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Russian Boy Names – Latest Collection (2022)

Russia, A country of the world’s largest nation is most popular in rich influential arts. And also their history and multi-ethnic nation as well as multi-faith nation with 144.5 million population. So selecting Russian Boy Names is not quite difficult now to have wide bundles of joys and happiness. Now, we may lead you toward curated unique Russian boys’ names and their meanings. Russian parents select three names for their cute children as first, middle and last name. 

Are you looking for uncommon and beautiful Russian Boy Names?


Aiiden- Little fire

Agrippa-wild horse

Adzer- strong with a sword

Albion- White

Agamemnon- Very Resolute

Alejandro- Defender

Ardin- Fiery

Archer- Shooter

Aram- Father of multitude


Aslan- Lion

Aleksei- Defender of mankind

Ambrosii- Immortal

Arman- Army man

Arseni- Virile

Arkhip- Master of horse

Anton- invaluable


Broys- Warrior

Boleslav- large glory

Berdy- brilliant mind

Burian- Near the woods

Breasha- strong; virtuous

Brania -armor 

Bohdan- given by God 

Boleslava large glory

Boris- fighter; warrior


Cheng- Accomplished 

Čapeka- little stork


Catia- pure

Chicho- variant of chico boy

Cheslav lives in a fortified camp

Cyke- Beautiful nature


Darit- gift

Darya- possesses lot; wealthy 

Dasha- gift of God 

Dashia -gift of God 

Denis -of the god of wine 

Desya- moderate; sober 

Devora- bee

Dima- loves the earth 

Dmitry -loves the earth

Dmitrii- loves the earth 

Dmitriy- loves the earth 

Dobry- goodness 

Dorofei- meaning gift of God 

Dorofey- gift of God

Doroteya- gift of God 

Dunya -to seem well


Er Bao- Second treasure 

Enzo- Sword

Egor earth-worker, farmer 

Enar- Fighter

Ekaterina- pure

Elena- pure 

Elizaveta- God is my oath

Evgeni- well born; noble 

Evgenia- well born; noble

Evgenii- well born; noble

Evgeniy- well born; noble


Faddei- given of God

Fadei- given of God 

Fadey- courageous 

Fedya -gift of God 

Fedyenka- gift of God

Feliks- fortunate or lucky

Feofilakt- God-guard 

Ferapont- servant 

Feya- fairy 

Florenti -blossoming 

Foka -seal  

Foma- twin


Gan -adventurous,daring 

Garald- spear brave 

Gasha -good; kind

Gavan -safe harbor

Gedeon -one who cuts trees 

Gelya -angelic 

Gennadi- noble

Georgy -earth-worker; farmer 

Gerasim -age 

German- brother 

Gorya earth-worker; farmer 

Grigori -watchful; vigilant 

Grigorii -vigilant watchman 

Gyorgy- earth-worker; farmer


Hedeon –destroyer

Helge- holy 


Inessa- gentle; pure 

Inga- foremost one 

Inna- strong water 

Ipati- most high; supreme

Ippolit horse-freer 

Irena- peaceful 

Irta -brave and honest 

Isaak- he will laugh 

Isay- God is salvation 

Ivanna- God is gracious


Jasha- substitute

Jekaterina- pure


Kalina- medicinal tree

Karina- pure 

Kamen- stone 

Katerina -pure 

Katerinka- little pure one 

Katia- pure 

Kazimir- great destroyer 

Kenya -harmless; innocent

Kira- like the sun 

Kiril- lordly one 

Klavdiya- lame

Kirill- lord

Klavdii- lame 

Kliment- gentle merciful 

Kolzak- slippery 

Konstantin- steadfast Koren root


Lana- beautiful; handsome 

Ladala- god of beauty 

Lara- fortified town 

Lavrentiy- of Laurentum

Lazar- my God has helped

Leon- lion

Leonid- lion’s son

Leonti- lion-like 

Lidiya- son of Lydia 

Lyubov- love 

Liolya- light

Ludmila- favor; grace 

Liouba- love 

Lubmilla- people’s love 

Lubov- love


Mateo- Gift

Makar- Blessed

Majo- Ornament

Mano- God is with us

Mansur- Victorious

Mark- God Mars

Maxim- The largest

Michio-Man of strength of three thousand

Mihai-Hebrew for who is like god

Mike- Hebrew for who is like god

Mitchell- Who is like gos

Mohamed- Praiseworthy

Mudasir- Handsome man

Mujtaba- Selected


Nathaniel- God has given

Nadya – Hope

Nicolae- Victorious people

Nazar- from Nazareth

Nikodim- Victorious people

Niels- The horned


Ossy- God of poetry

Onism- Beneficial

Oxana- Hospitable to strangers

Oleg- Prosperous

Ogrifina- Wild horse

Oksnaochka- Praises of god



Pasha- Small

Peter- Rock

Pabel- Little one


Pheodore- Divine gift

Polina- Destroyer



Qirin -Qilin


Rustam- Hero

Rai –Heaven

Raisa- Prepared

Ruslan- Lion like

Roman- A citizen of Rome


Ramsis- Sun born

Romochka- From rome

Raul- Wolf

Renat- Adviser


Robertino-Radiant Glory

Rockford- Rock


Sergy- Gendarme

Spiridon- Little spirit

Seriozha- Attendant

Salva- Glory


Sergey- Servent

Stephan-Crowned with laurels

Sacha- Defender of Mandkind


Tedya- Gift of god

Timur- Iron

Tuman- Mist

Tusya- Surpassing expectation


Udacha- Luck

Ustinya- Fair



Vladimir- Famous prince

Vladislav- Possesses peace

Vsevolod- Powerful ruler

Valery- Strong

Vadim- A powerful ruler

Vyacheslav- More glory

Vania- Gracious

Varushka- Foreign

Varvara- Strang

Vassily- King

Vendikt- Blessed

Vlad- Sovereign


Wanya- God is gracious


Yuri- Farmer

Yan- God is gracious

Yaneta- God is gracious

Yasen – Ash tree

Yasha- Substitute

Yedidya- Farmer

Yemelyan- Rival

Yeva- Alive

Yevgeni- Well born

Youri- Farmer

Yuliy- Soft Beared

Yuliya- Youth

Yustyn- Just


Zinoviya- Life of Zeus

Zakhar- God has remembered

Zeonchka- Comes from Zeus

Zenevieva- White Wave

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