Girl Names By Country

  • German-Girl-Names-Latest-Beautiful-Collection

    German Girl Names – Latest Beautiful Collection (2022)

    Girls may have a few first names, which generally are motivated by relations. Anyhow, with the plan to secure the prosperity of kids, there are a few good things on Most Famous German Girl Names. First names must be authoritatively…

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  • Italian-Girl-Names-Most-Beautiful-Collection

    Italian Girl Names – Most Beautiful Collection (2022)

    Italy is one of the most culturally and economically advanced countries in the world. There is a reason behind many Non-Italian people take names for their babies from the Italian language as it is sweet to hear and pronounce. But…

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  • French-Girl-Names

    Beautiful French Girl Names – Latest collection (2022)

    Regardless of whether you need to pay tribute to your family’s French legacy, or you love the melodic hints of the French language, we have names that make certain to suit your young infant lady. So these French Girl Names…

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  • Russian-Girl-Names-Most-Wanted-List-1-2

    Russian Girl Names – Most Wanted List (2022)

    Russia, A country of the world’s largest nation, is most prevalent in vibrant, influential arts, history, and the multi-ethnic nation, as well as the multi-faith society with 144.5 million population. Selecting Russian Girl Names is not quite difficult now to…

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  • Chinese-Girl-Names

    Chinese Girl Names – Most Popular List (2022)

    The home of Kung Fu, China, is such a unique place. Most people in world discover china’s beauty through movies and tours. One ravishing expression of China is their names. Chinese Girl Names are magical. If you are more intended to…

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