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Beautiful French Girl Names – Latest collection (2022)

Regardless of whether you need to pay tribute to your family’s French legacy, or you love the melodic hints of the French language, we have names that make certain to suit your young infant lady. So these French Girl Names not just reliable and look flawless. They additionally convey exceptional implications that make certain to accommodate your little girl. 


Alphabetical Order


Alice – noble

Amber – fierce

Anna – grace

Agatha – honorable

Adele – noble kind

Aya – colorful

Alba – white

Aliya – Exalted

Alicia – noble natured

Adolphine – Noble wolf

Albertina – noble

Alfredine – unknown

Alphonsine – ready for battle

Amaryllis – sparkling

Ambroisine – unknown

Anastasia – resurrection

Anasthase – resurrection

Asia – Lively

Anais – Merciful

Apollo – protector

Ava – guarantee

Alma – nourishing

Amelia – work

Albania – Golden mind

Alexina – Man’s defender


Bartha – brilliant

Bartolina – she who tills the soil

Bastienne – respected

Benedetto – blessed

Beniamina – Daughter of my right hand

Berangere – bear spear

Bernadine – Brave

Bernardina – strong

Baptistina – Strong

Barberina – foreign woman

Bertranda – bright raven

Bethsabee – daughter of oath

Biena – unknown

Blanchette – unknown

Bonaventure – good fortune

Bonifacio – auspicious

Bonifaciona – fortunate


Charlina – free man

Chloe – blooming

Camillia – helper to the priest

Clara – bright

Capucina – Cape

Cassandra – man’s defender

Cassandre – warrior

Catherine – pure

Charlina – free man

Charlotte – feminine

Christophina – Christ Bearer

Clementine – Merciful

Clothildina – renowned battle

Constancey – constancy

Cunegonda – knowledgeable

Célestine – heavenly

Charmaine – Fruit Garden

Christella – ice

Christiane – follower of Christ

Christiana – follower of Christ

Christina – Follower of Christ

Christine – follower of Christ

Clemency – merciful

Celestiala – heavenly

Celia – heavenly

Charlotte – free man


Desideria – much desired

Dieudonna – Gift of God

Dominiqua – belonging to a lord

Domitilla – unknown

Donatienne – unknown

Demetriusha – Belonging to corn

Donatella – gift of God

Domitilda – to have been tamed

Doniphane – unknown

Doucelina – sweet


Emma – whole

Elena – Light

Emily – rival

Eva – life

Eglantine – needle

Elisabeth – God’s promise

Emilienne – Rival

Emmanuelle – God is with us

Edouardine – wealthy guard

Eleuthere – freedom

Elisabetta – God’s promise

Elizabeth – God is my oath

Emanuelle – God is with us

Emmanuella – God is with us

Enguerran – unknown

Enriqueta – home ruler

Ernestina – serious

Esperanca – hope

Elise – God’s promise

Elsa – God is my oath

Emmys – universal

Enguerrand – unknown

Ernestina – serious

Esméralda – emerald


Flavienne – golden

Florentin – Flowering

Framboise – raspberry

Francesca – the Frenchman

Franceline – French

Francette – French

Francisca – free one

Francisque – frenchman

Frederica – peaceful ruler

Frederika – peaceful ruler

Friedrich – peaceful ruler

Francesco – frenchman

Francoise – from France

Frederique – peaceful ruler

Filippina – horse lover

Florencia – flower

Florencio – flower

Florentina – flower

Florestana – unknown

Florimonda – flower

Francelina – Free Condition


Gabriella – Devoted to God

Gabrielle – God is my strength

Geneviève – woman of the race

Geraldine – spear ruler

Ghislaine – pledge

Godelieve – God’s Love

Graziella – Graziella

Guillaume – protection

Guillemette – determined protector

Gwenaelle – Generous

Giacomina – protected by God

Giuseppina – the Lord adds

Godelaine – unknown

Germinale – he who sprouts

Ghizlaine – unknown

Ghjuvanni – unknown

Germaine – brother

Gwendolina – blessed ring

Gasparina – treasure

Gelsomina – gift from God

Genevievre – Woman of the race

Georgette – farmer

Geraldina – spear ruler

Gerardine – spear brave

Ghyslaine – pledge

Gillianne – youthful

Giselaine – Pledge

Gishlaine – pledge

Guyvelina – unknown

Gwanaelle – Blessed And Generous

Gwendalina – blessed ring


Heloise – famous warrior

Hegesippe – unknown

Henrietta – home ruler

Hermelina – powerful + gentle

Herveline – Strong

Hortensia – garden

Hubertine – brilliant mind

Hildegarda – battle enclosure

Hippolyta – stampeding horses

Hyacintha – a flower or color


Ines – holy

Inaya – God answered

Innocente – innocent

Iris – rainbow

Iphigenie – sacrifice

Innocenza – innocence


Jade – stone of the colic

Julia – supreme god

Juliet – Youthful

Jeanne – God is gracious

Jessica – God beholds

Josephine – Jehovah increases

Jeanbaptiste – the Baptist

Jeanfrancois – God is merciful

Jacquette – Supplanter

Jacques – Supplanter

Jeancharles – God is merciful

Jeanedouard – wealthy guardian

Joan – god’s gracious gift

Joy – happiness

Julia – supreme god

Jean – God is gracious

Jacqueline – he who supplants

Jeaneudes – wealth


Killaine – unknown

Kuillaumette – unknown

Kuillemin – unknown

Killerme – unknown

Killermo – unknown

Kislaine – unknown

Kestavine – unknown

Kwendaline – unknown

Kendolen – The Brave Chief

Kendolyn – unknown

Kennaele – Ruler of the valley

Kassandra – unheeded prophetess

Kimberley – Chief

Kristiane – follower of Christ


Louisa – famous warrior

Lina – sunlight

Leah – delicate

Lou – Famous warrior

Lena – ray of light

Lola – sorrows

Luna – moon

Lucy – light

Leonie – lion

lana – Light

Lisa – God’s promise

Louise – famous warrior

Lily – showy flower

Leana – Gracious

Livia – to envy

Lilac – Bluish Purple Color

Lilou – lily

Lisa – God’s promise

Lyana – Eye of the light

Lyna – noble natured

Laetitia – gladness

Leopoldine – brave people


Mia – beloved

Mila – miracles

Manon – beautiful queen

Margaux – pearl

Maya – good mother

Matilda – battle-mighty

Marie – star of the sea

Marguerite – pearl

Madeleine – magnificent

Marthe – mistress of the house

Marcelle – warring

Maelys – Prince

Maelle – Prince

Mya – great one

Margot – pearl

Maria – beloved


Nina – enclosure of fish

Noemie – pleasant

Nour – Radiance

Nastassia – resurrection

Nathanaelle – unknown

Nathaniel – gift of God

Nasturtium – twisted nose

Nora – light

Nathalie – birthday

Nathanael – God has given

Nicolette – victory of the people

Nicoletta – people of victory


Olivia – olive tree

Olena – shining light


Pink – Light Red Color

Pauline – small

Philibert – very bright

Philippine – lover of horses

Priscilla – ancient

Pierre – stone

Paquerette – bundle of kindling

Pascaline – Born at Easter

Pasqualina – Easter

Petronille – rock

Philomena – powerful love

Paquerette – bundle of kindling

Pascaline – Born at Easter

Pasqualino – Easter

Pervenche – encircle

Petronille – rock

Philomene – powerful love


Qurina – warrior

Quish – Unknown

Quine – Unknown

Que – rock


Romy – dew of the sea

Roman – powerful

Richardina – powerful leader

Robertina – bright fame

Rodriyana – unknown

Roxane – Dawn

René – rebirth

Rose – rose

Rosemonda – horse protector


Salome – peace

Soline – religious

Suzanne – graceful lily

Sandrine – defender of mankind

Saturnin – saturn

Savannah – treeless plain

Sebastien – venerable

Stanislas – who achieves glory

Stephanie – crown

Sylvestre – the forest

Séraphine – Burning fire

Sofia – wisdom

Sarah – princess

Stanislaus – who achieves glory

Stanislav – someone who achieves glory

Stephania – Crowned in victory


Thea – goddess

Thais – beloved

Theodorine – unknown

Theophane – Gods incarnate

Theophila – loved by God

Theophilia –  Loved by God

Theophile – Friend of God

Toussaint – all saints

Thomasine – twin

Toussainte – all saints


Ushena – unknown

Utherina – unknown

Ulina – unknown

Uma – splendor


Victoire – victory

Valentine – strong and healthy

Valeriane – Strength

Veronique – true image

Valentino – health

Valeriano – strength

Valerienne – to be strong

Venceslas – greater glory

Victoria – victory

Victorien – Conqueror

Victorine – Victory

Victoriano – Conqueror

Victorienne – Conqueror


Wenceslas – greater glory

Wandrille – wandering hostage

Wilhelmina – protection


Xerin – Unknown

Xolina – people of victory

Xishan – Tin Hill

Xolona – Unknown


Yasmine – jasmine flower

Yvonne – yew


Zelie – noble

Zephyrine – west wind

Zoe – life

Here Are Some Popular French Names with Their History

1) Emma

Emma is from name Ermen, from the German signifying “entire” or “all-inclusive”. It additionally sees as a contracted variant of Emmeline, Amelia. Some other names starting with “Em.” Generally, it comes as the top in the list of French Girl Names in France. It is likewise amazingly well known in the England and United States.

Jezebel announced that Emma had been one of France’s most well-known names for six decades, with about many 9-year-old young ladies named Emma at present. As an example, famous entertainers are Emma Watson and Emma Stone.

2) Louise

Similarly, as with Alice, the name Louise is thought to be of Old German starting point, meaning “renowned warrior”. That is the girlish form of Louis and the Ludwig. This name has been a usually utilized one since the mid-nineteenth century, positioning in the best 100 young lady’s names in France, Sweden, England, Sweden, Wales, and Ireland over many decades. 

One of the well known American quiet film entertainers was Louise Brooks, who was accessible for her sensational dull, bounced hair. Louise Bourgoin is a well known French on-screen character, and Louise Compain is a French women’s activist creator. 

3) Raphael

This name has a Hebrew tradition, Raphael means “God has recuperated”. While a typical name in France, it is also one of the famous French Girl Names in Spain, Portugal, Italy, and Germany.

Raphael was a chief heavenly messenger in the Christian, Islamic, and Judaic blessed writings. The name attache to divine men, artisans, performers, and competitors for a considerable length of time. Raphael of Brooklyn was a Christian Orthodox holy person, and Raphael Lakafia is a French rugby association player. 

4) Chloe

Chloe, from the old Greek Khloe, signifies “sprouting”. The most people believe this name is an appellation of the beautiful goddess of agribusiness and fruitfulness in Greek. In Northern Ireland, Chloe was the most common girl name in the late 20th century. Not only that. It was the 4th most well-known name in Australia in 2019. 

The name Chloe shows up in the second piece of the Bible, about “the place of Chloe.” Popular motivations are French on-screen character Chloe Lambert and Chloe Sevigny, an American on-screen character and ordinary dream to form fashioners for her particular dress sensitivity.[/box]

5) Mila

Starting in Eastern Europe, the name Mila is a contracted rendition of names starting or consummation in “Mila,” such as Milada, Ludmila, and Milena. The name Ludmila is a collection of the components “lud” signifying “individuals” and “Mila,” meaning “love.” Many popular ladies who may force you to name your daughter Mila incorporate on-screen character Mila Kunis and Mila Nikolova. [/box]

6) Margaux

Meaning Pearl (got from the Greek “paragon”), the name Margaux is both a variant of Margaret and Margot. It can additionally translate to Margarida and Margarit (Armenian), Margarita (Bulgarian), Margareta (Croatian), Margreet (Dutch), and Marjorie in English. The most renowned Margaux is the little girl of Ernest Hemingway, Margaux Hemingway.

Meaning Pearl (derived from the Greek “paragon”), the name Margaux is both a version of Margaret and Margot. It can also translate to Margarida and Margarit (Armenian), Margarita (Bulgarian), Margareta (Croatian), Margreet (Dutch), and Marjorie in English. The most famous Margaux is the daughter of Ernest Hemingway, Margaux Hemingway.


The French have, for quite some time, appear as the encapsulation of chic, agile pattern. They are concerning the perfect customs of preparing, design, luxurious tastes, and capacity. Because they want to make even the most stylish ensembles and home insides look easily gathered. 

Regardless of whether guardians are of French parents, have visited France. You just have an oddity and enthusiasm for French literature, music, expressions. Moreover, the many changed areas of the nation, naming your baby infant one of the most well-known names in France. As they want to make sure to saturate them with natural style, beauty, and polish.

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