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Most Common Russian last names (2022)

In this article, there are a lot of Russian last names formed from nicknames, reflecting not real character qualities of people, but imaginary. It is impossible to discover what is desired from reality. Surname determines which of the ancestors was bad and who is good, good or evil, brave, brave or cowardly is an empty idea. We give you the best collections of Russian last names for your newborn baby.

Ilyin – Son of Ilya

Nikolaev – son of Nikolaev

Semyonov – son of Semyon

Novikov – newcomer

Kuznetsov – blacksmith

Popov – Priest

Gusev – Goose

Titov – Son of Tit

Kuzmin – son of Kuzma

Sidorov – Son of Sidor

Bulygin – a large block

Vershinin – tall

Domninov – big

Kolbin – chubby, plump 

Zakomlistov- A nagging tree with a thick butt and a very thin peak

Karbyshev – short but tight

Korepanov – pockmarked

Kaptashov – burry

Kochupa – tall

Kochemazov – dark-skinned

Pleschev – broad-shouldered 

Stamikov – set straight, upright.

Cherenkov – thin

Chechulin – large, healthy

Chinov – slim, skinny

Shitov – pockmarked

Scherbak – deprived of one or several teeth

Shavlov – burry

Cheryabin – pockmarked

Shvyrkaev – sniff

Izmodenov – exhausted

Kondovin – strong, healthy  

Akhidov – angry, envious.

Bagretsov – a short-tempered one

Baev – a talker, storyteller

Bahirev – a talker, a lover of boasting

Blazhenkov – happy

Bryndin – touchy

Buzilov – tough

Bulgakov – restless

Bulychev – corrupt

Byunkov – arrogant, proud

Biklaev – broken

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