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Black Last Names (2022)

 In the United States,’ African Americans were considered a “black” race. It was about the typical habit of human beings to have a naming system that can be related to people of their kind. Therefore, you’d, find that most African Americans have some common black last names, which are used by most of them. It is not rare to see people of a certain race with common last names since it’s regarded as trying to identify with those of your kin.

Black Last Names starting from A

Ames. –  A friend or a beloved

Akers –  arable land

Appling – Appolonia

Alvarez – son of Alvaro

Almond – noble protection

Abercrombie – the mouth of the bendy river

Abebe – Blossomed; grown

Arline – manly

Alex – man’s defender, warrior

Ardoin – Friend, Wine

Ancrum – a bend in the river Ale

Atchison – the son of Archibald

Acker – field

Ard – One that commands

Black Last Names starting from B

Blevins – wolflike

Burkes – burg

Bienaime – someone who lived in Gascony

Bunton – right little pet

Bibb – nursery

Byars – Bye

Beckles – meadow

Beaver – a place with a beautiful view

Berryman – one who dwelt at the castle

Burr – hill

Brower – a person who made beer

Belt – strap maker

Bird – nestling

Berger – someone who lived in the mountains 

Bent – Blessed

Bester – keeper of beasts

Body – trunk

Brazil – strife

Braithwaite – clearing

Babineaux – from a pet form of Babin

Blakley – dark wood

Belin – Gift of god

Belizaire – trustworthy

Bobby – bright; shining

Bartee – bearded one

Brigham – little village near the bridge

Byron – cowshed

Branson – son of the raven

Barnhill – a person with brown hair

Burleson – to dress

Boose – a stall for a horse

Bost – tree

Byas – house

Bone – good

Brutus – heavy, dull

Bacote – Luck

Baynes – Poet, A traveling ballad singer

Breen – moisture

Bigelow – big mound

Breckenridge – from Brackenrig

Boxley – a clearing in the forest

Booze – alcoholic drink

Boler – maker or seller of bowls

Bembry – bridge

Baptist – to dip

Barley – grower or seller of barley

Bizzell – deer

Benbow – to bend

Bounds – crowded

Broady – broad island

Block – stocks

Barham – homestead

Bosley – woodland clearing

Brickhouse – hill

Blakes – Son of Lake

Bourgeois – freeman

Blakney – The Black Island

Brant – Proud

Barthelemy – Son of a farmer

Bull – aggressive

Ben – blessed

Bangura – Warrior

Boggan – to bend

Boss – hunchbacked

Beacham – lovely

Bee – She who brings happiness

Blassingame – hill

Blakemore – black

Boynton – town near the Boyne

Bearden – hill

Batten – having many furrows

Burge – bowl

Brockman – someone who lived by a brook

Buxton – Brewing stones

Blanc – white

Batiste – Batiste

Belser – Thanks

Brevard. – short, brief

Bluford – everlasting

Benefield – area which beans are planted

Belgrave – beautiful grove

Bynes – makes you charming

Bastien – Venerable

Burts – fortified enclosure

Barefield – a person in the habit without shoes

Bennet – blessed

Last Names starting from C

Carver – a plowman

Coe – jackdaw

Cooksey – cock’s island


Carrier – a porter

Cline – small

Chenault – channel

Casimir – to spoil or destroy

Cromer – crow lake

Castleberry – Castel

Croft – who lived by an arable enclosure

Coakley – dweller near the cold ravine

Caird – worker in brass

Caine – cane

Charity – generosity, and humanity

Calixte – most beautiful or lovely

Crews – bold

Caudle – cold

Cobbins – lump

Cotton – cottages

Carty – loving

Claxton – those who lived near the clayey soil

Cousar – cheerful 

Curley – son of

Cesar – emperor

Colman – white dove

Coachman – who drove passengers

Cottman – person worked as a horse breeder

Colley – clearing with a hut or shelter

Clary – a herb seller

Cornell – horn

Culberson – Fair

Cullins – Handsome; a good-looking lad

Coombs – valley

Cauthen – old and thorn tree

Clardy – Bright

Caffey – the fair-haired victor

Copes – a cloak

Core – Heart

Custis – accomplished

Castro – castle

champagne – An exotic dancer

constant – faithful

Chappelle – Chapel

Carothers – Critters

Cauley – Relic

Creighton – farm

Cassell – Castel

Clack – lump

Cargill – The Stony Stream

craven – Crave

Crooms – bent

Criswell – Extremely attractive

Charlot – man

Crossley – Cross

Coggins – Hound of War

Chadwick – Town or village of Chad

Citizen – uncertain

Carnes – black

Crumbley – bent

Clarkson – son of the clerk

Black Last Names starting from D

Dunkley – woodland clearing

Dill – the son of Dilk

Dennison – the divine one of Nysa

Doby – bright, famous

Drummer – a ridge

Dexter – dye

Faraway – cross

Dorsett – sweet, pleasant

Devaughn – Original Celtic for divine

Duhart – one from a place called Uhart

Dalvert – calf

Downer – one who lived in an area of downland

Dunmore – great hill

Demby – Polish

Daly – one who is present at assemblies

Dowling – dull

Denmark – immigrant

Dell – valley

Dugas – untilled

Dover – the waters

Duplessis – one who lived by a quickset fence

Dones – woman

Daily – one who is present at assemblies

Dublin – Little Dobb

Dargan – red

Damon – to tame, subdue

Delva – of the valley

Dupont – bridge

Duren – the son of Durant

Donahue – battle

Draughn – son of Druachan

Danzy – nancy

Dunigan – brown

Dejean – of the gardens

Doucet – soft

Dawes – good

Dear – beloved

Davie – beloved

Denham – homestead

Duhon – thumb

Dendy – For someone who was a male, where it was initially used as a pet form of Andrew

Black Last Names starting from E

Ealey – ingenious

Emmanuel – God is with us

Everson – The son of Everard

Eddings – Son of Eadda

Ester – Star Or Myrtle Leaf

Earley – Early riser

Ethridge – Noble-ruler

Erving – Water

Erby – Descendant

Edgerton – Enclosure

Ebanks – A dweller by the yew-bank

Elkins – Jehovah is God

Eaves – The son of Eve

Emory – Home strength

Edmunds – Protection

Essex – East Saxons

Ely – Eel

Eddins – A person who resided near a physical feature such as a hill

Names starting from F

Fludd – to flow

Foust – fist

Ferdinand – daring or brave

Fultz – play a significant role in the tribal

Fain – fine

Fortenberry – influence in struggles for power

Ferebee – the village at the ferry

Fauntleroy – Defend the King

Fulcher – army

Farah – delight

Flakes – someone who lived near a swamp

Flemings – a Flemish person

Fenderson – Lords of the Mano

footman – foot

Frink – liberal, generous

Freeland – free + land

Fenton – marsh

Frazer – the generous

Findley – fair

Finklea – cheerful person who sings a song

Fenwick – outlying dairy farm

Funchess – always honest and true

Filsaime – beloved son

Fogg – someone who grazed cattle on grass

Featherstone – an ancient grave

Field – lived in an area of land

Names starting from G

Glaspie – the bishop’s servant

Giddings – good

Glasco – hollows

Guthrie – windy place

Gaillard – the bold or the joyous

Gayles – rowdy

Garnes – farm

Greathouse – big house

Gwynn – light

Goldsby – farm

Gayden – heathen

Gordan – spacious fort

Gaynor – white top head

Gravely – dead

Granville – settlement

Gallman – son of the battle chief

Granderson – Grandson

Greenfield – open country

Goosby – someone with bright yellow hair

Gethers – someone from either of two places

Griffiths – strong lord

Grover – hollow grave

Grimsley – wood

Gorman – dark blue

Grate – son of prosperity

Gossett – the son of Goce

Goodrich – famous

Goudeau – good

Glanton – Look-out hill

Grove – wood

Gillum –  a son of a protector in society

Goings – metalworker

Goods – a person who performed good deeds

Gauthier – armed

Gardiner – Little clearing

Granberry – Gem berry

Ginyard – yard with alcoholic spirit plants

Guilford – ford where the marigolds grew

Goodall – an innkeeper

Gleaton – Lords of the Manor

Gallon – rooster

Grantham – snarler

Ghee – son of

Goodwyn – Good wine

Golding – a friend of gold

Goldston – a farm or hamlet

Gammage – The Winding River

Gholson – Lord

Goodrum – battle snake

Ginn – a snare or trap

Names starting from H

Hartley – wood

Hurley – clearing

Holsey – a person who resided near a hill, steam

Hogg – yearling sheep

Hagler – farm

Hartman – brave and hardy

Haggins – young

Hutchison – heart

Hawk – a lord

Hite – someone who lived at the height

Hepburn – burial mound

Hewlett – the son of Hugh

Hornsby – farm

Handley – a wood

Hammock – Lords of the Manor

Holbrook – brook in a hollow

Hatfield – open country

Hair – stony ground

Harvell – battle or carnage

Hunte – a hunter

Hilson – son in a hill

Hollowell – spring or stream in a hollow

Hallman – someone who lived by a large house

Hurdle – herd

Hagins – young

Hazzard – a game of chance

Hymes – life

Hogans – a youth

Haynie – a male bird

Halliburton – homestead by a hazel grove

Hagood – son of the priest

Hockaday – An ancient festival

Hickerson – the son of Richard

Hathaway – way

Holcombe – deep hollow valley

Hoskin – a maker or seller of hose

Hickey – healer

Harewood – wood

Hatter – one resident by a hat-shaped hill

Helton – farmstead

Harwell – a spring

Harlan – one lived in the land full of hares

Hensley – woodland clearing

horsey – low-lying land

Black Last Names starting from J

Ireland – Irishman, and, territory

January – a Roman god of the beginning

Jeanty – heavy twilled cotton cloth

Judd – the one who speaks directly

Jarrell – spear-brave

Jason – the son of Judd

Jacks – supplanter

Jessup – may God increase

Jay – joyful, lively

Jimmerson – son of James

June – young

Jonas – dove

Jester – professional reciter of romances

Jama – blessed

Jean – The Lord is gracious

Jalloh – honest

Black Last Names starting from K

Keel – ridge

Kittrell – An influence envied by a princess

Kersey – island where the watercress grows

Kenny – love or affection

Kitt – a maker or seller of wooden tubs

Kershaw – one lived near the church-wood

Keeling – young codfish

Kimber – warrior

Kates – root gate (road or thoroughfare)

Kizer – Supreme ruler, king, ruler

Kinnard – top

Kuykendall – From the view of the valley

Kindle – The valley of the River Kent

Knuckles – the people

Kimber – wood

Names starting from L

Leaks – brook

Legrand – large

Lauderdale – a trench

Layton – herb garden

Leday – of the Liddel

Latson – bay trees

Loftin – house

Link – rising ground or a ridge

Leftwich – dear or beloved

Lopes – son of Mexico (Wolf)

Lightner – light place

Ladd – young man

Lawhorn – hunter

Laird – a landowner

Lance – land or territory

Louissaint – everlasting

Lumpkins – bright land

Leavell – wolf

Lockley – wood

Lesane – Freedom and justice

Leroy – The King

Lowman – hill

Loper – Loop

Lakes – a bog

Lampkins – Land

Lafayette – faith

Leisure – Happiness

Lagrone – lofty

Lovejoy – Joy in love

Lucien – light

Laing – tall

Names starting from M

Mondesir – my desire

Mckie – son of Aodh

Millner – mill

Mathieu – Gift of God

Munn – monk

Morrell – black man

Mahan – The Great One

Mcmichael – a son of the follower of St. Michael

Mock – to be heaped up

Mcclean – son of the servant of Saint John

Mclin – joy

Munford – a hill

McCollough – boar

Munroe – a man of Ro

Milburn – mill + stream

Mccutcheon – son of

Mars – marsh

Mcadams – earth

Mauldin – hill with a crucifix

Magwood – enclosure

Mendez – son or descendant of Mendel

Morsley – the grove or thin wood on the moor

Maloney – bald

Mckeever – son of Íomhar

Merrick – branch or fork of a road or river

Mickle – great

McFarlin – waves of the sea

Mance – a handle

Marlow – lake

Merrell – bright

Mackie – son of Aodh

Mcilwain – breathe

Macbeth – a religious person

Maurice – dark

McDougle – black

McEwen – born of yew

Millender – very rare mill

Moyer – son of the steward

Mckissick – son of Isaac

Maple – someone who lived by a maple tree

Murph – battle

McEachin – horse

Milan – grace

Mccary – son of the young

McMillion – son of the bald or tonsured one.

Mcphail – small

mickles – great

Middlebrook – a brook or stream

Miley – big and soft

Mckelvey – who is like God

Morning – the period before 12 pm

Milam – someone who lived near the old Roman town

Minnis – love

Names starting from N

Newberry – fortified town

Nathaniel – Gift of God

Northington – town

Nadiya – hope

Napoleon – Lion of Naples

Nall – a poor man

Nugent – new settlement

Nowell – Christmas

Nwosu – the son of a great warrior

Nation – uncertain origins

Neeley – champion

Names starting from O

Okafor – born on Afor

Odoms – old farm

Osei – noble or honorable

Osborn – Divine bear

Otey – a clearing

Olive  – olive tree

Ollie – elf army

Okeke – a boy born on Eke

Names starting from P

Phoenix – dark red

Pinkard – pick hard

Poteat – cheerful peacock

Peak – a top of a hill

Pegram – a person who had made a pilgrimage 

Pharr – a lusty person 

Patten – a maker or seller of clogs,

Pipkins – awe-inspiring, terrible

Pearsall – breeder of animals

Pryce – son of enthusiasm

Pankey – young noble

Pool – someone who lived near a lake or pond

Pye – a talkative or thievish person

Porterfield – a portion of land of the doorkeeper

Paxton – peace in a town

Pyles – stake

Peake – who came from Peak

Persaud – Gracious gift

Philip – horse

Percy – Pierce Valley

Pasley – to do handicraft

Pickney – village or town

Penson – a person of wealth

Pledger – one who pledges in a lawsuit

Prejean – John’s meadow

Pippins – foreigner

Priest – Dweller at the church

Pelzer – furrier

Plunkett – white

Plowden – the valley where sport takes place

Porch – a manor house

Prude – honorable woman

Pogue – a child of light

Names starting from R

Reyes – royal

Rochester – swift stream

Rhymes – king

Raphael – God heals

Range – naughty boy

Rome – Strength, power

Rufus – red-head

Rideaux – to fold

Rawlins – Son of Rolfe

Renfro – lotus as a God’s Gift

Raiford – Love

Rowan – little redhead

Register – enroll

Ritter – mounted warrior

Ransome – riverbank

Ramseur – hard work

Rahman – Gracious

Rambo – raven’s nest

Remy – oarsman

Rochelle – little rock

Rascoe – deer forest

Ralph – wolf-counsel

Rachal – To whisper

Ruiz – renown

Ren – water lily

Roe – Red haired

Rockett – the Little Rock

Regis – king

Rector – leader

Rounds – circle

Roque – Rock

Rasberry – a sweet rose-colored wine

Roney – the descendant of the champion

Names starting from S

Saxon – swordsman

Stover – a maker or seller of beakers or mugs

Simien – to hearken

Scarborough – fortress

Stitt – steer

Standifer – stone ford

Sonnier – Bell Ringer

Sealey – happy and blessed

Sumler – distribution

Sumner – a petty officer who warned people to appear in court

Senegal – a country on the coast of West Africa

Stringfellow – mighty partner

Surratt – Notable people

Sessions – a period of a particular activity

Seabrooks – slow-moving

Speaks – talks

Stclair – a person who resided near a hill

Shuford – towns, villages

Starnes – a stern person

Spear – a tall skinny person

Stratton – settlement

Steel – a metal

Strachan – valley

Square – slang for an old-fashioned person 

Stowe – a meeting place

Sellars – a merchant who worked in cellars

Spell – what is meant by a word or text

Sheard – Who lived by a gap between hills

Simmonds – to hearken

Stout – steadfast

Searles – protector

Simeon – Obedient

Shoulders – Someone with broad shoulders

Swinney – pleasant

Sankey – sacred

Southern – from the south

Seawright – victory-power

Sills – wood

Spratley – dweller at the sign of the sprat

Sorrells – the reddish color of dry leaves

Suttles – a smart person

Scriven – writer

Sain – who acted as a servant or attendant

Slayton – From the valley farm

Sangster – a person who was a singer or musician

Sylvain – wood, forest

Scaife – difficult

Starkey – firm and unyielding

Stacy – bountiful grain

Swindell – pig valley

Slocum – dweller in the valley

Swaby – farm

Scoggins – the bearded one

Names starting from T

Toles – painted

Thrash – to beat

Tilley – battle-mighty

Tilghman – husbandman or farmer

Triggs – faithful

Thacker – thatch

Torain – raindrop

Thaxton – The farm 

Timberlake – wood stream

Thornhill – a hill overgrown with thorn bushes

Tull – patience

Thorn – bush

Turnipseed – a maker of seeds of wood, metal

Taplin – a tall, thin person

Teel – a small duck

Taft – the site of a house and its outbuildings

Turney – height

Tobin – God is good

Tracy – war-like

Travers – passage

Threadgill – who embroidered with gold thread

Totten – a village fool or idiot

Tookes – trunk

Tarpley – Shelter from the wilds lion

Tinker – a naughty child

Tindal – An attendant on an army

Trawick – loving nature

Names starting from W

Westmoreland – the west territory of the Yorkshire moors

Westbrooks – west grove

Wanigan – a garden of babies love and happiness

Wardlaw – watcher of the hill

Witt – white

Woodfork – someone who lived by a fork in the road in woodland

Whipple – someone who lived by a whippletree

Womble – spring or stream in a hollow

Worthington – From the river’s side

Works – by the work

Waites – watch

Wilford – a river crossing

Willard – will be strong

Warrick – From The Town By The River

Woodford – a bridge

Warr – wary

Wisdom – a wise or learned person

Woodhouse – dweller lived near the wood

Weatherly – woodland clearing

Weary – fishermen

Whitman – fair or white and man

Wilbourn – well stream or spring

Wafer – To weave

Wiles – trick

Waterman – who lived by a stretch of water

Whittle – white hill

Wint – someone who lived by a road or pat

Waring – to shelter or protect

Welsh – a stranger or foreigner

Whitsett – white businessman

Welcome – straight valley

Wormley – snake clearing

Waugh – foreigner

Names starting from V

Vanburen – from neighbours

Vital – life

Venson – fair son

Vasquez – son of a guy from the Basque region

Vasser – Water

Vandyke – from earthwork

Names starting from Y

Youmans – a free landholder

Yusuf – God increases

Yearby – upper village or homestead

Names starting from Z

Zackery – the Lord recalled

Names starting from U

Upton – settlement

Urquhart – the portion of the shot

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