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Most Popular Baby Names in 2023

Even though parents want their baby names to be unique and uncommon, they cannot help but always end up using the names which are popular among people. Have you ever wondered why? It is because they are the best and the most meaningful names that many people love. If you are searching for the perfect name for your baby, you should pick Most Popular Baby Names if you love it or if you feel it sounds good or if it has a deep meaning you love.

Even if the others you ask say it is too familiar or too trendy, go for a name if you like it. Naming your baby is no one else’s business. If you are still confused with common or popular baby names, we are giving you few names which rank higher in the top baby name lists across the world.

Top 5 baby boy names

  1. Liam
  2. Noah
  3. Oliver
  4. Mason
  5. James

Top 5 baby girl names

  1. Emma
  2. Olivia
  3. Ava
  4. Isabella
  5. Sophia

We also researched the common baby names in a few countries around the world. Here is what we found according to each country’s records.

United Kingdom

In most parts of the United Kingdom, most popular baby names are derived from the ancient, Latin-derived name for ‘olive tree.’ Oliver and Olivia are the currently most popular boy and girl baby names in the UK. Other most popular boy names in the UK include Harry and George. The most popular baby girl names are Amelia, Isla, and Amelia.

According to the National Records for Scotland, popular baby boy names were Oliver and Jack while Olivia for girls. Popular boys’ names of Northern Ireland were James, Jack, and Oliver. Jack and Noah are currently in the first places of popular boy names in the Republic of Ireland.

The United States & Canada

The most popular boy name in the US is Liam, while the most popular girls’ name is Emma. According to Social Security Card Application data of USA, Olivia and Ava are other popular girl names. For boys, Noah and William to are on the top list.

Most of the popular US names are derived from biblical characters. In the early 1900s, top US names were Mary and Joseph; in the middle 1900’s it was Mary and James; and around the 2000s, it was Emily and Jacob. Olivia is the foremost choice among the Canadians, too, while their top boy’s name is Benjamin.

Australia & New Zealand

The most popular boy and girl names in both countries are Oliver and Charlotte, respectively. Followed by Jack and William, for over five years, Oliver has been the top-ranked name in Australia. For girls, Olivia and Mia are in the top ranks.
In New Zealand, most popular boy names include Oliver, Noah, and Jack, and the girls’ names are Charlotte, Harper, and Isla.


According to L’Officiel des prénoms, Annual book of popular baby names in France, Gabriel, which is a name from Christianity, and Louise, meaning ‘renowned writer’ are the winners in boys and girls categories, respectivel


William is the most popular boys’ name this year in Sweden, followed by Liam and Oscar. For girls, it is Alice, followed by Olivia and Alicia. Both Denmark’s and Norway’s names for girls are Sofia, followed by Emma and Norah. For boys, Noah is the most favorite one in Denmark, followed by Oliver. In Norway, it is Jakob, followed by Lucas and Emil.


The most popular Italian boy names are Francesco, Alessandro, and Leonardo. For girls, Sofia, Aurora, and Giulia are the popular girls’ names.


Jose tops the list for boys, and for girls, it is Maria. Based on various surveys, famous names in brazil are mostly inspired by biblical characters, since the majority is Roman Catholic. Maria, which is an ancient Roman name, represents 6 percent of the whole Brazilian population. The name is also a biblical name since it is the name of the mother of Jesus Christ, Mary. The top boys name Jose also a biblical name, which is derived from the name Joseph, husband, the Virgin Mary.

South Africa

In South Africa, Junior is the most popular boy name, followed by Gift and Blessing. The name Junior is from the Latin term ‘younger.’ The most popular girls’ name is Precious, followed by Princess and Amahle.


In China, the most popular boys’ name is Wei, which means ‘greatest,’ and the most popular girl’s name is Li, which means ‘pretty.’ Among the few Chinese surnames, Wang, which means ‘king,’ is the most surname. Chinese use their family name before the given names.


Japanese names always have beautiful meanings. The most popular Japanese boy names are Hiroshi, Takashi, and Akira. Hiroshi is a name that carries the meaning of ‘honesty.’ The most popular boy name among business leaders in Japan is also Hiroshi. Most popular girl names in japan are Nozomi, meaning ‘heart of hope,’ Kokoro, meaning ‘cherry blossoms’ and Emika, symbolizing ‘blooming flower.’


The most popular boy and girl names in Korea are Do Yoon and Ha Yoon, respectively. Across the Korean peninsula, the most popular last name is Kim, which accounts for 20 percent of the population. Kim is also the name of the ruling family of North Korea.


According to the Moscow register office, most popular boy names among Russians are Alexander, Ivan, Daniel, and Maxim. Sofia, Daria, Anastasia, Maria, and Anna are the top girls’ name

The Middle East

The top boys’ name across almost all the Muslim communities in the world is Mohammed and its variations such as Mohammad, Muhammad, etc. According to some researchers, Muslims believe and follow their prophet Mohammed so that the name is Muslim parents’ best option for their baby’s name.
Girls’ names have many differences across Islamic countries. But in Saudi Arabia, the most popular baby girl’s name is Ayesha. It was derived from the name Aliyah, who was prophet Mohammad’s favorite wif

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