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Russian Girl Names – Most Wanted List (2021)

Russia, A country of the world’s largest nation, is most prevalent in vibrant, influential arts, history, and the multi-ethnic nation, as well as the multi-faith society with 144.5 million population. Selecting Russian Girl Names is not quite difficult now to have vast bundles of joys and happiness. 

Are you looking for unique and beautiful Russian Girl Names?


 Adriana- Resident of Adria

 Alaska- Great lander

Anya- Nightless

 Albina- White

Abihail-The rejoice of my Yahweh

Agata- Pure/Kind/ Gentle and a nature lover

Aleksandra- Protector of humankind

Alena- Rock

Akilina-A person who is very powerful

Alexandra- Feminine of Alexandra Defender of humanity

Alfia- Honest

Alina- Noble

Alisa- Noble

Alla- Other

Alena- Light


Alina- Beautiful

Amelita- Hard at work

Anastasija- Risen by baptism to new life

Alisa- Balanced

Anechka- Grace

Alya- Great and beautiful in all aspect

Anfisa- Flowering


Anatoli-A warm sunrise

Anna- Sad/ Gracious

Ariana- Vivacious

Angelica-Messengers of God sent from heaven

Arina- Peace

 Ania- Graceful young girl

Arsinoe- Woman with Uplifed Mind

 Annik- Pure

 Anoushka- Gracious one

 Arina- Peace

 Asja- Grace

Avdotya- One who is relaxing


Bela- One who lives inside the heart

Bahjat- Dazzling brilliant

Biserka- Pearl

Bella- Beautiful

Bogdana- God has given

Busana- Night girl of the moon

Bojana- Fighter in the battles

Borislava- Famous battle

Bronya- A women who provide protection

Bubley- Who is from Babylon


Christina- Anointed

Cindy- Cinderella

Calina- Most beautiful young women

Crystal- crystal

Czarina- A born Empress


Daria- Trustworthy natured Person

Dunya- Smart human being

Dana- My judge is God

Dinara- A sensitive

Daniela- God is my judge

Dema- Rain

Demetria- Earth

Diana- Goddess of the moon

Darya- One who is good

Dianora- Combination of Dia after and also Nora

Daniil- God is a judge who rules

Dina- Rated

Daniell- God protects all

Girl Names Starting From E

Ekaterina- One who is innocent and pure

Elizaveta- A devoted individual 

Elena- Shining light

Emiliya- Work hard

Eleonora- God is my light

Esfir- An ancient goddess

Elida – Winged

Eva- life or living one

Elizaveta- Devoted to God

Elina- Torch

Evgeniya- A woman who is good by birth

Elisa- God has sworn

Elizabeth- God has sworn

Elvira- Famous

Erika – Ruler of the Law

Evgenia- Noble


Fedora- heavenly gift

Feodora- Gift from Heaven

Franka- Freewoman


Gala – Happy and peaceful/Person who is brave

Galina- Spirit of quiet oceans

Ganya- Garden of the lord

Gasha- One who is very kind


Hava- Breath of life

Hillary- Cheerful

Haleena- Light

Helene- A dedicated woman

Helin- Light of the sun

Helena- Intelligent/ Vivid/ Bright


Ilona- Light

Ira- Watchful one

Iman- Religious leader

Irena- Peace

Ina- Pure

Irini- Peaceful

Irina- Pure

Ivona- Yew

Isabella- Devoted to God

Ivanna- Gift from God


Jekaterina- Pure

Jelena- Bright

Jereni-Free from disturbance

Joanna- God is with us

Julia- People of julus

Julija- Below hard

Jelka- Moon

Jeramie- God, will uplift


Kate- Clear

Karina- Pure

Katiya- Perfect

Katharina- Pure

Karine- Beloved friend

Katja- Holy

Karyna- A keel of the ship

Katrin- Clean

Katenka- Pure

Keiko- Blessing


Katerina- Clear

Ksenia- Wanderer

Katia- Plain

Katina- Pure

Katja- Natural

Katrya- Chaste woman

Kesha- Hair

Khristina- Christian woman

Khrystyna- Follower of Christ

Kima- Butterfly

Klarika- Famous

Ksenia- Hospitality

Kamila- Perfect


Lara- Rock

Lada- Goddess of love

Larisa – The smile

Larissa- Cheerful

Lejla- dark as night

Lena- Hard

Leyla- Night

Lidia- Nature

Liubov- Love 

Liza- God as sworn

Lorena- Honor of and victory

Luba- A lover

Luciana- Lighting

Russian Girl Names starting From M

Marcha- Pearl

Marija-Bitter sea

Maya- Mother

Marfa- A lady

Miroslava- Peace


Nadia- Hope

Nina- Pure

Nastia- Resurrection

Natasha- Christ

Nastia- Arise from the dead

Natalia- Birthday


Polina- Little stone

Pavlina- A little one

Pasha- Born on Easter

Praskovya- Preparation


Raisa- Rose

Renata- Rebirth

Ruzha- Rose

Rimma- from Rome


Saasha- Defender of humankind

Sabiba- A sabine

Samara- Protected by God

Sanya- A moment in time preserved

Savina- A sabine

So-Young- Beautiful

Sima- A treasure

Sonia- Golden

Sofiya- A wise woman

Snezhana- A snowy woman

Seda- Forest


Tanya- Fairy queen

Tahnee- Female ruler

Tenisha- Born

Talya- Dew from God

Tashi-Great accomplishment

Tama- She is like a thunder

Tashia- She who is born at Christmas

Tanis- Serpent lady

Taska- One who was born during Christmas

Tanja- A Fairy princess

Tasenka- Resurrection

Tasha- Christ’s birthday


Valentin-Strength or health

Valentina- Brave

Valery- Strength or health

Valerie- Strong

Vanya- Gracious

Valeriya- Bravery

Varvara- Foreign

Varya- Precious

Vasilisa- Queen

Venera- Beloved

Vera- Faith

Veronika- Truth

Viktoria- Victory

Vjera- Faith

Russian Girl Names starting From W

Wanda- Gain fat


Yana- the God, is reconciling

Yaryna- Peaceful

Yolande- Violet

Yuna- The archer

Yulia- Downy

Yuliana- Youthful


Zena- A hospitable woman

Zenovia- Life of Zeus


Ziya- Hunter

Zoya- Life

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