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Cute Boy Names in 2022

A child is one of the most unimaginable and most precious things in one’s life. When you imagine your life as a parent, you start wondering what your baby boy be like once he enters this world. You start dreaming of how adorable and cute your baby boy would be. As a parent, deciding the name for your baby would be the first significant decision you will take. Finding the perfect Cute Boy Names for your precious part is a joyful task yet a challenge.

If you choose a name which conveys the cuteness of your baby boy, what more could be better? Let’s gift him a name that will perfectly capture his adorable features. If you are looking for something cute, we have got plenty of ideas just for you!

We have gone through a plethora of baby boy names and picked the cutest and the most adorable names for you. We hope these cute names will surely cheer you up and melt your heart. So here are our favourite cute guy names, from A to Z. With such a range of cute boy names, there is no doubt you will soon pick the perfect name for your baby. Do check them out now!


A is the most frequent first letter for both girls and boys names. Everyone is given an individual name to reflect specific characteristics that their parent would prefer the child to have. No signature is typical. Explore a wide range of unique boy names and their meanings, perfect for your newborn boy. Angelo is such a beautiful name for one who is made for love and respect. Adam, the name of a god of good fortune, is another famous one across south Asia. The way the baby boy names that are sure to stand out with starting with A are fantastic.

Aarav – Peaceful

Aaron – Strong

Abdiel – Servant of God

Abner – Father Of Light

Adam – Of The Earth

Aden – Little Fire

Aiden – Attractive

Albert – Noble

Alberto – noble

Alden – Half Danish

Alec – defending men

Alessandro – Defender Of The People

Alexander – Defender Of The People

Alfred – wise counselor

Alfredo – Elf Counsel

Alijah – The Lord Is My God

Alonzo – Noble

Alvin – Noble Friend

Ambrose – immortal

Anakin – Warrior

Ander – strong and manly

Andrew – Manly

Angel – Messenger Of God

Anthony – priceless one

Anton – Highly praiseworthy

Anwyll – loved one

Apollo – Destroyer

Aquila – Eagle

Ares – The Greek god of war

Ariel – Lion Of God

Arjun – bright

Arlo – Hill

Armand – Army Man

Armando – Army Man

Armani – warrior

Arthur – bear

Arturo – Bear

Aryan – illustrious

Asa – healer

Ashby –  Ash Tree Farm 

Asher – Blessed

Ashton – Settlement in the ash-tree grove

Atticus – from Attica

August – great

Austin – magnificent

Axel – my father is peace

Axl – father is peace

Axton – From The Town Of Ash Trees

Ayaan – God’s gift


Names imply pride. Let your baby’s title be your priceless gift to him at the very origin of life. Words starting with B have many creative and popular names witch are unique in their way, such as Brandon Bryan Bruce that can use instead of rain.

Barney – son of comfort

Barrett – Bear power

Basil – King

Baxter – Baker

Beau – Handsome

Ben – blessed

Benjamin – Son Of My Right Hand

Benson – son of Ben

Bernard – brave as a bear

Bertram – bright raven

Billy – resolute protector

Blaine – Yellow

Blair – dweller on the plain

Blake – Pale Blond One

Boden – Sheltered

Boone – Good Person

Bobby – bright fame

Bon – benefactor

Boss – audacious

Brade – broad

Brady – Spirited

Brahm – father of a multitude

Brainiac – a very intelligent person

Bran – Raven

Brando – Sword

Brant – sword

Brat – beggar’s child

Brax – badger

Bren – prince

Brenny – prince

Brody – Second son

Bron – Brown

Bronnie – fair

Brose – immortal

Brownie – A best friend

Bryce – speckled

Bubbles – Happy

Bud – Messenger

Buddy – Friend

Bug – Love

Bunny – Little Rabbit

Buppy – attractive and sweet

Buster – Tough Guy

Buttercup – yellow wildflower

Boston – he who tires of goodness

Bowen – son of Owen

Bowie – yellow

Braden – From The Wide Valley 

Brady – broad meadow

Bram – Father Of A Multitude

Branson – son of Brand

Brantley – Fire Bran

Brayan – Noble

Braylon – Gift to god

Brendan – Prince

Brennon – prince

Briggs – Dweller By The Bridge

Brock – badger

Brody – Second son

Bruno – Brown

Bryant – Son Of Brian 

Bryce – Swift

Brycen – Gift of god

Byron – barn for cows


Look through boys’ names with c as the first letter. For cute baby boys’ names, C is one of the commonly used first letters. From the brilliant and bold, a vast collection of baby boy’s names starts with the C letter.

Cade – Stout

Cairo – Victorious One

Caleb – Whole Hearted 

 Callen – Slender

Cameron – crooked nose

Campbell – Beautiful Field

Cannon – Clergyman

Carl – free man

Carlton – Peasants’ settlement

Carney – Champion

Carson – Christian

Carter – Driver Of A Cart 

Casey – Vigilant In War

Cason – son of the marsh-dwellers

Caspian – Of the Sea

Cassius – Vain

Cayson – Courageous and tough

Cecil – Blind To One’s Own Beauty

Chaim – Life

Chandler – Candle Maker

Channing – young wolf

Charles – Strong and manly

Charlie – free man

Chester – Fortress

Chris – a Christian

Christensen – son of Christen

Christopher – Christ-bearer

Clay – Clay Worker

Clifford – Ford near a slope

Clyde – The keeper of the keys

Colby – swarthy person’s settlement

Colson – swarthy

Connor – Desire

Conrad – Bold Counsel

Cooper – Barrel Maker 

Corey – from the hollow

Cornelius – Horn

Crew – A Group Of People

Crosby – Settlement By The Cross

Cruz – The Cross Of Christ

Cullen – Back Of A River

Curtis – courteous

Cyril – Lordly


It’s considered crucial to choose words that have noble or pure meanings behind them. That’s because we believe that one’s name is reflective of one’s fate, actions, and character. As a result, you indeed won’t find words that have any robust or low meanings like the following.

Dallas – skilled

Damian – powerful man of the people

Damon – Gentle

Daniel – God is my judge

Danny – God is my judge

Dariel – open

Darius – Preserver

Darren – of Airelle

Dash – From The Ash

Dashiell –  Page Boy

David – Beloved

Davis – Son Of David 

Dawson – Son Of David

Daddy – Dad

Dan – God Is My Judge

Dane – God Is My Judge

Danny – God is my judge

Daredevil – a recklessly bold person

Dashing – From The Ash

Daudi – beloved

Dav – Join

Dave – Beloved

David – Beloved

Davis – son of David

Dear – beloved

Dearie – A person who is dear

Dec – December

Deep – Light

Deon – God

Derick – Gifted ruler

Des – yearning

Destiny – fate

Dex – right-handed

Dez – not available

Diamond – Brilliant Gem

Dimi – Half

Dimples – A Small

Dolce – sweet

Doll – gift of god

Dom – Lord

Donnie – proud chief

Doodle – to make a fool of

Dax – Leader

Deacon – dusty one

Deandre – of Andrew

Demetrius – follower of Demeter

Dennis – God of wine

Derrick – People Ruler

Devin – poet

Devon – deep valley dwellers

Dewey – Beloved

Dex – fortunate

Dexter – one who dyes

Dillon – Born From The Ocean

Dmitri – Devotee Of Demeter

Dominic – belonging to the lord

Donald – World Leader

Dorian – woodland

Dougles – black stream

Drake – Dragon

Drew – manly

Duke – Title Of Nobility

Dustin – brave warrior

Dylan – son of the sea


Choosing an adorable worthwhile name for your cute handsome prince might be challenging. Let us ride through some unique names across the world, and here are some of the best.

Ebio – honey

Ed – rich or happy

Eddie – Wealthy Guardian

Egan – little fire

El – God

Eli – God is abundance

Ellis – The Lord Is My God

Earl – warrior

Easton – east town

Ebenezer – tone of the help

Eden – delight

Edison – son of Edward

Elias – my God is Yahweh

Elijah – My God is Yahweh

Elmer – Noble And Famous

Emilio – rival

Emmanuel – God is with us

Emmett –  universal

Emmitt – Entire

Enrique – Home Ruler

Ephraim – being fruitful

Ernest – serious

Ernesto – Sincere

Ethan – enduring

Evan – God Is Good

Ezequiel – God’s Strength

Ezra – helper


Take a glance at this list of charming boys’ names and look if there’s a single name you’d prefer to give your baby’s name. Check out this list! These names are unique in their way, but an added appeal is their sweet, melodic sounds.

Felix – lucky

Fergie – Strength Of Man

Finley – Fair Warrior

Finn – fair or white

Finnley – white warrior

Fletcher – arrow-maker

Ford –  River Crossing

Forrest – woods

Fox – Wild Animal In Dog Family

Francis – Free

Franco – Free

Franklin – Free landowner

Fredrick – peaceful ruler


If you give one of the following names to your newborn baby boy, you’ll experience the magic. Here is the famous list of names for baby boys that will help you, your prince, emulate the world’s, pure heart.

Gabriel – God is my strength

Gary – Spear Rule

Gavin – God send

George – farmer

Gerardo – Spear Brave

Gianni – God is gracious

Gilbert – Bright Pledge

Graham – From The Gravelly Homestead

Gray – grey

Grayson – Son Of The Grey-Haired One

Gregor – Watchful

Grey – Grey

Gunnar – fighter

Gus – Great

Gustavo – Royal staff


A baby boy or a girl is the beginning of all magical things. What would be the name for your cute boy? Here are the most common H names for baby boys in this list.

Hamza – Lion

Hank – Ruler Of The Home 

Harley – hare’s meadow

Harmon – Soldier

Harper – Harp Player

Harrison – son of Harry

Harry – Army Ruler

Harvey – battle worthy

Hassan – handsome

Heathcliff – from the heath cliff

Hero – Brave One

Hobbit – hole-dweller

Hon – wise

Honey – Sweet as Honey 

Hugs – intelligence

Hun – meritorious deed

Hunk – attractive

Hunny – Aggressive

Henry – Lord

Herbert – Bright

Hezekiah – Yahweh strengthens

Holden – From The Hollow In The Valley

Homer – Pledge

Hudson – Son Of Hudd

Hugh –  Bright In Mind And Spirit

Hutton – settlement on the bluff


What may be the first question you ask a person? It’s her or his name. And that is what characterises your baby’s identification and creates the character that you wish will stand your beloved prince, charming face a lifetime. Get the baby boy’s name starting with the I letter.

Irving – green river

Isaac – He Will Laugh

Isaiah – God Is Salvation

Isaisa – God Is My Salvation

Izaiah – salvation of God


Your baby is flawless in every way. Are you fighting to select a name? Every parent might want a name that has a charming meaning showing uniqueness. The excitement can quickly get real, with each figure becoming better than the previous one. So let’s go through the list.

Jack – God Is Gracious

Jackson – son of Jack

Jacob – supplanter

Jadiel – One Who Will Judge

Jagger – carter

Jaime – may God protect

Jakob – may God protect

Jalen – God lodges

Jamari – handsome

James – supplanter

Jojo – Monday born

Jord – Daughter of Night

Jordy – farmer

Jose – God Will Increase

Josh – Yahweh is salvation

Joss – Little Goth

Joy – happiness

Jude – praised

Jules – Youthful

Jamir – Handsome prince

Jan – Yahweh is gracious

Jasiah – God helps

Jason – healer

Jasper – Treasurer

Jax – Son Of Jack

Jaxon – Son Of Jack

Jayden – thankful one

Jayson – healing

Jaziel – allotted by God

Jedidah – beloved

Jeremiah – God Will Uplift 

Jerry – May Jehovah exalt

Jesse – gift of God

Jett – Jet Black

Jimmy – Supplanter

Joe – God Will Increase 

Johan – God Is Gracious

John – God Is Gracious

Johnny – Jehovah has been gracious

Jonah – dove

Jonas – A dove

Jonathan – God Has Given

Jordan – To Flow Down

Joseph – God Will Increase

Joshua – God Is My Salvation

Josiah – God Will Save 

Judah – Praised

Jude – praised

Julio – Youthful


If you prefer a boy name that starts with K, choose a word from our boy names list. Discover cute names that modern parents love. The followings are the best choices you could ever have.

Kaisen – Happy and enjoy

Kamari – Moon

Kannon – Clergyman

Kareem – Gracious

Kase – box

Kasen – Pure

Kashton – Money

Keaton – Where hawks fly 

Keith – forest

Kellan – slender

Kent – Coastal Land

Kian – ancient

Kieran – Dark

Kade – Sturdy

Kal – Strong

Kale – Man

Kam – God of fire

Kar – Curly Haired 


Kay – Rejoice

Keat – Shed Worker

Kingsley – king’s wood

Knox – round hill

Kobe – Supplanter

Kohen – priest

Kolton – Cole’s Town

Korbin – raven

Kyree – Harsh ruler

Kyson – son of Kyle


Still, are you trying the perfect name for a boy? This following list of loveable Cute Boy Names starting with L is designed to help you out. Ranging from traditional to modern, the following terms set gives you all of the words you may fall in love and some that you have never heard of before. We won’t miss your sweetest boy names; make sure to see top to the list’s bottom.

Lachlan – From The Land Of Lakes

Lance – Land

Landon – long hill

Landyn – long hill

Langsten – From The Tall Man’s Town

Larkin – Like A Lark

Larry – Of Laurentum

Laurent – Crowned With Laurel

Lawrence – bright one

Layne – path or roadway

Lazarus – God has helped

Leandro – Lion Man

Lee – Field

Lennon – Dear One

Lennox – elm grove

Leo – lion

Leonard – lion strength

Leonidas – son of a lion

Levi – joining

Lewis – Famed Warrior

Liam – With Gilded Helmet

Lincoln – town by the pool

Lionel – Lion

Lloyd – gray-haired

Logan – small hollow

Luca – light

Lucas – Luminous

Lucca – Light

Luciano – Form of Luke

Lucius – light

Luka – light

Luke – bringer of light

Lyle – From The Island 

Lyndon – From The Flax Hill 


If you find the following boys’ names too cute to handle, you would be right. Names beginning with the letter M sounds elaborate, decadent, unique, over the top. Whether you want a pretty name to wish to steer clear of unusual characters, these are the best with a lush feel today.

Mack – son of

Madden – Little Dog

Magnus – great

Makai – Who Is Like God?

Marcello – Young Warrior

Marcelo – Young Warrior

Marcin – Servant Of Mars

Martin – Servant Of Mars

Marvin – great lord

Mason – Stone Worker

Mateo – gift of Yahweh

Mathan – Of Mars

Mathew – gift of Yahweh

Mathias – gift of Yahweh

Matthias – Gift Of God 

Mike – Who is like God?

Mikey – who is like God?

Milly – industrious

Milo – Soldier

Mine – resolute protection

Mini – of the mind

Minion – darling

Mitch – Who Is Like God?

Moe – to love

Moll – rebellion

Mondo – Butter

Morri – dark-skinned

Morris – dark-skinned

Mors – death

Maurice – Dark Skinned

Mauricio – Dark-skinned

Maverick – Wildly Independent

Max – Greatest

Maximilian – greatest

Maxton – Maccus’s town

Mekhi – Who Is Like The Lord?

Melvin – friend of justice

Memphis – Established And Beautiful

Micah – Who Is Like God?

Michael – Who is like God?

Mike – Gift from God

Milan – gracious

Milo – Soldier

Mitchell – Who Is Like God?

Morgan – sea-born

Morris – dark-skinned

Mortimer – From The Still Pond

Moses – Son

Moshe – Drawn Out Of The Water


Naming with a cute adorable name is one of the best ways to help your baby boy stand out in a crowd and rule the world. Some of today’s most popular choices are N names for Boys, including

Nathanael – God has given

Neil – Champion

Nelson – Son of the Champion

Nicholas – victory of the people

Nikolai – Victorious

Nikolas – victory of the people

Niles – son of Neil

Nixon – son of Nicholas

Noah – Peace

Noe – peaceful


No name is familiar. A name has a way of being called unique in sound, especially when they are attractive once it heard. Here are some of the long-lasting enchanting names starting with O? The following are the best Owen, Oscar, and Oliver.

Oakley – From The Oak Tree Field

Oliver – olive tree

Ollie – Elf Army

Omari – Speaker

Orion – Rising in the sky

Orlando – Glorious Land

Oscar – Spear of God

Otis – ear

Otto – wealthy

Owen – well born


Each name in our collection has a sweet meaning to it, so let’s go through them and find the perfect name for your big miracle. Choosing a significant name for your little boy can be quite a challenge. Let’s ride some unique names across the list.

Pablo – Small

Parker – park keeper

Paxley – peace

Payton – Patrician

Pharrell – king

Phineas – Oracle

Phoenix – deep red

Pierce – Rock

Prescott – From The Priest’s Cottage

Preston – priest’s town


Having the right name can go a long way in making him seem a lot sweeter in your others’ eyes. Settling an adorable name paired with an excellent middle name is one way to go. We always try to make every aspect of the name stand apart from the tradition. Let’s do the magic. Quaid, Quinn, and Quade are some.

Quentin – fifth

Quinn – descendent of Conn

Quinton – queen’s manor


Starting with Letter R, the following list provides you with some of the names that have unique sounds like hilarious, arrogant. Too much name? That’s for you to decide. If you’re looking for a sophisticated boy name that will set your son apart from the crowd, consider one of them.

Ralph – God heals

Ramon – Counsel Protection

Randy – shield

Raphael – God has healed

Raul – Wolf Counsel

Rayan – smart

Raylan – From The Rye Land

Reece – Passion

Reese – enthusiasm

Remy – Oarsman

Reuban – behold

Revy – Rich with Kindness

Rhett – Advice

Rich – Brave Ruler 

Richie – Brave Ruler 

Rick – Brave Ruler

Ricky – Brave Ruler

Ro – Red haired

Rob – Bright Fame

Robbie – bright fame

Robby – Famed

Rock – rest

Rod – island of reeds

Roddy – island of reeds

Ron – Counsel Rule

Roro – Nobility

Rory – red-haired king

Ross – Headland

Russ – Red

Rusty – Red Headed

Ry – horseman

Rex – king

Reyansh – ray of light

Reynard – Counsel Brave

Rhett – Advice

Rhys – enthusiasm

Ricky – Brave Ruler

Ridge – Ridge

Riley – valiant

Rio – River

River – Stream Of Water 

Robert – bright fame

Robin – Famed

Rocco – Rest

Rodrigo – famous ruler

Rohan – the red

Roland – famous land

Romeo – From Rome

Ronald – Powerful

Ronan – Little Seal

Ronin – well-advised ruler

Ross – Headland

Rowen – red-haired

Roy – Red

Royal – Of The King

Royce – Of A Famous Kin

Rupert – bright fame

Ryan – Little king

Ryland – From The Rye Land 


It’s not your chance to decide what your name is. It is appointed after your birth by your parents. Don’t lose hope. That doesn’t indicate that someday you can’t change it to something entirely different & adorable. Whatever the reason you have, it has to lead you on this search for a handsome boy’s name starting with S. We have completely covered you! Please take your glance at the below list to see some of the great names for boys we could ever come up with. The reasons behind elaborate on why they are just so great!

Sage – wise and knowing

Samir – Pleasant companion

Sammy – listens well

Samuel – God has heard

Santino – Little Saint

Sasha – defending men

Saul – asked for

Sawyer – Wood Cutter

Scott – Person From Scotland

Sebastian – Venerable

Sergei – Servant

Seymour – marshy land near the sea

Silas – Man Of The Forest

Sincere – Honest

Skyler – Shelter

Soren – Severe

Stanley – stone wood

Stetson – Unknown


Look below for the categorized list of adorable boy names starting with the letter T? Some of these are still popular today. You may very well know men that always carry these names. Most of all, the boys’ names listed below are motivated by the beauty of nature, morals, and humanity’s uniqueness in the whole continent.

Tate – Cheerful

Tatum – Full Of Spirit

Taylor – clothed with salvation

Teddy – Divine Gift

Terence – Smooth

Thaddeus – courageous heart

Theo – Gift of God

Theodore – God-given

Thomas – twin

Tate – Cheerful

Tay – Tailor

Ted – Wealthy guardian

Teddy – Divine Gift 

Terry – power of the tribe

Tesoro – treasure

Thatch – roof thatcher

Tiago – may God protect

Tiger – Powerful Cat

Tigo – lucky

Tim – one who honors God

Timmy – God’s honor

Tiny – follower of Christ

Tobe – God is good

Thor – god of thunder

Timmy – God’s honor

Titan – powerful big man

Tobias – God is good

Toby – God Is Good

Tomas – twin

Tommy – A Twin

Tony – priceless one

Trenton – Trent’s town

Trevor – From The Big Settlement

Trey – Three

Tripp – The Third

Tristen – sorrowful

Ty – From The Land Of Eogha

Tyler – house builder


Let your imagination run free. Names starting with U provides you with creative. This list could also help, or maybe you are looking to change your character permanently. But for a baby boy, the following are the best. Let’s have a ride through the list of words starting with the letter u.

Uriah – flame of God

Uriel – God Is My Light


Some of today’s most popular cute choices are V names for boys, including. Despite all starting with V, each has its unique sound and flair. Challenge yourself to explore some adorable names that start with V. Here are some examples; Victor, Vito, Vander.

Valentino – Strength

Van – of

Vihaan – Dawn

Vincent – Victorious


Nothing can go wrong with a name begins with the letter W. As a new parent, it gives your baby a cute name that makes other people happy and laugh. Some of them are Will, Watson, and Wes.

Wade – Traveller By The Ford

Walt –  Army Ruler

Walter – army ruler

West – From The West

Westley – western meadow

Wilder – untamed

Willem – helmet

William – With Gilded Helmet 

Wilson – son of will

Wren – Small Bird

Wyatt – Son Of Guy


Your boy is a little miracle sent from above. Therefore, you’d, find that most have some familiar names used by most of them. Are you on the hunt of searching adorable terms for boys starting with X? Here are the best you could ever have.

Xavier – the new house

Xander – Defender Of The People


Are you searching for a unique and cute name for your baby boy starting with Y? Stay alert of the super chill baby names. Browse the list to find the perfect match for your little prince. Let’s have some fun. Some are York, Yuri, Yoel.

Yohan – God is merciful

Yusuf – To increase in power 


Twinkle, twinkle little boy. How will he be your heart with joy? Let’s ride through cut boys’ names starting with z like Zaiden, Zain, zany, Zion, Zack, and Zion.

Zachariah – The Lord has remembered

Zain – grace

Zander – Defender Of The People 

Zane – God Is Gracious

Zeke – God Will Strengthen

Zenith – The Very Top

Zack – laughter

Zacky – the Lord has remembered

Zany – crazy person

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