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Girl Names That Start With J – Most Beautiful List (2022)

Picking a child’s name can be a difficult task, yet we’re here to support it! Are you searching for only the ideal name for your beloved newborn girl? We’ve collected beautiful girl names that start with j to discover the top child names that are presently inclining. Jade, Julia, and Jane are only a couple of instances of infant young lady names that start with J. Quest for hundreds of additional names directly here.

Name Meaning
Jaabili  Full moon 
Jaana  A sea of bitterness 
Jaba  A flower called hibiscus 
Jab  A thin lady 
Jabirah  One who consoles others 
Jabrayah  Lovable 
Jacee  A flower 
Jacklyn  A woman protected by god 
Jacky  God is gracious 
Jacoba  Sup planter 
Jacqueline  God covers and protects 
Jacyn  Trouble 
Jada  God’s gift 
Jade  Pure goodness 
Jady  Beautiful green color 
Jafit  Beautiful 
Jahanara  Queen of the universe 
Jahmilla  Pretty woman 
Jelion  A restless individual 
Jeliana  A young girl 
jelia A beautiful gem 
Jelani  Strong 
Jehane  God is merciful forever 
Jeffie  One who is fair-minded 
Jeevika  Water 
Jeevankala  Art of life 
Jedidah   Companion 
Jeaselle  Fresher 
Jeanina  Merciful 
Jeanette  God is gracious 
Jeanee  God is kind and care 
Jeanae  God has heard prayers 
Jean  God is gracious 
Jhumpa  Charming 
jhoomer  People who are friendly and social 
Jhinuk  Truthful, intelligent and talented
Jhilmil  Full of sparkle 
Jherrico  A city of the moon 
Jhenna  Fair lady 
Jheel  Lake that is so quiet and calm 
Jharna  A stream 
Jhanvi  An educated person 
Jhansi  Wife of a king 
Jhankar  Saying something in a soft voice 
Jhalak  Sudden motion 
Jira  Having a good sense of humor 
Jionni  Gracious 
Jioni  Determined towards the aim and who has dynamic nature 
Jioina  Farmer 
Jinsy  God is gracious 
Jiniya  Flower 
Jinia  Having a calm, patient, tolerable and robust personality 
Jinger  Cheerful 
Jinelle  Sensitive 
Jindoiska   Ruler of the household 
Jinani  Paradise 
Jina  Curiosity to gain knowledge 
Jin Kyong  Truth 
Jin Ae  Treasure 
Jimmi  Positive and full of energy
Jimena  A Highly organised personality who is eager to know new things in life 
Jimanekia  Independent ethical and determined towards the goals 
Jilpa  A person who gives life to other 
Jillaine  Young person 
Jilian  Who loves to enjoy her young life 
Jileen  Genuine 
Jigya  Curiosity to know everything 
Jigruksha  A girl with a hope of knowledge 
Jigna  Always curious to discover the world 
Jigish  Superior 
Jifinder  A guy who has mesmerising and the amazing personality
Jibola  A child born with wealth 
jiao Beautiful and loveable person 
Jia  Understandable and a great person who is everyone’s favorite 
Ji yoo  Rich 
Ji woo  Wisdom 
Ji ah  Ambition 
Jnteya  The one who has a systematic and versatile knowledge and wisdom 
Joeanna  Smartest 
Jodhdeep  Brave warrior 
Jodee  Afflicted 
Jochebed  Gods glory 
Jocatta  Joy 
Jocasta  Joyful 
Jobina  Persecuted 
Joarder  Powerful 
Joanna  Merciful 
Joanie  God is gracious 
Joaida  Double personality 
Juli  Strong 
Juhi  Flower 
Juhainah  Darkness at the end of the night 
Judzea  The one who is praised 
Judith  Young 
Jude  Noble 
Judaea  The praised one 
Jubilee  Attain knowledge in every possible way 
Jubalia  Understanding and charm personality 
Juanetta  One who have no bounds to enjoy 
Juandalynn  Natural, nice, forgivable in nature 
Juana  Nice and unselfish 
Juail  One who blessed with the things from god 
Ju  daisy flower
Jvala  Blaze 
Jwalia  Flames 
Jwalamalini  Flame 
Jwala  Blaze 
Jwahir  Golden woman 
Jyotsna  Moonlight 
Jyotishmati  Glowing 
Jyotirmoyee  Lustrous 
Jyotirmayi  Luminous 
Jyotika Light 
Jyotibala  Light force 
Jyoti The light of the sun 
Jyothrimaayee  Bright 
Jyothi  Lamp 
Jyostna  Moonlight 
Jyl  Jupiter’s child 
Jyh  Flower 
Jyena  Princess 

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