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Girl Names Starting With A (2022)

First Young lady names beginning with A are wonderful works of art. Like there is an explanation that it is the most widely recognised first letter. So it happens when guardians are picking when naming their young ladies. So we can spell girl Names Starting With A with last names starting with a consonant.

As usual, when you consider picking child young lady names, be sure to match the main name you’re thinking about with your unique last name.

Few Examples for the Girl Names Starting With A

Name Meaning Origin
Aaroha Love Maori
Aamu Morning Finnish
Aasha Hope Indian
Aasta Love Turkish
Aba  Born on a Thursday Ghanaian
Abena Born on a Tuesday African
Abequa Home Lover African
Abigail Father of joy Hebrew
Abina Father of joy Hebrew
Abiona Born on a journey Hebrew
Abla Smart Arabic
Abra Earthmother Hebrew
Abrina Mother of many nations Italian
Abyan The prominent one Arabic
Acacia Honourable Greek
Acanit Hard times Ugandon
Acantha Sharp Greek
Accalia Foster mother of Remus Latin
Acelin Noble Teutonic
Anona pineapple Latin
Aricia Princess of athens Greek
Ariel Lioness of God Hebrew
Arien Enchanted Latin
Arietta Melody Italian
Arika Waterlily Australian
Arleana Promise Irish
Armida Little armed warrior Latin
Armilla Warrior who wears a bracelet in battle Latin
Armina Warrior Teutonic
Arminda High degree Latin
Armine High ranking faithful Latin
Arnalda Strong Teutonic
Arnelle Strong Latin
Arnette Powerful like an eagle Latin
Arnhilda Eagle warrior German
Arnina Enlightened Singing Hebrew
Arnura Blue waterlily Australian
Aroona Running water Australian
Arora Cockatoo Australian
Arrow Arrow-like English
Artemis The Moon Goddess Greek
Artemisia Belongsing to Artemis Greek
Artha Bear Hindi
Artis Noble strength Scottish
Aruna Dawning light Sanskrit
Aselma Fair-haired Gaelic
Asha Truth Persian
Ashanti Life Swahili
Asher Happy Hebrew
Ashia Life Muslim
Ashira Wealthy Hebrew
Ashley From the ashtree meadow Old english
Ashling Visionary Irish
Ashton Ash tree town Old English
Asola Island Italian
Aspasia Welcomed Greek
Aspen Aspen tree English
Asphodel Flower Greek
Aster Star Greek
Asteria Bright Greek
Astghik Shining star Armenian
Astra Star Latin
Astrid Star Greek
Astro Star Latin
Asuka Fragrance of tomorrow Japanese
Ata Dawn Tongan
Ataahua Beautiful Maori
Atalaya Guardian Spanish
Atamai Intellect Arabic
Atara Crown Hebrew
Athalia God is praised highly Hebrew
Athalie The mighty Lord Hebrew
Athanasia Immortal Greek
Athela Noble Teutonic
Athena Goddess of wisdom and war Greek
Athure Bream Polynesian
Atida The future Hebrew
Atira  Prayer Hebrew
Atlanta Swift runner Greek
Auberte Bright French
Aubrey Reddish Old French
Aubrianne Powerful German
Aud Wealthy Icelandic
Audrey Noble strength Old English
Audris Fortunate German
Auguta Royal Latin
Aulani Royal messenger Hawaiian
Aura Gentle breeze Latin
Aurelia Golden Latin
Aurora Greek goddess of the dawn Latin
Austine Little majestic one Latin
Autumn Fall season Latin
Ava Bird like Latin
Ava-kate Eagle and purity Greek
Avalon Island Latin
Avara The youngest child Sanskrit
Aveline Hazelnut Teutonic
Avena Oats Latin
Avera To go beyond Hebrew
Averil Boar Battle Old English
Avery  Confirmation Old French
Avice Warrior Latin
Avis Sanctuary in battle Latin
Aviva Fresh Hebrew
Avoca Sweet valley Tongan
Avona From the Avon river English
Avrill Born in April Old English
Awee Baby Navajo
Awena Poetry Welsh
Aya  Swift bird Hebrew
Ayanna Innocent Hindi
Ayana Angel Swahili
Ayasha Life Persian
Ayesha Youngest child Arabic
Ayishah Prosperous Arabic
Ayita First to dance Cherokee
Ayla Oak Tree Hebrew
Ayesha Life Persian
Aza Comforting Arabic
Azalea Flower Greek
Azariah God aids Hebrew
Azelia Helped by God Hebrew
Azora Sky-Blue Arabic
Azubah Abondoned Hebrew
Azura Blue lapis stone Persian
Azzra Innocent One  Hebrew


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