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Best Biblical Girl Names (2022)

Finally, the time has arrived to decide on which names to add to your list for your unborn bundle of joy. The options are limitless. You can select the unique ones, popular ones, ones with better meaning, and even more loveable names. Moreover, you want your baby’s name to reflect your family’s belief in God and the fact that they are life’s miracle. Are you in need of Biblical girl names? So don’t go further looking than this list.

The following names are for anyone who wants their baby to grow up to be someone proud of their faith every step in life. If you’re looking for a unique biblical girl’s name, this Biblical baby names list can wonder you to add a few desirable options to your list.

If you’re searching for the perfect Biblical name for your baby girl, you’re sure to find it on our list. We’ve come up with a lot of adorable names, some of which are very popular nowadays and some that are uncommon and beautifully unique.

The Bible and also Christian history is rich with fascinating women scriptural biblical names for girls and children– from Abigail to Zipporah. Consider among these biblical girl names with a solid definition for your infant girl.

Elizabeth An enduring standard, Elizabeth implies, “consecrated to God.” It was the name of John the Baptist’s mommy in the Scriptures. Moreover, Elizabeth Seton, the first American saint. There is a massive variety of label options (including Eliza, Lisa, Beth, Betsy, and also Ellie, to name a few). Then it’s not surprising that it’s still in the top 15 child names for girls.

Magdalene Trying to find an exciting way to get to that Maggie label? It has a connection with one of the lots more intriguing females in the New Testimony, a follower of Jesus. The name indicates “tower.”.

10 Incredible Christian biblical boy names

Agnes Some saints bore the name Agnes, a Greek name that means “pure.” It became as one of the top names at the turn of the 20th century, and also appears positioned for a rebound.

Clare Popular Saint Clare of Assisi sported this wonderful name that means “brilliant.” The more preferred punctuation Claire remains in the top 50, while Clare remains in the leading 800.

Veronica One of the more remarkable stories in the New Testament surrounds this name. It is the female who wiped the face of Jesus as he dragged his cross to Calvary. His face promptly inscribed in her cloth. The name implies “victory bringer,” and also it’s presently in the top 400 biblical names for girls in the UNITED STATE

Nevaeh This freshly minted Christian name is paradise spelled in reverse. It’s been a top 100 name since its development at the turn of the 21st century.

Christian Biblical Girl Names

On the hunt for Christian child names? Utilize our listing to discover the great name.

Noelle Perfect for December children, this pleasant name literally implies “Christmas.”.

Mary One of the majority of long-lasting infant names of perpetuity is Mary. This name bestowed upon the mommy of Jesus. It topped the charts for years, as well as currently is still in the leading 150 names for girls. Variants like Marja, Marin, or Marelle might be a means to restore this traditional, which suggests “bitter.”.

Theodora A name that means “gift of God.” Theodora has a link to a very early martyr as well as aristocracy from the Byzantine Realm and Greece.

Hope The “merit” names– like Confidence, Charity, and also Felicity– have been prominent in Christian circles for centuries. Yet Hope may be the most preferred of all Biblical Girl Names.


Abigail- An excellent meaning for a proud father.

Abihail- The father is strength’. A mighty, unique name from Hebrew origin.

Abishai- This Hebrew name means the presence of my father.

Ada- A beautiful name of German descent meaning nobility

Adah- This name means ‘assembly’ and is a Hebrew name.

Angela- It is a Greek name meaning angelic

Anna- Hebrew ascent meaning grace

Ariel- Ariel is a Hebrew that means ‘altar; light or lion of God’

Artemis- means’ whole; sound’. An awesome Greek name.

Atarah- This Hebrew name means crown


Bathsheba- Hebrew descent, this name means daughter of an oath

Bethany- The house of song

Bethel- The home of God

Beulah- This Hebrew name means married

Bilhah- It’s a Hebrew name meaning which is old or confused.


Candace- from Ethiopian descent, this name means who possesses contrition.

Charity-A Latin name that means dear

Chloe- This adorable name has a meaning of ‘young green shoot’ and Greek descent.

Claudia- Latin name meaning lame

Biblical Girl Names starting with D.

Damaris- A little woman, a great Latin name

Deborah- Hebrew descent that means bee

Delilah- It is of Arabic origin means to flirt.

Dinah- says God will judge. This name is of Hebrew descent.

Drusilla- It means ‘fruitful’ and is of Latin descent.


Eden- pleasure; delight. It is a Hebrew name.

Edna- pleasure; delight’.

Elisha- It is a Latin name meaning the salvation of God.

Elizabeth- saying ‘pledged to God’ and of Hebrew descent.

Esther- This cute name means star of Persian descent

Eva- This Biblical version is of Hebrew descent and means’ living; enlivening’.

Eve- Eve means ‘life’ and is of Hebrew descent.


Faith- This name is Latin and means’ loyalty; belief’.


Gabriel- which means “devoted to God” in Hebrew. This is a very precious character in the Bible because it’s the Angel Gabriel, who tells Mary that she is carrying God’s son.

Galilee- This name means ‘the province’ and is of Hebrew descent.

Grace-This Latin name means favor blessing.


Hannah- Grace and is of Hebrew descent.

Havilah-stretch of sand


Hope- expectation or belief


Jael- Cute and girly

Jasper- Treasure holder

Jemimah- as beautiful as the day

Jerusha- inheritance

Jewell- Delight

Joanna- God is gracious

Joy-This is an Old French name meaning happiness

Judith- The woman from Judea

Julia- downy; soft and tender hair


Keturah- incense and is of Hebrew descent.

Keziah- cassia tree


Leah- weary

Lillian- elegant flower, a symbol of innocence; purity; beauty’.

Lillith- Adorable

Lois- better

Lydia- The woman from Lydia


Magdalen- The woman from Magdala or high tower

Mara- bitterness

Martha- lady

Mary- Bitter

Mercy- compassion, forbearance

Michal- who is perfect

Miriam- wished-for child

Myra- pour out; weep


Naomi- pleasantness

Neriah- Light or the lamp of the Lord


Olive- fruitfulness; beauty; dignity

Oprah- dust; lead; a fawn

Orpah- A fawn


Paula-small; little

Peninah – unique and beautiful.

Prisca- Ancient

Priscilla- Ancient

Biblical Girl Names starting with R

Rachel- Ewe

Rebecca- Fat; fattened and a quarrel appeased

Rebekah- This lovely name is of Hebrew origin.

Rhoda- A rose

Rose- A rose

Ruby- The red gemstone

Ruth- compassionate friend


Salome- peace

Sarah- princess

Sarai- Lady and princess

Sharon – song

Sherah- flesh relationship

Shiloh- order, and abundance

Shiphrah- handsome; trumpet; that does good

Susannah- lily


Tabitha- gazelle

Tamar- date palm tree. It is a Hebrew name.

Tamara- palm or date palm; palm tree

Terah- to breathe; scent; blow

Tirzah- benevolent or pleasing


Victoria- victory


Zemira- song; vine; palm

Zilpah- distillation from the mouth

Zina- A Greek name for any baby girl.

Zipporah- bird

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