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Pretty Girl Names in 2022

Still, are you trying the pretty perfect name for a girl? This following list of pretty girl names is designed to help you out. Ranging from traditional names to flower names, the list gives you all of the names you love and some that you have never heard of before. We won’t miss your favorite pretty girl names, make sure to see top to the bottom of the page.

What are the Top 10 Prettiest Girl Names?

Below is the list of Top 10 prettiest girl names with meaning as our record. 

  1. Aurora- Dawn
  2. Bianca-White
  3. Emma-Whole
  4. Gabriella- God, is my strength
  5. Madelyn- Place
  6. Natalie- Born on Christmas
  7. Olivia- Olive tree
  8. Scarlett- Red
  9. Valentina- Healthy
  10. Zoe- Life



Agata- Good


Alda- Noble

Alice- Strong 

Anna- Beautiful grace

Arianna-Chaste or holy

Alfonsia- Ready

Alma- Soul

Alonza- Ready for battle

Andria- Love

Asia:-Sunrise or east

Aurora- Dawn

Anita- Grace

Anetta- Favour

Armide- Little armed one

Alexandra- Defender of Mankind

Annabelle- Joy

Andrea- Manly

Alyssa- Rational

Adalyn- Noble

Arya- Noble Goddess

Aliyah- To rise up

Arabella- Answered prayer

Anastasia- Resurrection

Alina- Fair

Alina- Fair

Adaline- Noble

Angelina- Word

Ariana- Silver

Aaliyah- To rise up

Audrey- Noble strength

Aurora- Dawn

Addison- Son of Adam

Aria- Melody


Ava- Voice

Abigail- Joy

Autumn- Born in the fall


Alice- Noble

Aubrey- Elf ruler

Alexis- Defender of Mankind

Amy- Dearly loved

Anna- Mother


Belinda- Beautiful girl

Belladonna-Beautiful woman

Benigna- Kind


Brooke-Near the small stream

Brianna- Strong

Bailey- Steward


Bambi- Little one

Brielle- Hill

Brooklyn- Small stream

Bella- Fair




Carolina- Strong


Celia- Heaven

Chloe- Young

Callie- Most Beautiful

Cecilia- Blind

Charlie- Word

Cora- Maiden

Caroline- Fee man

Claire- Bright

Camila- Perfect

Catherine- Pure

Clara- Bright

Charlotte-Free man


Daniela- God is my judge

Daisy- Flower name

Delilah- Seductive

Delilah- A flower


Eleanor- Shining light

Esfir- An ancient goddess

Elida – Winged

Eva- life or living one

Elizaveta- Devoted to God

Elina- Torch

Ellie- Eleanor

Ella- Fairy

Emilia- Industrious

Eva- Life

Eliana- Daughter of the sun

Eden- Delight

Eliza- Flower name

Emerson- Son of Emery

Esther- Star

Eloise- Renowned in battle


Evelyn- Life

Emily- Striving

Elizabeth- God is my oath

Elise- Consecrated to God


Faith- An enduring belief that does not need proof

Fiona- Fair


Ginevra-Fair one; it is the Italian form of Jennifer.

Gioia-Jewel or precious object

Giorgia- farmer

Giulia- Youthful

Greta- Pearl

Gabi-Woman of God

Gabriella- God, is my strength

Genevieve- White wave

Grace- Lovely


Hachi – eight

Haia- Nimble


Hanae -blossom

Hanako – Blossom

Hanami- flowery



Haruhi -spring day

Haruka – far off

Haya -Quick

Hotaru- Firefly

Humiya- Healthy

Hadley- From heaven

Harmony- Unity

Hannah- Favor

Harper- Minstrel

Hazel- The Hazel tree


Ivy- Red

Isla- From Islay

Ivy- Vine

Isabel- Devoted to God 

Iris- Rainbow

Isabella- Variation of Elizabeth


Jasmine- Flower famous for its sweet fragrance

Julia- Youthful

Josephine- May God give increase

Jade- Jewel

Juliana- Youthful

Jordyn- To flow downward

Jocelyn- Derived from the name Gautelen

Julianna- Youthful


Kate- Clear

Karina- Pure

Katiya- Perfect

Katharina- Pure

Karine- Beloved friend

Katja- Holy

Karyna- A keel of the ship

Katrin- Clean

Katenka- Pure

Kimberly- Kimber’s meadow

Khloe- Green

Kayla- Crown

Kaylee- Precious personality

Katherine- Innocent

Kennedy- Helmet-Head


Larissa- Cheerful

Lejla- dark as night

Lena- Hard

Leyla- Night

Lidia- Nature

Liubov- Love

Lillian- Purity

Lucia- Light

Laila- Born at night

Lily- Purity

Lauren- Bay laurel

Leilani- Child of heaven

Liliana- Lily

Lucy- Light

Leah- Weary

London- A place

Layla- Night

Luna- Moon

Lily- A flower name

London- Capital if the United Kingdom


Maki -true  

Masako- Honest child

Masami- Elegant beauty

Masuyo- profit 

Mei – sprout 

Mila- Stork

Madelyn- Place


Madeline- High tower

Maria- Bitter

Melody- Song

Mary- Bitter

Margaret- Pearl

Morgan- Circling sea

Molly- Bitter

Mckenzie- Wise one

Mariah- Bitter

Mackenzie- Wise one

Madison- Son of Maud

Mia- Beloved


Nicole- Victory of the people

Naomi- Pleasant

Nova- Butterfly

Natalie- Born on Christmas

Nova- New


Olivia- Olive tree


Penelope- Weaver

Payton- Warrior’s estate

Paige- Page

Piper- Who played the flute

Paisley- Colorful fabric

Presley- Medow


Quinn- Wise


Riley- Brave

Reagan- Little ruler

Rachel- Ewe

Reese- Passionate

Ryleigh- Courageous

Rose- Flower name

Ruby- Red jewel


Sara- Biblical

Sophie- Friendly

Sydney- Uncertain

Scarlett- Red 

Sophia- Wisdom

Serenity- Calm

Samantha- Listener

Skylar- Sky

Sarah- Princess

Savannah- City in Georgia

Stella- Star


Taka – Honorable 

Takako -Aristocrat

Takara – treasure

Take – bamboo

Taki- waterfall

Tamaki- Bracelet

Tami- People

Tamiko – Beauty

Taru – Large Sea

Tatsu Dragon

Tatsuo -Female dragon

Taura – Lakes

Teruko -Shining baby

Toki – Opportunity

Tokiwa – Constant

Tomiju – Longevity

Tomo -knowledge

Taylor- Tailor

Teagan- Little poet

Trinity- Three


Ume-Blossom of plum

Umi – Ocean

Utano – Field of songs


Vasilisa- Queen

Venera- Beloved

Vera- Faith

Verochka- Truth


Viktoria- Victory

Valentina- Healthy

Victoria- Victory

Valerie- Exotic

Vivian- Exotic

Violet- Happy Girl


Willow- Peaceful


Zoe- Life

Zoey- Life

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