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Most Uncommon Spanish Last Names (2022)

Go through our whole article of Most Uncommon Spanish Last Names that are used as first names in different countries to find a suitable name for your baby.


The most common meaning of the Garcia surname is the “descendant or son of Garcia”. The first name Garcia is having an uncertain origin. However, the given name Gerald is a Germanic name meaning “rule of the spear,” from the elements ger (spear) and wald (rule).

Fernandez  – Spanish Last Names

This surname meant to be “son of Fernando,” with Fernando being a given name meaning “journey,” or “venture.” Found throughout Spain and the Hispanic world.


This surname originated as a nickname applied to travelers from the western Roman who had to pass through the eastern empire on their way to the holy land in Israel. So the word romero means “a pilgrim or one who visits a shrine. The Romero surname originated in the Spanish areas, principally.


It has Spanish origins, and Gome means “man.” Eventually, Gomo is a pet form of Gomesano, composed of old Spanish elements meaning “man, path.”


This last name means “son of Rodrigo. The given name Rodrigo is the Spanish form of Roderick, meaning “famous power” or “powerful ruler,” which derived from the Germanic elements ric, meaning “power and “hrod, meaning “fame.”


This surname means “son of Gonzalo”. The given name Gonzalo comes from the old name Gundisalvus, which was the Latin form of a Germanic name made of the elements gund, meaning “battle.”


This name is a Hispanic surname on a person who lived on a riverbank. The name is also for someone from the places named Rivera. So it has a northern Italian variation of the surname Ribera, which has the same meaning as above.


This surname is meaning “son of Vasco.” So the given name Vasco derives from the old Spanish name Velasco, which meant “crow” in Basque.

Lopez – Spanish Last Names

This surname means “son of Lope.” Lope comes from the Spanish form of Lupus, a Latin personal name meaning “wolf”. So the Lopes variation of this surname originates from Portugal.


This last name was original as a nickname for a thin person, from the Spanish/Portuguese Delgado, meaning “thin, slender.” The term originated from the Latin delicatus, meaning “dainty” or “exquisite.”

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