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Futuristic Names in 2023

Are you searching for a unique and edgy name for your baby girl or a boy? Stay ahead of the baby’s last names with these super chill, futuristic baby surnames. So browse our futuristic names list to find the perfect last names for your baby. So let’s have some fun digging through the list.

There are lots of options for future parents to select names. These many options can be overwhelming, and honestly, some of the names chosen for children are difficult. Always a parent tries to decide to break out the tradition and name the baby a lesser-known name. But there is the fear in those parents also that this name in the future could make the child wonder where their parents’ heads were at the time, minimally, to cringing at the sound of his or her name. What is soon to be a parent to do?

Fear not. Here are some fantastic futuristic baby names that you and your newborn child are sure to love

Futuristic Names starting From A

Ares – Bane, ruin

Amulet – An object that protects a person 

Anson – son of the divine

Arden – a place of solitude and great beauty

Anakin – Warrior

Amelia – industrious

Angelica – Angel

Antonia – Highly praiseworthy

Arabella – Famous bearer

Axton – Sword stone

Aeryn – Daughter of Ireland

Anakin – Warrior

Aluna – Approach

Ayla – Oak tree

Akilah – Wise. Bright. Smart

Alaska – The mainland

Alessa – Defender

Amaia – End/Resolution

Annora – Honor

Aria – Air

Arvilla – Eagle ruler

Arwen – Fair or fine

Ashla – Meadow of ash trees

Archer – Bowman

Axel – Father of peace

Astoria – Like A Hawk

Astrid – Godly strength

Aurelia – Golden

Ayelet – Gazelle of dawn

Arra – Beautiful Creature

Axe – Father is peace

Adaline – Noble kind

Allele – It is one of two

Alloy – A combination of metals

Alpha – Firstborn

Atom – Indivisible

Axiom – Worthy

Axis – In between heaven and earth

Algernon – With mustaches

Archie – Genuine

Ashby – Ash tree and dwelling

Abot – Father, priest

Aaron – Exalted or lofty

Abner – Light

Aidan – Born of the fire

Aldridge – Home or farm among alders

Astor – Thunder god

Atlas – To carry

Angles – A messenger.

Apollo – To destroy

Alaric – Ruler

Futuristic Names starting From B

Blaise – To stammer

Bechtel – bright or famous

Berkshire – hilly place

Black – a dark-haired man

Borghese – freeman

Bradford – full river crossing

Bishop – Overseer

Bayron – A form of baron

Bevin – fair, white

Baila – dance

Blaise – Lisp, stutter

Blythe – carefree

Balker – to dry by heat

Bym – Father of Nations and Friend of God

Brightly – Bright

Blythe – carefree

Byrd – a bird 

Futuristic Names starting From C

Choi – a governor supervises the land and mountain

Cleary – clerk

Crimson – vibrant deep red

Cali – Most beautiful

Cryan – the little red one

Cloe – blooming, young green shoot

Chess – Camp of the soldiers

Cass – treasurer

Cyra – sun or throne, or lord.

Calla – beautiful

Candela -candle

Carabelle – beloved; friend; God’s promise

Cenaida – the life of Zeus

Charlot – a free man

Colma – Dove

Crescentia – to grow

Cymbre – Welshman, Welsh

Cytherea – from the island of Cythera

Creed – belief

Cormac – charioteer

Calyx – Very Handsome

Chi – Younger Energy

Cos – Order

Crystal – A jewel

Callum – Dove


Cyril – Lordly, Masterful

Clive – Cliff

Casper – Treasurer

Cassandra – to shine

Catherine – Pure, clear

Carmichael – Follower of Michael

Caleb – Devotion to the Lord

Chris – The bearer of Christ

Cooper – A barrel maker

Futuristic Names starting From D

Damon – The one who tames

Dawson – The son of David

Dominic – One who belongs to God

Davinia – Beloved or friend

Decagon – a plane polygon of 10 angles

Delta – Mouth Of A River

Digit – comes from the fact that the ten

Dashel – From Chiel

Shakeel – Handsome, Good Looking

Dael – Knowledge of God

Dalla – Mother of Kormak

Delia – born on the island of Delos

Devina – Divine one

Drea – Courageous

Darwin – gifted friend, dear friend

Dayholt – son of the unspoiled forests

Dara – wisdom, and compassion

Dagur – Day

Daleks – To fight afar

Futuristic Names starting From E

Ebony – black wood

Elder – clear

Eila – Tree

Eleni – Light

Emerson – Emery’s son. Brave; powerful

Eliette – my God has answered

Elowen – Lovely nature

Elya – The Lord Is My God

Emersyn – son of Emery

Ensley – one’s meadow

Eowyn – Horse joy

Erinna – From the island to the west

Esha – Desire

Etta – Keeper of the hearth

Eulalie – Sweetly speaking

Evanna – God is gracious

Everly – From The Boar Meadow

Evrim – Evolution

Ezri – To help or support

Erin – Ireland, Peace

Ever – Wild as a boar

Enyo – Warlike

Echo – Reflected sound

Earl – A warrior or nobleman

Ebenezer – The stone of help or the rock

Ernest – Resolute

Evie -Life, living, lively

Futuristic Names starting From F

Finley – White, fair

Fletch – Seller of arrows

Finn – White

Fox – Animal fox

Felix – Happy or lucky

Fee – Fairy

Flynn – Son of the red-haired one

Flair – Style

Findlay – fair-haired courageous one

Fitrei – Saint

Flavor – Any quality which affects the smell

Freud – Joy

Fawkes – Falcon

Fleur – Flower

Freesia – Freese’s flower

Findlay – Fair-haired courageous one

Fitri – Holy, pure

Falynn – Leader

Fantasia – Imagination

Fauna – Young deer

Felicity – happiness

Futuristic Names starting From G

Graciela – Favor, blessing

Genesis – Origin

Greer – Watchful

Grigg – To be awake

Gunn – Gun

Gene – A basic biological form of heredity

Gilbert – Shinning pledge

Genevieve – Woman of the race

Gray – A person who had gray hair

Futuristic Names starting From H

Hawk – Falcon, bird of prey

Heath – Someone who lived by a moor

Hadron – Strong or robust

Hinge – The meadow

Hirsch – Deer and stag

Horne – Horn

Hardly – Almost not at all

Hollick – Grey

Harley – Hare and Leah

Harris – Son of Harry

Harrison – Son of Harris and son of Harry

Harrow – A harrower, a person who worked in the fields

Harvey – Worthy of the battle

Hugo – The mind

Futuristic Names starting From I

Isaiah – Yahweh is salvation

Ilaria – Cheerful

Imelda – Warrior woman, universal battle

Indigo – Indian dye

Ivara – Yew tree, archer

Idris – Interpreter

Iefer – Pine

Ivan – God is gracious

Ion – God Is Good

India – People of the Indus River Valley

Futuristic Names starting From J

asper – Treasurer

Jax – God has been gracious

Joel – Yahu is God

Jada – he knows, the knowing one

Junia – born in June

Juniper – young

Jones – John’s son

Jevon – the gift of God

Jinx – the bird wryneck

Jan – God is gracious

Jace – The Lord is salvation

Jaxon – God has been gracious

Joseph – May God increase bright

Joelle – Feminine of Joel

Futuristic Names starting From K

Kriti – A Work of Art

Knox – round hill

Kristi – a follower of Christ

Kappa – Japanese sea creature folklore

Kadiya – rhyming, or ‘pure

Kalina – flower

Karis – grace

Karsyn – son of Carr

Kiska – Pure

Klara – clear, bright, famous

Kian – ancient, enduring

Kayla – The crown of victory.

Kai – sea

Krotons – a descendant

Names starting From L

Layla – wine and dark beauty

Leon – Lion

Larkin – Victorious

Leone – Lion or brave

Lara – laurel leaf

Lilium – lily

Lumina – brilliant light.”

Lyra – lyre

Lystra – That dissolves or disperses

Leung – a beam or bridge

Lister – To dye

Leung – young dweller by the wood or clearing

Lonn – ready for battle

Lemma – for someone who lived on a marshland

Len – Hardy lion or lion-bold

Luna – The Moon

Lawson – son of Laurence

Logan – Little hollow

Luca – bringer of light

Names starting From M

Menson – Son of Magnus

Mirka – Admirable, peace , female ruler

Milla – Young ceremonial attendant

Mazarine – A deep blue color

Minerva – Intellect

Minna – With Gilded Helmet

Mistral – Masterful

Morena – Brown, brown-haired

Muriel – Sea

Mischa – Who Is Like God

Maisie – Pearl

Marguerite – Daisy (the flower)

Matilda – Mighty in battle

Martin – War-like

Miles – Soldier

Names starting From N

Narada – Highlander

Nicholas – The victory of the Lord

Nestor – Voyager or traveler

Nicolas – Victorious

Nova – New

Natania – God has given

Neriah – Light, a lamp of the Lord

Nerissa – Sea nymph

Nia – Bright and is of Welsh

Nolwenn – Holy one from Noyal

Novelia – Christmas

Newton – New town; from the new farm

Nathan – Gift from God

Noble – Aristocratic

Names starting From O

Odd – The point of a sword

Omega – The end

Orman – Spearman

Oneida – long-awaited

Opera – air

Orion – Rising in the sky; dawning

Ottie – Wealth

Oceana – ocean

Odo – the possessor of wealth

Ophelia – Help

Oralis – kind, nourishing

Orlaith – Golden Princess

Orsa – little female bear

Orion – Rising in the sky

Names starting From P

Park – Of the forest

Priam – Exceptionally courageous

Pascasia – Easter

Phoenix – Dark red

Price – Son of Rhys

Penn – Enclosure; hill

Pi – Mathematical symbol

Penelope – Weaver

Names starting From Q-R

Quantum – How much

Quinn – Counsel

Ripley – A strip of clearing in the woods

Randolph – House wolf, protector

Roy – Red-haired

Rush – Basket weaver

Radian – Shining inside

Ray – Counsel Protection

Rod – Island of reeds

Roman – A citizen of the Roman Empire

Root – Tree root

Rutherford – Cattle ford

Ripley – A strip of clearing in the woods

Ryatt – really funny

Roy – King; regal

Ronan – Little seal

Reef – Coral rises near the surface of water

Ric – Powerful; Strong ruler

Remy – Oarsman

Robomen – Robo guy

Render – To split or divide

Raze – Race, a root

Reglin – Favorite

Reznor – King’s Adviser

Rocket – Jet-propelled Tube

Ryker – Rich

Raylee – A place where animals rest

Remi – Oarsman

Rush – Basket weaver

Rutherford – Cattle ford

Russ – Red

Rada – Care, Joy

Ravenne – Raven

Rin – Dignified, severe

Renzo – Third son

Ronia – My joy

Ruma – Queen of the apes

Riella – God is my strength

Names starting From S

Saga – Wise

Saretta – Princess

Saskia – Protector of humanity

Secora – One who offers help

Seeley – Blessed

Selah – To praise

Selket – The Ancient Egyptian goddess

Sereia – Mermaid

Shiloh – Peace

Shira – Poetry

Sparrow – Love, loyalty or dedication

Silurians – Sea devils

Sierra – Saw

Soleil – Sun

Starla – A Star

Suki – Loved one

Sumi – Elegant, refined

Svea – spear

Svetlana – light, shining

Snow – Frozen Rain

Sona – Gold, wisdom

Skywalker – Warrior

Shia – Praise God

Saren – Refuge, sanctuary


Set – Compensation

Sine – God is gracious

Seraphina – Fiery-winged

Sophina – Wisdom, ship

Sanders – defending men

Sebastian – Venerable, revered

Sidney – Wide Island: south of the water

Names starting From T

Tabitha – Beauty, grace

Theta – 8th letter of the ancient Greek alphabet

Torque – a couple of forces

Trig – true

Triple – three times

Tove – beautiful

Talin – claw

Tyson – Firebrand

Thomas – twin

Theron – Hunter; Untamed

Titus – the title of honor

Tansy – immortality

Trinity – triad

Tavia – eighth

Thyra – Goddess

Toula – light

Thendral – Breeze

Tram – Luxury, kind, unique, thoughtful

Tycho – hitting the mark

Tosh – Born at Christmas

Names starting From V

Vesper – Evening Star and evening Prayer

Vaughn – Small, little

Viktor – Conqueror

Volt – Blacksmith, metalworker

Vega – Swooping eagle

Vanina – Bringer of good news

Venus – Goddess of love and beauty

Verina – Protector

Verity – A truth, a reality

Violet – Purple/Blue Flower

Vector – Vector

Volt – Blacksmith, metalworker

Valentine – Strong and healthy

Victoria – Victory

Names starting From W

Wisteria – Wister’s flower

Wynn – Friend

Wolf – Traveling wolf

Wright – Tradesman

Willow – Slender, graceful

Wells – Spring

Wallace – Foreigner, stranger

Watson – Son of Wat

Wilde – Hunter

William – Strong desires

Names starting From Y

Yetis – Abominable snowman

Yana – He Answers

Yulia – Youthful, Downy

Yvonne – Yew

Names starting From Z

Zafira – Victor, successful

Zelina – Solemn or dignified

Zosia – Wisdom

Zachary – Yahweh has remembered

Zaiden – Increasing

Zabala – Basque

Zara – Seed

Zyla – A follower, quiet and calm

Zygons – Genuine


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