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Cute Nicknames for Guys in 2022

Choosing a nickname for your baby boy is as essential as selecting his proper name. It is their nicknames that make the babies more adorable. Also, nicknames are what stay easily. So how do you reach with excellent nicknames for guys?

If you are searching for a cute and sweet nickname for your baby boy, do check our list! We have a lengthy list of trending guy nicknames, which are funny, unique, and lovely. We have sorted the nicknames in alphabetical order so you will feel easy to find the perfect guy name for your sweetheart. You can pick whatever you like. Here we go!


If you’re looking for a cute nickname for boys that’s as adorable as nothing found in the universe, look no further as the following list of charming heavenly names will suit your little one. Having a pretty name smells like roses to everyone! A signature is something that will become a significant part of a person’s life, whether they like it or not. So it’s essential to choose a suitable name wisely!

Aba – Father

Abe – Father Of Nations

Abhi – Fearless

Ada – noble

Addey – Noble

Adit – First

Ailia – Light

Aja – goat

Ajax – Of The Earth

Akira – Bright

Alfie – wise counselor

Alla – Other

Alladin – nobility of faith

Almond – noble protection

Alpha – The Greek Letter

Alula – first born

Angel – Messenger Of God

Anina – favour

Apollo – Destroyer

Apple – Fruit

Aqua – Water

Ara – worshiping

Arny – The eagle rules

Ash – Happy

Ashu – Happy

Astro – Of The Stars

Atom – Small but fast

Auburn – Reddish Brown

Aurora – dawn

Autumn – fall

Ava – Like A Bird

Avi – Father

Aya – holy

Azza – Roe of spring


Suppose you’re carrying a baby boy, congratulations! You have a long list of cute nicknames for guys to choose from. Whether you seek something adorable, attractive, friendly, quirky, or something a little more unusual, we’ve got you! We’ve rounded up cute names perfect for your little one. Let’s dig deep through the list, and I’m sure you’re going to love it.

Babes – Dawn

Baby – Dawn

Bean – Farmer

Babykins – address for a baby

Banshee – woman of the fairy mound

Barney – son of comfort

Bart – son of the earth

Bass – short

Bean – Farmer

Beanie – cloth covered button on the crown

Beck – brook

Beige – Lightest Brown/white Color

Ben – blessed

Benno – brave

Bento – blessed

Berrie – sea-green jewel

Bert – Bright

Bertie – bright

Binky – field of beans

Binny – blessed

Bitsy – pledged to God

Boo – girlfriend

Blitz – lightning

Blondie – a person with blond hair

Blueberry – Gift of god

Bob – Helpful

Bobby – bright fame

Boo – beautiful

Boxer – Fighter

Brad – Spirit

Bruno – Brown

Bubba – grandmother

Bubbles – Happy

Bubby – A woman’s breast

Bubloo – Good

Bubu – gives light

Bud – Messenger

Bug – beetle

Buggie – lambskin

Bunnie – victory bringer

Bujji – Lovely

Bumble – speak in confused way

Bump – stomach

Bunny – Little Rabbit

Burgandy – Dark Red

Buttercup – yellow wildflower

Butterfly – A Butterfly

Butternuts – Butternut tree, white walnut

Butters – servant working in a wine cellar

Buttons – button

Buzz – Village In The Woods


Indeed, you can’t choose your given name, as they are generally selected from your family, but if you’re not a fan of your name, you can change it legally, as long as you’re of age. Take a glance at this list of cute nicknames for boys and see if you’d prefer to set as your name. Check out this list and see what you think

Cadbury – fortified place

Cal – Bald

Cale – Dog

Candy – Dazzling white

Caramel – Sweet person

Carlito – Little Man

Cedric – bounty

Cerise – Cherry

Chap – Peddler

Chasey – dweller at the hunting ground

Chaz – Free Man

Chencho – harmless

Chepito – God will increase

Cherry – Dear one

Chet – fortress

Chickie – little one

Chickpea – small ram

Chill – farm near the well

China – From China

Choo – Butterfly

Chuck – full-grown

Cinnamon – The Spice

Citron – lemon

Clem – Gentle

Cloud –  Visible Vapor

Clove – A Nail

Coco – chocolate Bean

Coffee – inspiring a feeling

Cookie – Sweet Biscuit

Copper – Copper

Crimson – Dark Red Color

Cristal – Earth Mineral

Cubster – a person who is a little fat

Cupcake – Little sweet cake

Curt – Courteous

Cutiekins – Golden and cute

Cutie – cute


Coming up with a smart name, let him seem a lot cooler in your others’ eyes. While settling for some of the more cute names paired with an excellent last name is one way to go, We’ve always liked to try to make every aspect of the name stand apart from the tradition. A cool nickname lets you find your son’s character’s family history a little more easily.

Dan –  God Is My Judge

Danny – God is my judge

Darsh – Handsome

Dash – From The Ash

Dave – Beloved

Dearie – dear

Denn – God is my judge

Dev – god

Dex – right-handed

Dezi  Desired

Diddle – to trick

Diddles – to trick

Dillon – Born From The Ocean

Dimple – A Small

Diva – heavenly

Dolly – gift of God

Don – chief

Donut – small, spongy cake

Doodles – someone is bored

Doozer – outstanding

Dot – Gift Of God

Duke – the leader

Dunc – dark warrior

Duncan – chief

Dynamo – Power in Motion


Still, are you trying the pretty perfect name for a boy? This following list of pretty boy names is designed to help you out. This list gives you all of the names you love and some that you have never heard of before. We won’t miss your favourite lovely boy names, make sure to see top to the list’s bottom.

Ece – Queen

Eddie – Wealthy Guardian

Edi – my witness

Ege – legal guardian

Elle – she

Eme – brave

Enzo – home ruler

Esh – God

Evan – God is merciful

Eve – Living


Are you looking for a sweet nickname for your boyfriend? Check out our huge list of cute nicknames for guys. Choose one or choose many.

Felix – lucky

Fetchie – Successful

Fifi – May Jehovah add

Fink – Finch

Firebug – black insect

Fletch – arrow maker

Frank – free man

Fred – wise

Freddie – Peace Ruler

Fredo – magical counsel

Frisky – playful

Fuzzy –  a good impression;


Get ready for some fun, because you’re having a boy! Whether you’ve just had an ultrasound that announced this exciting news or already swaddled in your arms, it’s time to choose a baby boy name that will perfectly capture his handsome little features, adorable sounding coos rapidly emerging personality.

Gabby – hero of God

Gabe – God is my strength

Gem – a jewel

Gene – Well Born

Georgie – farmer

Gia – God Is Gracious

Gianni – God is gracious

Gibby – shining pledge

Giggles – laugh with repeated short catches

Gimin The Twins

Gin – Silver

Ginger – Reddish Orange Color

Gio – God’s gracious gift

Goofy – silly

Grange – farmer

Gummy – flesh around teeth

Gus – Great


Whether you seek a cool boy name filled with enthusiasm and energy or prefer a cute boy name that’s a little more relaxed or off-the-beaten-path, our lists of unique, uncommon, and most popular baby boy names will help you find the right fit.

Hal – Army Ruler

Half – Small

Halle – dweller at the hall meadow

Hamada – seashore rice paddy

Handsome – beautiful

Hank – Ruler Of The Home

Happy – good fortune

Hash – smile

Hazel – God sees

Hector – holding fast

Herm – soldier

Hobbit – hole-dweller

Honey – Sweet

Hope – Desire Of Fulfillment

Hubie – bright

Huggy – soft

Hugh – Bright In Mind And Spirit

Hughie – heart


Many new parents seek a balance between finding an unusual baby boy name or choosing easily recognizable ones and won’t be difficult to pronounce or spell. Of course, a name’s commonality can change over time – with some names holding a lasting appeal, and others enjoying only a brief period in the limelight. Whether you’re looking for a cute boy name that will stand the test of time or a more unusual one that will make your boy stand out, these lists of popular top boy nicknames can help you decide on the right one for your new baby.

Choosing a baby name is one of the most significant decisions you’ll make when you’re pregnant. Whether you’re looking for cute nicknames for guys, here’s some guidance to help you settle on the ideal option.

Ian – Gift from God

Ira – watchful

Ish – God

Isi – Deer

Ivi – Yahweh is gracious

Ivory – pale

Ivy – God’s Gift

Izzi – God is my oath


These are some of the cutest names for boys, which will correctly describe the character and sound great! Use them in real life to make the men feel loved!

Jade – stone of the side

Jake – may God protect

Jam – beauty

Jazzy – Modern

Jeb – beloved friend

Jelly – Food

Jerry – May Jehovah exalt

Jessi – wealthy

Jewel – Precious Stone

Jim – Supplant

Jimmy – Supplanter

Jina – named child

Jocko – God is gracious

Joe – God Will Increase

Joey – God increases

Jonty – Little John

Joy – great pleasure

Juancito – Little Juan

Juggernaut – overpowering


Are you looking for cute nicknames for your son, husband, or boyfriend? Want a fun way to express your affection for your man? Why not give him a cute nickname? Everyone loves a good nickname. In this list, we have compiled a long list of cute nicknames for guys.

Kal – Strong

Kale – Man

Kennie – handsome

Kev – handsome

Kiddo – children

Kiki –  new beginning

Kimi – Beautiful

King – Ruler

Kong – Bright

Kit – Christian follower of Christ

Kitten – Perfect

Kitty – Pure

Kris – follower of Christ

Krish – Harvest

Kyoto – capital city


A good nickname should incorporate a charming characteristic of the person that will possess the title. For instance, if the guy is a cutie, you can call him cutie pie. For a plus-size guy, a cute nickname could be Big Poppa or Big Daddy. If the guy is a good kisser, perhaps you can call him hot lips.

Laddie – Attendant

Lagniappe – a little something extra

Lando – Famous Land

Lara – Cheerful

Larry – Laurel crowned

Lass – A young woman

Lassie –  Young Girl

Laurie – sweet bay tree

Leia – Weary

Lem – devoted to God

Leo – lion

Les – holly garden

Lev – heart

Lex – man’s defender

Liam – With Gilded Helmet

Lil – Lily flower

Lilbit – A little bit

Lilman – Pure man

Lilly – Lily Flower

Lily – pure

Linc – colony at the lake

Lipo – fat

Litos – Free Man

Louey – Famous Warrior

Louie – famous warrior

Lulu –  Famous Warrior

Lux – Light

Lyla – night


You’re at that point in your dating or relationship that you want to call your guy by a unique nickname, but it has to be cute, so where will you find that? Don’t worry; we have a huge list of cute nicknames for guys, say them out loud to see how they sound, and choose two or three if he doesn’t like the one you have chosen.

Mac – Son

Mahogany – Dark Red Wood

Maple – piece of cloth

Margarita – daisy

Marley – pleasant wood

Marshmallow – Gift of God

Martini – Sense humour of a Goddess

Matt – Gift of Yahweh

Mauve – mallow plant

Max – Greatest

Maya – illusion

Mick – Who Is Like God?

Mickey – who resembles God?

Mico – A beautiful child

Mighty – Gift of god

Mike – Who is like God?

Milty – From The Mill Town

Mini – of the mind

Misty – Enveloped by mist

Mitch – Who is like God?

Moe – Dark Skinned

Monu – Son

Muddles – an untidy state

Muffin – My love

Munchkin – a nice friendly small child

Munchy – Romantic

Murphy – Descendant Of Sea Warrior

Myra – Behold


When it comes to selecting cute nicknames for guys, there are no rules as such. You either shorten the actual name or choose a name that suits him perfectly. The list below will offer you several examples of both. Have a look.

Naf – precious thing

Nan – Grace

Nanners – banana

Nat – gift of god

Nate – gift

Nayan – Eye

Ned – Wealthy Guardian

Neel – champion

Nen – Ancient Waters

Neven – never fading

Newt – a small salamander

Nico – people of victory

Ninja – girl

Nino – child

Nirin – Eternal

Nish – supreme

Nolon – champion

Noya – beauty of god

Nugget – Gift from god

Nutter – a keeper of oxen


Usually, we use nicknames to address our loved ones affectionately. Sometimes, if the real name is long, we shorten it naturally, and this shortened version becomes a nickname. However, if you are looking for a cute nickname for your baby boy, husband, or boyfriend, you either have to think of something that sounds nicer. More further search for a name that has a significant meaning.

Oats – a cereal crop

Olive – olive tree

Olo – famous throughout the land

Orange – orange tree

Oreo – loving

Ozzie – bear god


Choosing a name for your baby boy can be a tough decision. Do you go for a reliable, traditional name or something more unusual? If you need some inspiration, look through the list

Paddy – nobleman

Panda – Hope

Pandora – all gifted

Pat – Noble

Peaches – Persian Apple

Peachy – very satisfactory

Peanut – Ground Nut Legume

Pearl – Pearl

Pebbles – Small Rocks

Pepe – God increases

Pepper – Hot Spice

Peppermint – mint

Perry – Dweller By The Pear Tree

Pete – Rock

Phil – Lover Of Horses

Pini – dog

Pinky – Of goof health

Pip – Lover of horses

Plum –   a plum tree

Pluto – Roman God Of The Underworld

Pooh – Little One

Poppet – a small child

Poppy – Poppy flower

Potato – Coming from the ground

Prince – chief

Pumpkin – The yummy love of my life

Punkin – Pumpkin

Punky – happiness

Puri – City


If you want to name, something strong and thoughtful, check out this list of the best baby nicknames for guys to find inspiration.

Quillan – Cub

Quinn – counsel

Quinney – son of Crafty


As cute as the names we hear these days are, I also knew many could get dated, given enough time. Just look at how we don’t name our babies with the same ones that had been trendy during our generation.

Raaz – Secret

Racer – One who races

Radish – An edible root vegetable

Rafe – Wolf Counsel

Raffer – prosperity

Raul – Wolf Counsel

Ray – advisor and protector

Rex – King

Rey – King

Ria – sea of bitterness

Rich – a wealthy man

Rick – Brave Ruler

Ricky – Brave Ruler

Rish – Powerful and humble

Rob – Bright Fame

Rode – rose

Rodenka – red valley

Rodman – famous man

Rodya – hero’s ode

Rog – famous warrior

Rollie – Renowned in the land

Roo – Peace

Rookie – a cheat

Rose – a flower

Rosemary – Herb

Rosy – successful

Ruby – deep red precious stone

Rudy – Famous Wolf

Rum – liquor

Rusty – Red Headed


We looked instead to vintage, classic boy names, the kinds that have been around for at least a hundred years. At the same time, we also wanted the names to have a familiar ring, so that it wasn’t so old that it, too, would be dated.

Salsa – A type of Dance

Sam – God has heard

Sara – princess

Sasha – Defender of mankind

Sass – saxon

Satch – Love

Satin – shiny

Scarlett – Red

Scooby – Gift of joy, love, and laughter

Scout – to listen

Shane – Gift from God

Shay – admirable

Sheela – character

Sheen – Shining and luminance

Shelly – female sheep

Sherry – Darling

Shortie – extremely short

Short – small

Sia – Victory

Siddy – Gift of God

Siggy – victorious peace

Silly – foolish

Silver – A Metal Element

Simba – Lion

Simi – Rest

Sippy – beautiful

Slugger – Defender of Mankind

Smiley – Laughing

Smoochie – a kiss

Snicker – Never alone

Sniffles – sniff

Snow – Frozen Rain

Snuggles – Cozies Up To Human

Sona – wisdom

Spark – Gallant

Sparky – to scatter

Spartan – Simple

Spike – Long

Sprinkle –  splashing water

Sprout – begin to grow

Squirt – annoying person

Squishy – cute

Stan – Stony field

Stardust – Stars

Stinker – despicable person

Sugar – Sweet

Sugarplum – sweetheart

Sully – From The South Field

Sun – Sun

Sunny – happy

Sweetiekins – sweet

Sweetpea – very attractive

Sweets – pleasant

Sweetums – the awesomest person ever,


As cute as the names I hear these days are, I also knew many could get dated, given enough time. Just look at how we don’t name our babies with the same ones that had been trendy during our generation.

Tabby – Gazelle

Taco – A great provider

Taro – First-born Son

Tater – Popularity and orgin

Taterkins – Golden Popularity and orgin

Tawny – Golden Brown

Ted – Prosperous protector

Teddy – Divine Gift

Teddykins – Golden Divine Gift

Temp – temple settlement

Tequila – Goddess of the Moon

Theo – Divine Gift

Thunder – Stormy tempered

Thyme – Thyme Herb

Tigger – a Very Bouncy Animal

Tiki – waterfall

Tilly – battle-mighty

Tina – Follower of Christ

Tink – Love

Tinker – Cat

Tiny – follower of Christ

Titan – powerful big man

Tod – Fox

Tom – innocence

Toodles – baby

Tootsie –  A young lady

Topaz – Jewel

Topher – Christ Bearer

Topias – God Is Good

Tornado – thunderstorm

Trozan – ancient Troy

Truty – spear of strength

Turbo – a whorl

Tweety – sweetie

Twinkie – looks interesting or

Twinkles – Sporadically Light Up

Tyke – bitch


We looked instead to vintage, classic boy names, the kinds that have been around for at least a hundred years. At the same time, we also wanted the names to have a familiar ring, so that it wasn’t so old that it, too, would be dated.

Ubu – Ubu

Udi – my torch

Udo – peace

Udu – Star

Ugur – luck

Ujan – Upstream of a River

Uli – prosperity and power

Ulio – Youthful

Ulrich – Noble leader

Umber – shade

Uppu – salt

Uri – God Is My Light


If you are looking for inspiration and ideas for baby boy names that start with “V,” you came to the right place.

Varik – Defending ruler

Ved – sacred knowledge

Veer – Courageous

Vicky – Victory

Vin – conquering

Violet – Purple/blue Flower

Vitalik – Full Of Life

Viv – Alive

Vodka – Liquor


This list is full of unique, uncommon, unusual, rare boy nicknames. With an exclusive and an original name like this, your little boy will surely stand out.

Waddles – a small pocket of fat

Walt – Army Ruler

Whiskey – Old forester

Whit – good-natured guy

Whiz – intelligent person

Widdle – white hill

Waddle – of Odell

Wigglebum – A lazy or worthless person to wiggle

Wiggles – quick

Will – resolute protector

Willy – resolute protection

Winnie – gentle friend

Woody – From the lane in the woods


Here are some of our favourite’s influential boy nicknames starting with letter X

Xan – defending men

Xin – beautiful


Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart. Baby boy nicknames are unique in their own right, but their sweet melodic sounds are an added appeal. Take the old designation to differ, for instance, that seems to roll off the tongue. With that being said, here are a few unique cute boy names for your little son.

Yara – Small Butterfly

Yoki – Rain

Yoni – gift of Jehovah

Yore – Yarrow

Yurick – happiness


Words have meaning and names have power. We have you completely covered! Take a peek below to see some of the cute nicknames for boys starting with Z. We could muster up and the reasons as to why we think they are just so great!

Zabdy – God has given

 Zabi – Gift of god

Zach – God Has Remembered

Zara – Princess

Zeb – gift of Jehovah

Zena – Hospitable

Zeph – hidden by God

Zeus – God

Ziggy – Gift of God

Ziya – light

Zu – Knowledgeable and voracious reader

Zuzu – sweet

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