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Most Beautiful Boy Names That Start With E – (2023)

As you probably are aware, we’re mostly child name fans here. So you can figure how energized we were if the Social Security Administration posted their official rundown of the best infant girl and boy names of a year. We were excited to see a few of our preferred names on the list. However, I wanted to consider precisely why these names turned out to be so well known. Let’s have a look at some of the Beautiful Boy Names That Start With E.

Name  Meaning  Origin 
Ea Famous Irish
Eachan Horseman Irish
Eamon Protector English
Ean God is gracious Scottish
Earl Promise English
Earnest Sincere English
Earvin Friend of the sea English
Easton From the eastern town English
Eaton From the estate town by the river English
Ebal Naked Hebrew
Eben Stone Hebrew
Ebenezer Foundation Hebrew
Eberhard Courageous boar German
Ebilo Hardy boar German
Ebner Father of light English
Ebo Born on a Tuesday Fanti
Eborico Wild boar king Sanish
Ebrulf Wild Teutonic
Eccelino Like his father Italian
Eckhardt Firm German
Ed Happy English
Edan Fire Celtic
Edbert Prosperous Old English
Eddy Happy English
Eden Pleasure Hebrew
Edgar Great spearman English
Edmond Wealthy protector English
Edmund Protector English
Edrei Strong leader Hebrew
Edsel Deep thinker English
Edur Snow Basque
Edwald Wealthy ruler Old English
Edwin Prosperous friend English
Eehu Rain Australian
Efrain Fruitful Hebrew
Egan Fiery Irish
Egerton Egeton English
Egil Awe-inspiring Norwegian
Egon Formidable German
Ehud Praised Hebrew
Eilif Living forever Norse
Eion God is gracious Scottish
Eirig Happy Welsh
Eiros Bright Welsh
Eisak Laughter Russian
Ekon Strength Nigerian
Elam Highland Hebrew
Elbert Noble English/French/German
Eldad Beloved of God Hebrew
Elden Wise English
Elder Dweller English
Eldorado Wise one Spanish
Eldridge Powerful English
Eldwin Old friend Old english
Elger Noble spearer German
Eli White English
Elika Wealthy Greek
Eliot The lord is my god  
Elisha God is my salvation Hebrew 
Elizur  God is my rock Hebrew 
Eljon  Going up  Syrian 
Elk  Large deer  American 
Elki Hanging over the top Moquelumnan 
Ellard  Brave  German 
Ellery  From the elder tree island  English 
Elman  Elm tree  German 
Elmar  Famous  English 
Elmo  Friendly Greek
Elmore Moor Old english
Elonzo Noble  Spanish
Eloy Chosen  Latin 
Elard  God rules  Hebrew
Elroy Royal  Latin
Elsdon From the noble one’s hill Old english
Elvio Blond-haired Spanish
Elvy Elf warrior  Old english
Elwell  From the old stream  Old English 
Elwin  Friend of the elves  English 
Elwood  From the forest  Old English 
Emery  Industrious  Teutonic 
Emile  Hard working compliment giver Gothic 
Emlyn  One who lives at the border Welsh 
Emmanuel  God is with us  Hebrew 
Emmett  Hard working strong   Teutonic 
Emry  Honourable    Welsh 
Enan  Hammer  Welsh 
Emre  Brother Turkish 
Enda  Bird  Irish 
Endor  Adorable  Hebrew 
Endre  Brave  Greek 
Endrikas  Ruler of the house  German 
Eneas  Praised  Greek 
Eneco  Fiery  Latin 
Engelbert  Bright angel  German 
Ennis   Only child  Greek 
Enoch  Dedicated  Hebrew 
Enos  Man  Hebrew 
Enright  The attacker’s son  Irish 
Enver  Handsome  Turkish   
Enyeto  Walking like a bear Native American 
Enzi  Powerful  Swahili 
Ephraim  Extremely  Hebrew 
Eran  Vigilant  Hebrew 
Erasmus  loveable Greek 
Erbert  Warrior  German 
Ercole  Great gift  Italian 
Erebus   Dark-haired  Greek 
Erhard  Strong  German 
Eriha  God  Maori 
Erin  Peace  Irish 
Erling  The noble one’s son English 
Errando  Bold  Basque 
Esko  Leader  Finnish 
Este  From the east  Italian 
Ewald Always powerful Old english
Ewen Noble youth Celtic
Ewert  Herder of ewes Old english
Ewing Law friend English
Exelby  Divine cauldron  English
Eyar Island Worrier  
Eytan Strong Hebrew
Eyver Island of prudence Hebrew
Ezekial Strength of God Hebrew
Ezra Helper Hebrew

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