Jade tinkle

Lanying- Indigo illustriousness

Luli- Dewy jasmine

Lxe- Beautiful snow


Mah- Beautiful Posture

Mahfnh- Pretty or beautiful phoenix

Mei- Plum

Mey- Pretty/ Gorgeous/ Stunning

Mei- Beautiful Plum

Meifen- Plum fragrance

Meifeng- Beautiful wind

Meihui- Beautiful wisdom

Meii- Beautiful

Meillin- Plum jade

Meiling- Beautiful and delicate

Meironng- Beautiful countenance

Meixiang- Plum fragrance

Meixiu- Beautiful grace

Meiying- Beautiful flower

Meizhen- Beautiful pearl

Ming- Bright Moon

Ming-hui- Tomorrows flower

Mingxia- Bright glow through clouds

Mingyu- Bright jade

Mingzhu- Bright pearl

Mu Lan – Magnolia blossom

Mu tan- Tree peony blossom


Na – A smooth and elegant person

Ning- Tranquility

Nuan- The person who is very friendly with wholehearted

Ninghong – Tranquil red

Niu- Girl

Nuo-  Merciful/Graceful

Nuwa- Mother goddess


Peijing- Admiring luxuriance

Peizhi- Admiring iris

Pangfua- louds in the shape of flower


Qi- A fine Jade

Qiuyue- Autumn moon

Qiao- Pretty

Qing- Greenish blue colour

Qingzhao- Clear understanding

Qing yuan- Deep water

Qinyang- Sunshine of my heart

Qiu- Autumn

Qinr- Nice smile


Rfen- Nice fragrance

Rou- gentle mind

Ruiling- Auspicious

Ruolan- Like and orchid

Rong- A person who brings honor and prosperous


Shui- Like water

Shuang- Bright

Shu- Fair

Shun- Smooth

Sying- Star


Ting- Slim person

T- special

Rao- Peach


Ushi- A plant


Wen- Refinement

Weici- Preserving love


Xia- Rosy clouds

Xiaolian- Little lotus


Yue- Moon

Ya – Grace


Zhu- Bamboo

Zhenzhen- Precious

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