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Cute Girl Names That Start With D (2022)

We bring to your attention a list of female names starting with the letter D and their meanings. For a Cute Girl Names That Start With D, such character attributes as reflection, appreciation, an inclination to extrasensory observation. So the proprietor of the name is inalienably family situated. He is always prepared to take on any business, totally without speculation whether he can adapt to them completely. Regardless of everything, he will attempt and consistently go towards the planned objective.

Moreover, one can take note of the outside spectacularity. Baby girl is independent, however inclined to the conclusion in her inner world. On the other hand that the letter “D” is in the focused on a syllable in the name, at that point, the illustrious stockroom is particular to an individual. Therefore such an individual is exhaustive in his activities and has incredible force. Then If the name starts with the letter “D,” at that point, its proprietor will appreciate noteworthy accomplishment in the public eye, without putting forth any uncommon attempts.

The holder of Girl Names That Start With D has an absence of enthusiasm for her character, which is frequently showed without brilliance. Such an individual is regularly denied consideration. So these benefits infrequently value her. For individual delegates, such a quality as gloating is a trademark. What’s more, they can guard their very own advantages.

Dyna – justified; spear ruler

Dana – God is my judge

Denmark – flat land

Darren – Bewitched

Darina – gift

Daria – sea

Daryana – to possess, who owns/possesses the well, who maintains the well

Deborah – bee

Daisy – day’s eye

Delia – born on the island of Delos

Dolphin – a ‘fish’ with a womb

Derion – Upholder Of The Good

Deya – of God.

Diana – heavenly, divine

Dilara – “she who is pleasing” or “what makes heart beautiful.”

Dilbara – Close to Heart

Dina – From the valley

Dinara – treasure

Diodora – the gift of Zeus

Dionysius – God of wine

Dobrava – oak

Dolores – Mary of the Sorrows

Dominica – of the Lord

Dora – Gift

Dorothea – Gift of God

Dragomira – He who cares about peace or He who is very precious

Drosera – dew of the sun

Dag – good

Daina – song of

Dayaan – flying

Dalya – a flower of

Damir – iron

Damla – a drop of

Dan – granted by

Daniela – God is my judge

Danica – morning star of

Daniela – God – my judge

Daniella – Almighty – my judge

Dariko – God’s gift

Darina – donated by

Daria – leading

Daria – bestowed by

Dah – beautiful

Dakha – beautiful

Dacia – from the ancient country of Dacia

Dayana – divine

Devi – goddess

Dekabrina – from the name of the month

Dolphin – dolphin

Demeter – divine mother

Denise – sea

Denis – belonging to the God Dionysus

Desislava – achieved fame

Dessegul – a bouquet

Children – silver

Deshi – gold

Dzhyrgal – nice

Diana – divine

Diarra – gift

Diviya – divine

Dide – mother

Diya – dazzling

Dilara – beloved

Dilpazir – captivating

Discuz – compassionate

Dilkhokh – beloved

Dilbar – charming

Dilnaz – graceful

Dilya – beauty

Dilyara – beauty

Dimitar – dedicated to Demeter

Dean – court

Dinara – precious coin

Dobrogneva – steadfast in anger

Dobromila – kind and sweet

Dobromir – kind and sweet

Dobronega – kind and gentle

Dobroslava – glorifying kindness

Dolores – grief

Dominic – who belongs to the Lord

Domizia – tamed

Don – woman

Donaldina – power

Doren – grim

Dorin – from the Dorin people,

Dorish – the grief of

Dragan – the beloved of

Dragomir – more precious than the world

Dunla – the mistress of

Durra – pearls of

Duster – daughter

Oregano – the spirit of

Dyzhin – silver

Delbee – the petal of

Densham – the good truth

Dahanef – bright

Durli – the pearl

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