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50 Most Popular Women Names In The World (2022)

Here we give you the most popular and beautiful names for your little girls. So you will be able to name your baby girl with one of these wonderful names. Here are the 50 most popular women names in the world..

Top 50 Most Popular Women Names Start with A

Aliyah- to rise up

Arabella- Answered prayer

Anastasia- Resurrection

Amy- Dearly loved

Alina- Fair

Angelina- Word

Adaline- Noble

Top 50 Most Popular Women Names Start with B

Butorin – quickly speaks.

Butuzov – stubborn, out of ears

Bivalcev – experienced

Brooke-Near the small stream

Basman – cramped, printed bread

Top 50 Names Start with C

Charlie- Word

Cecilia- Blind

Callie- Most Beautiful

Clara- Bright

Catherine- Pure

Chernobaev – a poor speaker

Chipmunk – flour talker

Top 50 Names Start with D

Daniela- God is my judge

Daisy- Flower name

Dodonov – awkward.

Dorkin – spoiled, sad

Top 50 Most Popular Women Names Start with E

Esther- Star

Elise- Consecrated to God

Eloise- Renowned in battle

Emerson- Son of Emery

Top 50 Names Start with F

Fiona- Fair


Top 50 Names Start with G

Garkunov – a screamer.

Gorchakov – sarcastic

Glumov – a mocker

Genevieve – White wave

Groza – barley porridge.

Names Start with H

Harmony- Unity

Names Start with J

Jordyn- To flow downward

Jocelyn- Derived from the name Gautelen

Julianna- Youthful

Names Start with K

Katyrev – remote, blowing

Kozyrev – important

Kopylov – proud, stubborn  

Kokorev – stubborn

Kropanev – the one who sprinkles works carelessly

Kosogorov – the one who is plotting and bullying

Kubarev – swift, quick

Kimberly- Kimber’s meadow

Khizhnyakov – a predator

Kavardak – tasteless cooking

Korsun – a tortilla from crushed bird cherry or bird cherry flour

Kulaga – steamed malted 

Kulesh – gruel, buttery custard

Names Start with L

London- A place

Laila- Born at night

Lily- Purity

Lucia- Light

London- Capital if the United Kingdom

Ledenev – cold, emotionless

Lezin – quick

Lyapunov – do something somehow 

Names Start with M

Molly – Bitter

Morgan – Circling sea

Mckenzie – Wise one

Mariah – Bitter

Mackenzie – Wise one

Mozhaev – skillful, energetic, talented

Mandrygnn – massive temper

Michurin – sullen, silent

Mikhryukov – awkward

Michkanov – a brawler

Names Start with N

Nicole- Victory of the people

Nova- New

Top 50 Most Popular Women Names Start with P

Payton – Warrior’s estate

Paige – Page

Presley – Medow

Polezhaev – lazy

Poletaev – fast

Paratov – reliable

Poryvaev – restless

Potemkin – secretive  

Potorochin – shot, upstart

Pyzhyanov – important

Presnyk – a cake made from barley flour with cottage cheese

Prisma – a treat, a snack.

Most Popular Women Names Start with R

Ryleigh- Courageous

Rachel- Ewe

Reagan- Little ruler

Reese- Passionate

Names Start with S

Sara – Biblical

Sgibnev – helping

Starodumov – one who holds on to old customs, respects them

Suvorin – stern, unsociable

Shalaev – crazy, daredevil

Shuttles – nimble, sneaky

Sheremetyev- rude, quick-tempered.

Shaburov – noisy

Shkutov – funny, laughing.

Popular Names Start with T

Teagan – Little poet

Trinity – Three

Talanov – lucky, happy

Top 50 Most Popular Women Names Start with U

Ugarin – a dodger, a tomboy

Names Start with V

Valerie – Exotic

Valnev – awkward

Varganov – careless in business

Vergazov – chattering

Vereshchagin – a talker

Verzakov – to fool, to be naughty

Voroshilov – active, restless

Varenets – cooked mixture

Names Start with W

Wengen – a crybaby

Top 50 Most Popular Women Names Start with Z

Zhikharev – daring, bold, funny.

Zavardin – a joker

Zabrodin – a tramp, turned on

Zavyalov – lazy, slow

Zamyatin – excitement, unrest, troublemaker

Zvorygin – quick-tempered

Zvyagin – screamer, crybaby

Zuev – fussy

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