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Girl Names That Start With E – Most Popular List (2022)

Do you like many infant young lady names that start with E like the ever-well known Emma, Evelyn, and Emily or progressively extraordinary E names like Estelle, Elora, and Elina. Girl Names That Start With E are drifting hard of late gratitude to long-term names Emma and Emily. Guardians mostly love to use vowel names all in all however are particularly cherishing the excellent quality of E.

E young lady names are additionally very flexible whether you’re a fanatic of stimulating names like Electra or suffering works of art like Elizabeth. Girl Names That Start With E originate from a wide range of origins, whether you’re searching for vintage girl names or Native American young lady names.

Names  Meanings Origin 
Eadda  Prosperous  Old English 
Eadoin   One with many friends  Old English  
Ealga  Noble one  Irish 
Earlene  Promise  English 
Reartha  Child of the earth  English 
Easter  Born at easter time  English 
Eavan  Fair-haired  Irish 
Ebba  Flowing tide  English 
Eberta  Bright  Teutonic 
Ebony  Dark strength  English  
Ebun  Gift  Nigerian 
Eca  Bird  Nigerian 
Echo  Repeated sound  Greek 
Eda  Happy  Old English 
Edana  Little fiery one  Celtic 
Edborough  Prosperous  Scottish 
Edda  Poetry  Old norse 
Eden  Paradise  English 
Edeva  Expensive gift  Old English 
Edina  Happy fortress  Scottish 
Edith  Happy  Old English 
Ediva  Wonderful gift  English 
Edla  Princess  Swedish 
Edlyn  Prosperous  Old English 
Edmee  Wealthy protector  Old English 
Edmonda  Wealthy protector  Old English 
Edna  Desired  Hebrew 
Edrea  Wealthy ruler  Old English 
Edrice  Property  Old English 
Edris  Wealthy ruler  English 
Edwige  War  English 
Edwina  Prosperous friend  Old English 
Edythe  Happy   
Efrata  Respectable  Hebrew 
Ega  Bird  Nigerian 
Ehani  Desired  Hindi 
Ehawee  Laughter  Sioux 
Eilah  Oak  Hebrew 
Eilwen  Fair friend  Welsh 
Eira  Snow  Welsh 
Eirpne  Peaceful  Greek 
Ekala  Lake  Australian 
Ekua  Born on  a Wednesday  Ghanian 
Elani  Light   
Elenola  Bright  Hawaiian 
Elga  Holy  Slavic 
Elicia  Truthful  Greek 
Elidi  Sun gift  Greek 
Elika  Eternal ruler  Hawaiian 
Elin  Light  Norwegian 
Eliora  Light of god  Hebrew 
Elise  Noble  English 
Elisha  Gods is my salvation  German 
Elita  The chosen one  Latin 
Elizabeth  Holy and scared to god  Hebrew 
Elk  Black  American 
Elke  Noble  German 
Elle  Girl  French 
Ellen  Shining light  Scottish 
Ellenora  Shining light  Greek 
Elli  Old age  English 
Ellia  Sunshine  Greek 
Ellice  Noble  Greek 
Elliston  Kind  English 
Elmina  Noble  Old English 
Elmira Famous  Spanish 
Elodie  Flower  Latin 
Eloisa  Healthy  Italian 
Elora  God is light  Hebrew 
Elsa  Noble  German 
Elva  Elf  English 
Elvira  Impartial judgment  German 
Elysia  Blissful  Latin 
Eme  Loved  Hawaiian 
Emeni  Amen  Tongan 
Emerald  Precious green gem stone  French 
Emere  Hard working  Maori 
Emilia  Ambitious   
Emma  One who flatters  German 
Emmaline  Hard working  Latin 
Emmanuelle  God in humankind  Hebrew 
Ena  Shining light  Irish 
Enakai  Sea of fire  Hawaiian 
Endora  From the fountain of youth   Hebrew 
Endotya  Beautiful  Australian 
Engelina  Angel  Greek 
Engracia  Graceful  Spanish 
Enola  Magnolia tree  Native American 
Enya  Jewel  African 
Eos  Goddess of dawn  Greek 
Eostafie  Healthy  Slavic 
Epona  Horse goddess  Roman 
Erela  Angel  Hebrew 
Erika  Ruler   
Esi  Born on a Sunday  Ghanian 
Esma  Jewell   
Esmerelda  Precious green gem stone  Spanish  
Esperance  Expectations  Old spanish
Estee  Star  Persian 
Estelle  She is a star  Latin 
Estivaliz  Friendly  Spanish 
Etenia  Wealthy  Native American 
Ethane  Strong  Hebrew 
Ethel  Noble  English 
Etolie  Star  French 
Etta  Little  German 
Etumu  Bear in the sun’s light  Native American 
Eudore  Honourable gift  Greek 
Euganie  Well born  Greek 
Eulalia  Ell spoken  Greek 
Eun  Silver  Korean 
Eunice  Happy  Greek 
Eunoia  Beautiful thinking  Greek 
Euphemia  One with a good reputation  Greek 
Eustacia  Productive  Latin 
Eva  Life  Hebrew 
Evaline  Life  French 
Evangelina  Good news giver  Greek 
Evania  Youthful warrior  Irish 
Evanthe  Flower  Greek 
Eve  Life  Hebrew 
Eveleen  Pleasant life  Celtic 
Everilda  From the pool of life  Hebrew 
Evette  Life   
Evie  Lively  English 
Evita  Life   
Evonne  Archer  French 
Eyota  Greatest  Native American 
Ezra  Helpful  Hebrew 

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