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Most Beautiful Italian Boy Names (2022)

Italy is one of the most culturally and economically advanced countries in the world. There is a reason behind many Non-Italian people take names for their babies from the Italian language as they are amongst the most romantic and harmonious in the world. But it may difficult for you to find the Most Beautiful Boy Names which has something beautiful in meaning, especially for those who can’t speak Italian. So to make your way easy, we are here with a list of Italian Boy names with meanings. So have a look.

Italian Names for Boys Starting from A

There are wide collection of male names in letter A and they have very unique meanings. Following list is most popuar list of Italian boy names. But among the list Adelberto, Augusto, Andino, Amando and Aurileo are my favourite names.

Name Adelberto gives a meaning as bright nobility. This name is commonly used by Italian, Spanish and Portuguese people. Augusto name is derived from Augustus and it means majestic. Andino is commonly used for Italian boys and the meaning of that is brave. People who have this name are more creative.

Abele: Herdsman

Achille: Lipless

Adalberto: Bright Nobility

Adalgiso: Precious promise

Adamo: Red

Aemiliano: Emulating

Aeneas: to praise

Affonso: Noble and ready

Agapito: Beloved

Agnello: lamb

Agostino: Venerable

Agustin: Dignified

Augusto: Majestic

Alanzo: Ready for battle

Albirto: Bright Nobility

Aldo: Little old sword

Alessio: Defender

Alfieri: Standard bearer

Alfonsus: Noble 

Alford: Old Peace

Alvise: Famous warrior

Amando: lovable

Amato: Beloved

Ambrogio: Immortal

Amintore: Defender

Anacleto: Invoked

Anastagio: Resurrection

Anatolio: Sunrise

Andino: Brave

Andrea: Warrior

Angelico: Angelic

Angelo: Messenger

Aniello: Little lamb

Antioco: stubborn

Antonino: Inestimable

Antony: Praiseworthy

Arcangelo: Archangel

Arduino: Hardy friend

Arlotto: Vagabond

Armani: Free Man

Armor: Crew

Armond: Army Man

Arnaldo: Eager Power

Aroghetto: Estate ruler

Aronne: Exalted

Augusto: Venerable

Aurelio: Golden


Many famous Italian male names are start with letter B. Bernardo, Basilio and Bonito are my favourite names. The name Bernardo actually means that the person is brave like a bear. This one is also originted from the Italy but commonly used in USA too. Basilio is also have a quite similar meaning and it’s also commony used as an English name. Bonito is a cute name for a baby boy and the meaning is good.

Names Starting from B

Baldovino: Brave friend

Basilio: King

Bellarmine: Beautiful armor

Beltrano: Bright raven

Benedict: Blessed

Benigno: Benevolent

Benvenuto: Well arrived

Bera: Declaring

Biaggio: Stutterer

Biaiardo: Reddish brown

Blandino: Amiable

Bonavento: Welcome

Bonfilio: good son

Bonito: Goodness

Bruno: Brown-haired

Bucca: Talkative person

Cappi, Celso and Cosmas are my top pics among the list. Cappi is a cute name for a little boy and it means lucky. I like Celso as the way it pronounse. It is a very popular name in Italy and the meaning is lofty. Cosmas is originated arround 4th century and it’s another popular name which starts from C.

Italian Names – C

Callisto: Most beautiful

Camillo: Attendant

Campa: A soothing man

Cappi: Lucky

Cario: Caring Man

Carlo: Strong mainly man

Carlo: Freeman

Caserio: Long-haired

Catarino: Genuine man

Celso: Active and Majestic

Celso: Lofty

Cesario: Hairy individual

Claudio: Lame

Clemente: Lenient

Cosmas: Beauty

The name Deangelo is very commonly used the meaning is Angel. It can be pronounced in two ways, but I prefer the way it breaks “de” and then “ngelo”. Dino is also another cute name for a baby boy and it means little sword.

Boy Names in Italy – D

Dantae: Enduring

Davide: Beloved

Deangelo: Angel

Demonte: Mountain

Desi: Longing

Dino: Little sword

Donatus: Gift

Dontay: Enduring

Duilio: War

Durant: Enduring One

I like the name Edoardo and the meaning is rich guardian. Erasto is also a nice name for a baby boy. Ezzelin means the nobel one it’s also a popular italian name.

Baby Names with E

Edoardo: Rich guardian

Egiodeo: Squire

Elario: Happy

Elmo: Helmet

Elpidio: Peace-loving person

Emesto: Serious

Emiliano: Eager

Erasto: Highly loving.

Ernesto: Battle

Estachio: Fruitful

Ettore: Loyal

Eugenio: Wellborn

Eulalio: Well spoken

Eusebio: Pious

Ezzelin: Noble One

Fausto and Fiero are my favourite picks. Fausto means lucky and it’s a good name for a baby boy. I like the way Fiero pronounsed and it’s also have a straong meaning.

Italian First Names – F

Fausto: Lucky

Ferdinandus: Daring traveler

Fidelio: Fidelity

Fiero: Proud

Fino: Burning one

Fiore: Flower

Fiorello: Little flower

Florentino: Blossoming

Firmino: Powerful

Fortunato: Fortunate

Franco: Free one

Frederico: Peaceful ruler

Frediano: Cold

Fulvio: Yellow

Italian Baby Names – G

Genoah: Knee

Gentile: Mild and Smooth

Gerodi: Champion

Gervasio: Spear servant

Giacinto: Hyacinth flower

Giacobbe: Supplanter

Gianmarco: Defence

Gianmaria: Rebellious

Gianpaolo: Small

Gino: Little immortal one

Giordano: Flowing Down

Giona: Dove

Giorgio: Farmer

Giuliano: Youthful

Giustino: Just

Giusto: Upright

Graziano: Agreeable

Gregario: Vigilant

Guerino: Shelter

Guglielmo: Will helmet

Guido: Wide

Gustavo: Meditation staff


Horace: Timekeeper


Ignacio: Fiery

Ilario: Cheerful

Innocenzio: Innocent

Ippolito: Horse freer


Jacopo: Supplanter

Jenoa: Knee

Jiordano: Flow down



Kason: A home

Kona: Lady

Kosmo: Universe


Leobardo: Lion strong

Liberatore: Liberator

  Lucca: Light

Luce: Light giver

Luciano: Light

Luigino: Beloved warrior

Luka/ Lukah: Light


Macario: Blessed

Manfredo: Powerful peace

Manlio: Morning

Marciano: Hammer

Marciano: Warlike

Mario: Bitter person

Marsalis: Warlike

Maurizio: Moor

Modesto: Moderate

Monte/ Montel: Mountain

Mozart: Breathless


Narciso: Sleep

Nari: Cheerful

Nestore: Homecoming

Nunzio: Announces


Orazio: Prayer

Orfeo: Darkness

Orland/ Orlando: Famous land

Osvaldo: Divine power

Otello/ Otoniel: Wealthy


Paco: Pack

Patrizio: Patrician

Pellegrino: Holy man

Piccolo: Sweet flute

Pierluigi: Peter Louis

Piero: Small rock

Pietro: Stone

Plinio: Skilful person


Raimondo: Mighty protector

Rainieri: Counsellor

Raniero/ Ranieri: Wise warrior

Renato: Reborn

Ricardo/ Riccardo/ Ricco/ Rico: Strong ruler

Rigo: Ridge

Rizzo: One with Curly Hair

Roberto: Bright fame

Rocco: Rock

Romeo: Settler

Romolo: One Who Founded Rome

Roque: Rock


Sal/ Salvator: Saviour

Santo: Holy

Santonio: Priceless

Savio: Clever

Sekla: Saddler

Serafino: Serpent

Sergio: Sergeant

Settimio: Seventh

Sigismondo: A victorious defender

Simone: Hearkening


Tacito: Silent

Tatuini: Corrupted

Tazio: Ruler

Thorello: Young bull

Tino: Small

Tomaso: One of the twin

Tomasso: Twin child

Tonio: Invaluable

Tulio: Lively


Ucello: Bird

Udalrico: Merciful ruler

Ugo: Mind

Ulisse: Walker

Uso: Intelligent


Valentino/ Valerio: Strong

Vico/ Vincente: Conquering

Virgilio: Flourishing


Zan: Clown

Zia: Light

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