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Cool Names for Babies in 2022

Shakespeare once said that a rose, by any other name, would smell as sweet. But I’ve never been able to believe it. I don’t think a rose would be as lovely if it were called an onion. The same goes for baby names. Would you feel a baby named Hitler as cool as a baby named Noah? Certainly not. There are so many Cool Names for Babies.

So why does the first letter matter most? Here’s the reason. All the letters of one’s name will have some meaning. Yet the first letter of the first name is most potent. It has a significant amount of natural energy too. 

If you’re trying to select the perfect name for your baby, just go through our guide below. You’ll find what the first letter can spell out for the baby’s future. I hope this guide will be helpful in your naming journey with Cool Names.


Letter ‘A’ the first letter of the alphabet can be a fresh choice as the first letter of your baby’s name. People whose names start with letter A are usually ambitious and honest, according to numerology. Letter A is a powerful initial to gift your baby since this is the first letter that is associated with the first number. Hence this letter will bring your baby strength, willpower, and energy.

Another famous one among cool names starting from a is Andrew who is derived from the Greek term ‘aner’ meaning ‘man’. Andrew implies a sense of strength and muscularity. It is also a famous name as Andrew was one of the first four apostles in the New Testament of the bible. Throughout history, there were many leaders named Andrew. Among them were Andrew Jackson and Andrew Johnson, who were two American presidents.


The letter ‘B’ signifies that the person is filled with serenity and tranquillity. Your baby can possess high happiness s in his life with letter B in his initials. Letter B also implies that he will be sensitive and have a generous heart.

Baxter, meaning ‘baker’ is more a surname, but the choice is up to you. People often find this as cool names since its ‘x’ appeal.


There is nothing wrong with calling a person who has ‘C’ as the first letter of their name, a ‘social butterfly’. Usually, they are the life of the party. According to numerology, people with letter c as their initial are great conversationalists who can attract others with their upbeat and outspoken behaviour. They will inspire others. With letter c in his initial, your baby will play a more substantial role in every task of his life.

Many famous people have borne people with the name Christopher. It’s also a Biblical name coming with an ancient Greek origin meaning ‘bearer of Christ’. There were many saints, actors (Plummer and Eccleston), explorers (Columbus), authors (Colfer and Hitchens) and architects (Wren). The name is still fondly remembered because of Christopher Robin, of ‘Winnie the Pooh’. As for this name Chris, Kit, Kip and Topher will be appealing nicknames.


The letter ‘D’ conveys harmony. With letter D, your baby will be self-disciplined as well as headstrong. Perhaps your baby might make a great leader too. He will be excellent at taking responsibilities and will enjoy taking challenges.

The Biblical name Daniel has Hebrew roots which carry the meaning ‘God is my judge’. This has been among the popular boys’ names since the 1970s. Daniel is also a traditional name among Irish parents. Famous ‘Harry Potter’ actor Daniel Radcliffe is one of the reasons why the name remains popular. 

Among cool names starting with d, David is a popular name which initially is a Hebrew name meaning ‘beloved’. It is a famous Biblical name who defeated the giant Goliath. Since every time we hear the cool names, what crosses our mind is a celebration of a victory.


A most unique, yet cool name starting with the letter ‘E’ is Eros. In ancient Greek mythology, Eros was the son of Aphrodite. Eros means ‘love’, and he was the cause why people fall in love which makes the name cool enough.

Usually, people having letter e as their initial enjoy the more beautiful things in life.


A cool name starting letter ‘F’ is none other than Felix which stands for ‘happiness and luck’. As a parent, what could be better than seeing your baby cheerful and lively?


Letter g symbolizes stability. If your baby is associated with it, he will have strong will power, and he will look inwards to learn more about himself. Thus he will make the best of his natural talents.

If you’re into music and would love to have cool names inspired by music, Gabriella will be the right choice. Although it’s a traditional name, Gabriella is the name of the most lovable character from ‘High School Musical’. It is the feminine version of the Hebrew origin name Gabriel. Both names mean ‘God is my strength’. According to Christian beliefs, the archangel Gabriel can create a way of communication between humanity and the divine. Gabriel is the herald of the birth of Christ.


‘H’ is the alphabetical equivalent of the number 8 and represents power, wisdom, and creativity. People whose name starts with h usually see the bigger picture and from a higher perspective. They will practically look at their lives. They always have a goal in life. And they still have a strong passion for being a leader and having authority. This fact is already proven with some of the famous names. Throughout history, there have been many rulers and kings named Henry. Henry is a trendy boy name. the name itself suggests ‘ruler of the home.’


People whose cool names start with ‘I’ usually have a generous and kind heart. They are sensitive, humane, and compassionate. The number 9 is the vibration of ‘humanitarian’. If you gift your baby this initial, she will become intelligent, deep thinking, and willing to make sacrifices for others.


‘J’ is the alphabetical equivalent of the number 1 hence it is one of the most powerful letters of the alphabet. 

John is another cool, timeless name which is the English version of Johannes which means ‘God is gracious’. Afterall John has been one of the most popular boys’ names within the last 500 years, yet has never gone out of style.


Those who have ‘K’ as an initial, are helpers, peacemakers, and mediators of the world. With this initial, your baby is capable of achieving higher goals, yet it’s a must that you guide her well. Kate is the diminutive of Katherine, and it is used independently. It was a medieval name. It is the name of the girl that Petruchio married and tamed in the famous Shakespearean comedy ‘Taming of the shrew’. Kate Winslet, the respected actress, is a famous bearer of the name.


‘L’ symbolizes imagination, wisdom, and dedication. As your baby grows, she will cherish friendship and family life. The initial l is destined to help and support others who are less fortunate than him. Also, the person is destined to complete everything she sets out to do.

The Scottish name Logan reminds us of the action hero ‘Wolverine’ played by Hugh Jackman.


‘M’ deals with happiness mixed with excellent creative vibrations. As she grows up, she will be proud to stand up for those she loves and cares. The letter m will influence the baby to be cheerful and have great love.

The name Michael carries a sense of grace and sincerity in life. For Christians, the archangel Michael is a remarkable character since he leads the army of angels to victory against Satan. Thus, the name is so popular among military families too. Notable Michaels in world history is too much to list. It includes artists (Angelo), musicians (Jackson), sports legends (Jordan, Phelps), actors (Fassbender, Douglas), designers (Kors) and Political leaders (Bloomberg, Pence).


‘N’ is the alphabetical equivalent of the number five. It stands for fun, freedom, and imagination. Gift your baby this initial to see him taking pride in overcoming obstacles and being successful in finding his passion for life.

Noah, that means ‘peace’ reminds us of the Biblical story of Noah and the ark. Even though the name Noah has been famous throughout the years, it is mostly used in these days. The name is among the top 5 most favourite baby boy names in the US. It has gained some inspiration from the character Noah of the famous movie ‘The Notebook’ which is undoubtedly one of the most lovable Hollywood characters of all time.


The letter ‘O’ is one of the most influential letters of the alphabet, just like A, J, and S. O people are leaders, motivators, and idealistic visionaries who are aware of their inner powers. Oliver, another cool name is currently the number one boys’ name in England, New Zealand, and Australia. It is also popular in the US and Scotland. The name symbolizes peace and friendship.

Oliver is a vintage-sounding name that had massive popularity in the late 1900s and the early 2000s. Within the last twenty years, the name has begun to rise along with its feminine version Olivia.


The letter ‘P’ symbolizes spirituality and power. It makes the person a seeker of knowledge and wisdom. A person with the initial P will consider spiritual matters and curios about life in general. They will have a deep passion for learning, and they have the talent to be a great teacher or guidance in any field. 

Paul is another all-time favourite world-wide. The sci-fi comedy movie ‘Paul’ which became a hit recently makes the name cooler. The name also belongs to the late Paul Walker from the ‘Fast and Furious’ series.


The letter ‘Q’ is the alphabetical equivalent of the number 8, and it symbolizes wealth, stability, and originality. 

Quinn, an Irish name which has the meaning ‘chief leader’ or ‘intelligence’ is a gender-neutral name. The name has become slightly famous in the recent past. This reminds us of the numerological fact that people with the initial Q have high self-confidence. Therefore they tend to become a leader.


The letter ‘R’ symbolizes softness, kindness, and gentle spirit. If you give this initial to your baby, she will have a positive outlook on life. They also love to help others. These people will become a bohemian eccentric who loves all people and sacrifice their everything for the betterment of the people. 

Rhea implies feminism. According to Greek mythologies, she represents fertility and motherhood.


The letter ‘S’ associated with a dedicated and robust spirit. Gift this initial to your baby to have the power to realize his dreams and build his future. He will have a fantastic ability to face difficulties and make it through difficult times.

Samuel, a name with a Hebrew origin, stands for ‘heard of God’ is a cool name for a much-wished-for little boy. Samuel, being a Biblical name, has a long history of popularity and a sense of old-fashioned appeal. A friendly nickname Sam is a cool choice for both genders. Few notable namesakes throughout history would be Samuel Clemens (writer, a.k.a. Mark Twain), Sam Adams (revolutionary), and Samuel L. Jackson (film legend).


Which one is the coolest? The golf champion Wood’s real name Eldrick or the nickname Tiger? Of course, it’s the nickname! Animal names are becoming familiar and trendy. Wolf and Fox too are other new options.

Tristian, another cool name from ‘Legends of the Fall’ is incredibly charming. And Brad Pitt’s wild-at-heart character cannot be forgotten. For parents looking for an alternative to Christian, this will be an appealing choice.


If you choose you as your baby’s initial, he will most probably be lucky and talented. This letter can add magical and mystical quality to your baby. According to numerology, a person with the initial you are fortunate in all ways throughout his life.

He will be wise enough to grab opportunities, and ultimately, he will achieve great success. But they also are easily hurt emotionally. Also, they can be a bit selfish too.


The letter ‘V’, which is alphabetically equivalent to number 4, represents construction. V has a sense of industriousness. It symbolizes tireless, hardworking, and efficient figures. If your baby has the initial V, he will possess an exceptional ability to be organized and practical in whatever the task they do. Here are few cool baby names.


The letter ‘W’ symbolizes freedom and self-expression. If you expect your baby to be artistic and creative in all the tasks they undertake, this is one good letter to have as an initial.


The letter ‘X’ is for the teacher, the parent, and the trainer. This letter reflects selflessness, sexuality, and love. These people aim to create harmony and security, among others. They are very rarely selfish.

Your baby will show exceptional bravery and have a lively nature with the letter x.


With letter ‘Y’ in his name, your baby will be highly logical, analytical, and intelligent too. He will have the ability and power to find solutions to whatever problems he faces quickly. The name Yakar which has a Hebrew origin itself implies beauty. Your baby more positively will grow up striving to succeed and to shine in his career with this initial.


According to numerology, the letter z depicts determination, fearlessness, and persistence. It is a strong initial where your baby will always complete whatever he starts. Z strongly suggests a highly organized and systematic person.

It is believed that people whose names start with z are masters in multitasking. Selecting the letter z for your baby’s initial will suggest that he is very talented in different areas in life.

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