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Best Boy Names in 2022

Deciding an excellent name for your new baby boy is one of the biggest decisions you will ever make as a parent. There are countless Best Boy Names out there, and choosing the most inspiring baby boy names takes some time and effort. Curious what the best boy names are? Go through this article below for our latest collection for best baby boy name trends.

It will help you narrow down your list of favorites. Our best boy names collection includes trending boy names around the world. There are plenty of classic boy names as well. Start your search here for the best name for your baby boy.

Happy naming!


We have listed the best names for your baby boy. Magic is in! These Lovely baby boy names are full of adorable meaning and are a great way to pay homage to the future. Here we go,

Aarav – Peaceful

Aaron – Lofty

Abel – A breath

Abraham – Father Of Nations

Abram – exalted father

Ace – One or expert

Adam – man

Adan – Of The Earth

Aden – Little fire

Adonis – Lord

Adrian – man of Adria

Adriel – Congregation of God

Ahmed – Praiseworthy

Aiden – fiery one

Alan – handsome

Albert – Noble and bright

Albie – bright

Alec – Defender of the people

Alejandro – Defender Of The People

Alessandro – Defender of the People

Alex – defending men

Alexander – Defender

Alexis – helper

Alfie – counsel

Ali – high

Alijah – The Lord Is My God

Allen – Harmony

Alonzo – Ready For Battle

Amari – strength

Amir – Prince

Anderson – son of Anders

Andre – manly and strong

Andres – Manly

Andrew – Manly

Andy – Manly

Angel – Messenger Of God

Angelo – messenger

Anthony – worthy of praise

Antonio – Highly praiseworthy

Apollo – Destroyer

Archer – Bowman

Archie – Bowman

Ares – The Greek god of war

Ari – lion

Ariel – lion of God

Arjun – bright

Arlo – Hill

Armando – Army Man

Armani – warrior

Arthur – From the Roman clan

Asa – doctor

Asher – happy

Ashton – ash tree town

Atlas – Support

Atticus – from Attica

August – magnificent

Augustus – majestic

Austin – great

Avery – ruler of the elves

Axel – my father is peace

Axton – sword stone

Ayaan – God’s gift

Ayden – fire


Something gets better with time. So let’s have fun going through the following list. This is the best boy names’ list starting with B you could ever find.

Baby – Dawn

Barrett – Trader

Beau – Beautiful

Beckett – Dweller By The Brook

Beckham – From The Beck Homestead

Benjamin – Son Of My Right Hand

Bennett – Little Blessed One

Benson – son of Ben

Bentley – woodland with bent grass

Blake – Pale Blond One Or Dark

Bo – Living

Bobby – bright fame

Bodhi – enlightenment

Bowen – son of Owen

Braden – broad valley

Bradley – broad wood

Brady – broad meadow

Brandon – From The Broom Hill

Brantley – Fire Brand

Braxton – Brock’s town

Brayden – Son Of Bradan

Braylon – Gift to god

Brendan – Prince

Brian – Noble

Brock – Badger

Brody – Second son

Brooks – Water stream

Bruce – woods thicket

Bryan – high hill

Bryce – Swift

Brycen – Created

Bryson –  Son of the Strong One


Are you looking for a timeless best name for your new baby boy? Those names are simply awesome. Let’s find out.

Cade – Stout

Caden – Fighter

Caiden – Fighter

Cairo – Victorious One

Caleb – faithful

Callan – Battle Or Rock

Callum – Dove

Calvin – Bald

Camden – From The Valley Of The Camps

Cameron – bent

Cannon – Clergyman

Cade – Small battle

Cadillac – little fighter

Cal – devotion

Cale – Dog

Cam – crooked nose

Cami – helper to the priest

Cammy – young ceremonial attendant

Candy – Dazzling white

Canoodle – fondle

Captain – He who is in charge

Caramelo – candy

Care – Look after

Carino – lovely

Carissimo – dear

Carl – free man

Cart –  dwellers of the rough ground

Caruccio – beloved

Cary – Pure

Case – Bringer of peace

Cass – treasurer or clever

Cay – pure

Champ – warrior

Chardonnay – a dry white wine

Charlie – free man

Charming – Very pleasing or delightful

Chas –  Free Man

Chaviv – Dearly loved

Cheeky – disrespectful in speech

Cherry – Dear one

Cherub – blessing, blessed

Chief – Spiritual Leader

Chris – a Christian

Chubs – unappetising beef

Chunkie – Strong

Chunky – Healthy

Claws – Wickedly beautiful

Clay – Clay Worker

Cliff – cliff-side slope

Clint – fenced settlement

Cobe – protected by God

Coby – Yahweh may protect

Coco – Chocolate Bean

Cole – Victory Of The People

Colt – Young Horse

Comrade – colleague

Con – Wise

Cookie – One who is cute

Coop – container

Corazon – Heart

Corb – corf

Cory – from the round hill

Cowboy – who managed cattle

Cuddle – donkey

Cuddles – donkey

Cuddley – Precious

Curls – Full of curls

Cutie – attractive

Cutiepie – darling

Carlos – Free Man

Carson – Christian

Carter – cart user

Case – Bringer of peace

Casey – watchful

Cash – hollow

Cason – son of the marsh-dwellers

Cassius – Vain

Cayden – Fighter

Cesar – Thick Head Of Hair 

Chance – good fortune

Chandler – Candle Maker

Charles – man

Charlie – free man

Chase – Hunter

Christian – Follower Of Christ 

Christopher – Christ-bearer

Clark – scribe

Clayton – clay enclosure

Cody – Helpful

Cohen – priest

Colby – swarthy person’s settlement

Cole – coal-black

Colin – young boy

Collin – victory of the people

Colt – Young Horse

Colton – from the coal or dark town

Connor – Descendent Of Hound

Conrad – brave counsel

Cooper – Barrel Maker

Corbin – raven

Corey – from the hollow

Crew –  A Group Of People

Cruz – The Cross Of Christ 

Cullen – Back Of A River 

Cyrus – sun


Are you tired searching for a unique baby boy name starting with D? Go ahead of the baby names with these super chill, names. So let’s browse the list to find the perfect names for your baby.

Dakota – allies

Dallas – From The Meadow Dwelling

Dalton – valley

Damien – powerful man of the people

Damon – to tame

Daniel – God is my judge

Danny – God is my judge

Dante – Everlasting

Darius – he possesses

David – Beloved

Davis – Son Of David

Dawson – Son Of David

Dax – Leader

Daxton – from the town of Dax

Deacon – dusty one

Dean – From The Valley

Declan – Full Of Goodness

Dennis – God of wine

Derek – Gifted ruler

Derrick – People Ruler

Desmond – man from south Munster 

Devin – Servant

Dexter – Dyer Of Clothes

Diego – may God protect

Dillon – like a lion

Dominic – Lordly

Dominick – Of The Lord

Donald – world-ruler

Donovan – dark princeling

Dorian – gift

Drake – Dragon

Drew – strong and manly

Duke – the leader

Dustin – valiant fighter

Dylan – son of the sea


Expecting a baby boy. Some of today’s most popular choices are E names for boys. Despite all starting with E, each has its unique sound and flair. Challenge yourself to explore some unique boy names that start with E

Easton – From The East Town

Eden – delight

Edgar – Fortunate and powerful

Edison – Son Of Edward

Eduardo – rich guard

Edward – Prosperous guardian

Edwin – rich friend

Eli – High

Elian – the Lord is my God

Elias – my God is Yahweh

Elijah – My God is Yahweh

Elliott –  The Lord Is My God

Ellis – The Lord Is My God

Emanuel – God with us

Emerson – Emery’s son

Emiliano – Rival

Emilio – rival

Emmanuel – God is with us

Emmett – universal

Emmitt – universal

Enrique – Home Ruler

Enzo – home ruler

Eric – sole ruler

Esteban – Crown

Ethan – Strong

Evan – the Lord is gracious

Everett – strong as aboar 

Ezekiel – God’s Strength

Ezequiel – God Will Strengthen

Ezra – Help


Search this list of best names for boys and see if there’s one you’d love to have as your boy’s name unless checking out this list and see what you think!

Fabian – Bean Grower

Felix – lucky

Fernando – Adventurous

Finley – Fair Warrior/Hero

Finn – fair

Finnegan – Fair, White

Fabio – Bean Grower

Finny – fair

Firefly – Lightning bug

Flame – fire

Flash – Bright Light

Fluffy – Rise and fall

Forrest – dweller near the woods

Francis – From France Or Free

Francisco – Frenchman

Frank – Free

Frankie – Free Or Truthful 

Franklin – Free landowner

Freddie – Peace Ruler

Frederick – peaceful ruler


Are you looking for the best name for your little prince? If yes, you must choose a handsome name that is interesting and uncommon. Parents have moved from old boy names and chosen newer ones. However, following baby boy names can never lose their charm. Time to time, parents tend to return to these titles that are both beautiful and meaningful.

Gabriel – God is my strength

Gael – A Gaelic Person

Gage – oath

Garrett – Spear Rule

Gavin – White Hawk

George – farmer

Gerardo – Spear Brave

Gianni – God Is Gracious

Gabe – God’s able-bodied one

Giggles – Laughter

Gideon – Woodsman

Gil – bright promise

Gladiator – swordsman

Goof – stupid person

Gideon – Woodsman

Giovanni – God Is Gracious

Grady – noble

Graham – Grand home

Grant – Large

Grayson – Son Of The Grey-Haired One

Gregory – watchful

Griffin – A Fabled Monster

Gunner – bold warrior


Baby-names are unique in their own right, but an added appeal is their sweet, melodic sounds. Take the old to new, for instance, that seems to roll off the tongue. With that being said, here are unique best boy names for your little son.

Hank – Ruler Of The Home

Harley – From The Hares Wood

Harrison – Son Of Harry 

Harry – Army Ruler

Harvey – battle worthy

Hayden – hedged valley

Harris – grace

Haven – Safe Place

Hawk – bird of prey

Hay – hedge

Hays – fire

Heartie – Loving and caring

Hen – Grace

Henry – Lord

Hayes – hedged area

Hector – holding fast

Hendrix – Son Of Hendrick 

Holden – From The Hollow In The Valley 

Hudson – Hugh’s son

Hugo – mind

Hunter – one who hunts


If you’re looking for the best for your little one, you have to browse it. Let your imagination run free. Names starting with I provides you with the original meaning. But for a baby boy, the following are the best options. So let’s have a quick view through the list of names starting with the letter I.

Ian – God is merciful

Ibrahim – Father Of Nations

Iker – Visitor

Isaac – He Will Laugh

Isaiah – Yahweh is salvation

Ian – God is merciful

Ike – He laughs

Ilon – Light

Ivy – God’s Gift

Izzy – God Is My Oat

Isaias – God Is My Salvation

Ismael – God Will Hear

Israel – God contends

Issac – He (God) will laugh

Ivan – God is gracious

Izaiah – salvation of God


Boys’ names dominate the playground, but some parents long for the simple, elegant names. If you’re prepared for fantasies for your bunch of joy, then look no further! We’ve assembled a full list of names from new eras, and these monikers were some of the most common options for new babies. Don’t you think it’s time that following names made a comeback? Scroll through to see them all.

Jace – the Lord is salvation

Jack – God Is Gracious

Jackson – God has been gracious

Jacob – Supplanter

Jaden – thankful

Jaiden – thankful

Jaime – may God protect

Jake – Supplanter

Jalen – God lodges

Jamari – handsome or beautiful

James – Supplanter

Jameson – son of James

Jamie – one who supplants

Jamison – son of James

Jared – descent

Jase – Healer

Jasiah – God Will Save

Jason – healer

Jasper – Treasurer

Javier – bright

Jax – God has been gracious

Jaxson – Jack’s son

Jaxton – God is gracious

Jay – victory

Jayce – the Healer

Jayceon – Healer

Jayden – thankful one

Jaylen – thankful

Jayson – a healing

Jeffrey – God Peace

Jenson – God is Gracious

Jeremiah – God Will Uplift

Jeremy – God Will Uplift 

Jesse – gift of God

Jesus – Savior

Jett – Jet Black

Joaquin – Raised By Yahweh

Joel – The Lord God

Johan – God Is Gracious

John – God Is Gracious

Johnathan – God Has Given

Johnny – Jehovah has been gracious

Jonah – Dove

Jonas – A dove

Jonathan – God Has Given

Jordan – To Flow Down

Jorge – Farmer

Jose – God Will Increase

Joseph – increase

Joshua – God is salvation

Josiah – Jehovah has healed

Josue – God Is Salvation

Juan – Graceful

Judah – Praised

Jude – praised

Julian – Youthful

Julien – Jove’s child

Julio – Youthful

Julius – Downy

Justin – Fair


Names are the sweetest sound in any language. They signify traits, seasons, values, power, and royalty. Let your baby’s title be the most valuable gift to his at the very beginning of life. If you are expecting and somehow feel it is going to be a boy, here are some beautiful names that will motivate and stand your prince in good stead all through her life.

Kade – Sturdy

Kaden – Fighter

Kai – sea

Kaiden – companion

Kairo – victorious one

Kaison – Son of fighter

Kaleb – Whole Hearted 

Kamari – Moon

Kamden – Winding Valley

Kameron – crooked

Kane – Battlefield

Kannon – Flower

Karson – A follower of Christ

Ken – Handsome

Kenny – Handsome

Key – Small but important

Kit – Christian follower of Christ

Kat – Pure

Kitten – Perfect

Kody – Cushion

Karter – transporter of goods by cart

Kasen – Pure

Kash – Universe

Kashton – Money

Kason – Perfect

Kayden – battle

Kayson – rejoice

Keaton – place of hawks

Keegan – A thinker

Keith – forest

Kendrick – Bold Ruler 

Kenneth – Royal oath

Kevin – Handsome

Khalil – friend

Kian – king

Kieran – little dark one

Killian – Church

King – Ruler

Kingston – King’s estate

Knox – From The Small Hill

Kobe – tortoise

Kolton – Cole’s Town

Kylan – narrow

Kyle – narrows

Kyler – Church

Kyrie – The Lord

Kyson – son of Kyle


Below names take us into the time where our and grandparents danced the night away. While some people think these names are too fashionable, others have formed the opinion that these names are also modern and have withstood the test of time. As a result, these ‘new gentleman names’ are making a comeback and are once again famous for newborn boys.

Landon – From The Long Hill

Landyn – long hill

Lane – Path

Lawrence – bright one

Lawson – Son Of Lawrence 

Leland – fallow land

Lennox – elm grove

Leo – lion

Leon – lion

Leonardo – strong as a lion

Leonel – Lion Like

Leonidas – son of a lion

Levi – Joined In Harmony

Lewis – Famed Warrior

Liam – With Gilded Helmet

Lincoln – town by the poo

Logan – Descendant Of The Warrior

Lorenzo – from Laurentium

Louie – famous warrior

Louis – famous warrior

Luca – light

Lucas – light

Luciano – Form of light

Luis – famous warrior

Luka – light

Lukas – Luminous

Luke – Light giving


The beginning of knowledge is to call things by their right names. These days, the trend of using new names is running strong. Parents are doing hard to search best titles more and more not out of obligation but because many formerly names are coming back around and sounding fresh and robust to today’s young parents. So let’s ride through the list.

Maddox – fortunate

Major – greater

Makai – who resembles God?

Malachi – Messenger Of God

Malakai – messenger

Malcolm – devotee of Saint Columba

Malik – Owner

Manuel –  God with us

Marco – Warlike

Marcos – Of Mars

Marcus – warlike

Mario – Hammer

Mark – warrior

Marshall – one who looks after horses

Martin – warlike

Marvin – Great Lord

Mason – artificer of stone

Mateo – gift of Yahweh

Mathew – Gift Of God

Mathias – gift of Yahweh

Matias – gift of Yahweh

Matteo – gift of god

Matthias – Gift Of God

Maverick – Wildly Independent

Max – the greatest

Maximilian – greatest

Maximiliano – Greatest

Maximus – greatest

Maxwell – great stream

Mekhi – who is like God?

Memphis – Established And Beautiful

Messiah – saviour

Micah – who is like the Lord

Michael – who is like God?

Miguel – Who Is Like God?

Milan – gracious

Miles – soldier or merciful

Milo – gracious

Mohamed – Worthy Of Praise

Moises – Born Of

Moses – Son

Moshe – Drawn Out Of The Water

Muhammad – praiseworthy

Myles – Soldier


Sometimes names are used as a symbol of honour for a human. If you take any level of the social state and then look at people by name groupings, it’ll pretty reliably show which the high-status names are and which the low-status names. So let’s go through names starting with N.

Nash – Dweller By The Ash Tee

Nasir – helper

Nathan – he gave

Nathaniel – gift of God

Nehemiah – God Has Comforted

Nicholas – victory of the people

Nico – people of victory

Nicolas – Victorious

Niko – Victory Of The People

Nikolai – Victorious

Nikolas – victory of the people

Nixon – son of Nicholas

Noah – Peace

Noel – Christmas

Nolan – Descendant Of The Famous One


Independent-minded parents are choosing the best names for their quirkiness, and in the expectation that their son will likely be one of a few gentlemen with that name. Parents are likely to be educated and independent thinkers who would like their child to have an uncommon name such as follows.

Oakley – Oak-tree field

Odin – Frenzy

Oliver – olive tree

Ollie – the olive

Omar – Eloquent

Omari – Speaker

Orion – Mountain Dweller 

Oscar – Friend of Deer

Otto – wealthy

Owen – The Yew Tree Or Youth


It’s not up to you to pick what your name is. However, that does not mean that any day you can’t change it to something different. Whatever the thing you have that has to lead you for the right name starting with P for a boy in our list.

Pablo – Small

Parker – park keeper

Patrick – nobleman

Paul – Humble

Paxton – peaceful settlement

Pedro – Stone

Peter – stone

Peyton – fighting-man’s estate

Philip – Warlike

Phoenix – deep red

Pierce – Rock

Porter – Door Keeper 

Preston – Priest’s estat

Prince – Royal Son

Princeton – Princely Town


Words have meaning and names have potential. We have you fully covered. See some of the string prominent names for boys we could muster up and the causes as to why we think they are just so great!

Quentin – the fifth

Quel – Love

Quinn – descendent of Conn

Quinton – queen’s settlement


Here are the best option for boys. Let’s continue reading for best boy names along with their meaning over the years. Choosing a name can be stressful. There are endless options out there. Everyone has their view. Browse the best baby name lists can be a helpful step in the manner. These lists inspire you.

Rafael – God Has Healed 

Raiden – God Spirit

Raphael – God heals

Raul – Wolf Counsel 

Rayan – luxuriant

Raymond – Counsellor

Reece – Passion

Reed – Red Haired

Reggie – ruler’s advisor

Reid – Red Headed

Remington – place on a riverbank

Remy – Oarsman

Reuben – behold

Rhett – Counsel

Rhys – Enthusiasm

Ricardo – Great Leader

Richard – hard ruler

Riley – courageous

River – Stream Of Water

Robert – bright fame

Roberto – Bright Fame

Rocco – Rest

Rodrigo – famous ruler

Roland – Renowned in the land

Roman – Strong

Romeo – pilgrim to Rome

Ronald – Powerful

Ronan – Little Seal

Ronin – well-advised ruler

Ronnie – mighty counsellor

Rory – Famous ruler

Rowan – little red-haired one

Rowen – Red haired

Roy – Red

Royal – Of The King 

Royce – Of A Famous Kin

Ruben – Behold

Russell – redhead

Ryan – Little king

Ryder – mounted warrior

Ryker – brave power

Rylan – From The Rye Land

Ryland – From The Rye Land


If you’re looking for the best boy name that’s as adorable as nothing found in-universe, look no further as the following list of charming heavenly names will suit your little one. Having one of the best names smells like roses to everyone! A signature is something that will become a significant part of a person’s life, whether they like it or not. So it’s essential to choose the right name wisely!

Sage – Wise one

Samson – Sun Or Service

Samuel – God has heard

Santiago – Saint James

Santino – Little Saint

Saul – asked for

Sawyer – Wood worker

Scott – God has given

Sean – God is gracious

Snuggles – Cozies Up To Human

Sonny – Our Son 

Spark – Gallant

Spence – despense

Spenny – expensive

Sphinx – to squeeze

Spiky – Long, Heavy Nail

Spring – Spring

Sprinkles – Beautiful

Squishy –  soft

Stan – Stony field

Star – luminous astronomical object

Steve – garland

Stevie – crown

Sweetie – Sweet

Sy – the listener

Sebastian – Venerable

Sergio – Servant

Seth – Anointed

Shane – God Is Gracious

Shawn – God Is Gracious

Silas – Man Of The Forest

Simon – listen

Sincere – Honest

Skyler – scholar

Solomon – peace

Soren – stern

Spencer – Dispenser of provisions

Stanley – stony meadow

Stephen – Crown

Sterling – Little Star

Stetson – Stephen’s son

Steven – Crown

Sullivan – Dark-eyed


Suppose you’re carrying a baby boy, congratulations! You have a long list of unusual names to choose from. Whether you seek something adorable, attractive, sweet, quirky, or something a little more offbeat, we’ve got you! We’ve rounded up the best and perfect for your little one. Let’s dig in deep through the list, and I’m pretty sure you’re going to love it.

Tanner – leather maker

Tate – cheerful

Tatum – cheerful bringer of joy

Taylor – One Who Tailors Clothes

Teddy – Divine Gift

Theo – Divine Gift

Theodore – Divine Gift 

Thiago – may God protect

Toby – God Is Good

Tom – twin

Tommy – A Twin

Toni – flower

Tonio – Highly praiseworthy

Tony – priceless one

Topher – Christ Bearer

Topino – little mouse

Trace – Brave

Treasure – highly valued possession

Trent – Thirty

Trev – Large village

Trey – Three

Tris – Sad din

Twan – God

Thomas – twin

Timothy – honouring God

Titus – title of honour

Tobias – God is good

Toby – God Is Good

Tommy – A Twin

Tony – priceless one

Travis –  From The Crossing

Trenton – Trent’s town

Trevor – Large village

Tristan – riot

Troy – Water

Tucker – clothfuller

Ty – From The Land Of Eogha

Tyler – maker of tiles

Tyson – Firebrand


You put a lot of effort and select the ‘perfect name’ for your little one. The official name of your baby will be known to the world; however, a baby’s name is just for you and your loved ones. A name underlines the bond between you and your child.

Uriah – God Is My Light

Uriel – God is my Light


Do you have a hard time deciding a name for your baby boy? Need help with boy names selection? Find the best and most beautiful baby boy names for your little prince. We have a vast collection of boy names with meanings and origin.

Victor – winner

Vincent – conquering


Parents of the current era do a lot of analysis before choosing a name for their child. Most parents prefer a meaningful and stylish name for their son. So if you have recently welcomed your son to this world, then this list with best names for boys, will make it easier for you to choose a meaningful and modern name.

Wade – Traveller By The Ford

Walker – Fuller Of Cloth

Walter – army ruler

Warren – Guard

Waylon – Land By The Road

Wes – western meadow

West – From The West 

Westie – Western Town

Wesley – From The West Field

Weston – western town

Wilder – Wild Animal

William – With Gilded Helmet

Winston – wine’s town

Wyatt – Son Of Guy


If you’re looking for a right boy name that’s as adorable as nothing found in-universe, look no further as the following list of charming heavenly names will suit your little one. Having a pretty name smells like roses to everyone! A signature is something that will become a significant part of a person’s life, whether they like it or not. So it’s essential to choose a suitable name wisely!

Xander – Defender Of The People

Xavier – The New House


Baby name trends may come and go, but today’s most popular baby names suggest that nothing beats a classic. Many of the popular boy names that have topped the lists in recent years have a certain throwback appeal and find their roots in ancient Greek, Hebrew, Gaelic and Latin terms, such as David, Andrew and Elijah.

Yusuf –  God Will Increase

Yashfeen – Healthiness


It’s too early to tell whether the coming years will see a significant shift in baby name trends, but the popular boys’ names below have enjoyed their spots for several years running.

Zachariah – God remembers

Zachary – the Lord has remembered

Zaid – master

Zaiden – Increasing

Zain – Handsome

Zeon – boiling

Zander – Defender Of The People

Zane – God Is Gracious

Zayden – growth

Zayn – Beautiful

Zayne – God is gracious

Zion – highest point

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