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Top Baby Names in 2022

Names do have power. The right name will always enhance your baby’s attractiveness. Names are vital since a name is how we are identified from the rest of the people. After all, what makes a name beautiful is its meaning. That’s when numerology, which is the study of the importance of numbers and their influence on one’s life, can be applied.

Letters of the alphabet and numbers have a close relationship with each other. Each letter of the alphabet has its vibration, attributes, energies, and qualities. These will influence the wave of your baby’s name. The initials of your baby’s name will give a hint of his personality. It will impact on his life as well. So, choose wisely and gift top baby names for your babies.


The popular TV series, Game of Thrones has influenced the baby naming. Arya happens to be the most popular Game of Thrones-inspired name in the US. More than 3000 baby girls got their names while GoT gradually became one of the most-watched series ever. 

Ava which is the fifth most popular baby name for girls, is a variation of Eve. The Australian star Hugh Jackman and the American actress Reese Witherspoon both selected the name for their daughters. Ava is the name of a humanoid robot with artificial intelligence in the movie ‘Ex-Machina’ which makes the title so cool.


People who have ‘B’ as their initial are mostly home-oriented and enjoy making a ‘nest’ for their family. Usually, they are friendly, very co-operative, and caring. 

Benjamin, a bit old fashioned yet still popular name is a Biblical name which has been derived from the Hebrew term for ‘son in the right’. According to the Old Testament in the Bible, he was one of the founders of the twelve tribes of Israel. In the recent past, there have been plenty of Benjamins who were excelled in several fields. Benjamin Franklin (inventor), Benjamin Britten (composer), Benjamin Solo, and Benjamin Kenobi (Jedi) are among them.


If you decide to give your baby the letter ‘C’ for their initial, they will turn out to be extraordinarily optimistic and full of energy.

Charlotte, a French name meaning ‘freedom’ is the feminine version of Charles which stands for ‘free man’. It was a popular name throughout history, and still, it is. Queens, princesses, and authors bore the name. The famous authoress Charlotte Bronte is the most renowned name in terms of English literature.


Letter ‘D’ will make your baby practical and efficient. Your baby will do things entirely, even under pressure. They have reliable will power, and ultimately, they achieve their target. 

Damon is a beautiful name, mostly loved by the girls because of the character Damon Salvatore of the popular TV series ‘TVD’ or ‘The Vampire Diaries’. The name stands for ‘the one who tames’. The name Damien meaning ‘to tame’ is also another beautiful name which is often seen among the babies in many European countries, including France and Poland.


The letter ‘E’, which is associated with the number 5, is a symbol of joyfulness and generosity. It also gives a sense of humour. If you select letter E as your baby’s initial, she will be free-spirited, highly active, and chatty too.

Emma remains unbeatable when it comes to naming baby girls in the USA. It has a German origin meaning ‘universal’. The simplicity and the strength of the name make it a cool girls’ name. Emma is the name of many respected actresses, including Emma Watson, Emma Stone, and Emma Thompson. The name is also associated with many heroines including Jane Austen’s Emma, Emma Bovary, and Emma Peel of the Avengers.


Often people with the initial ‘F’ have a desire to help others. So if you’re thinking of a gift letter f to your baby, she will be a tender, peaceful, and loving person with a calm mind. She will be able to resolve conflicts.


The names with letter ‘G’ are strongly connected with new beginnings. Therefore, this great name is widely used for babies born in January and on Monday. People with the initial g are satisfied with performing well for its own sake rather than demanding great rewards.


When talking about the letter ‘H’, several names come from Greek mythology. Helen, the most beautiful woman on earth, was the daughter of Leda and Zeus. The name Helena is also coming from Helen. Hera the name of the goddess of marriage life and the queen of heaven is also a cool name for a baby girl. 

Hector and Hermes are cool boy names inspired by Greek gods. The former is a remarkable character since he was the greatest fighter for Troy in the Trojan war. At the same time, the latter was the divine character for travel and trade.


People whose names start with ‘I’ have a depth of human understating and sensitivity too. Isabella has international and regal appeal, and it is an elegant name for a baby girl. For Isabella, you can have cool nicknames also, including Izz, Izzy, Belle, and Bella. The name is the Spanish form of the name Elizabeth which implies ‘pledged to God’.


It is proven that names with letter ‘J’ have timeless value. As an example, James. US presidents have borne this name than any other name. Many famous kings, apostles, and fictional characters worldwide carry the name. The moment we hear the name James, one thing that crosses our mind is one of the most iconic characters of all time.

“The name’s Bond, James Bond.” Even though it is a well-known name, the name remains fresh as ever. This name, after all, is a favourite name with celebrities too.


If you have k as your baby’s initial, I’m sure she will acquire both physical and spiritual energy with this initial. She’ll use this to help others.


Lily, one of the sweetest and most delicate names ever is also one of the top 20 baby girl names throughout the past decade. Lead characters of both films ‘How I met your mother’ and ‘Harry Potter’ were also inspirations behind the name.


Let’s take a look at the most popular and coolest girl names that are trending in English speaking countries. Names that were considered as ‘mom names’ are coming back in significant ways. 

Meghan (alternatively spelt as Megan) which was familiar as a baby name in the early 1990s and gradually sunk just like other names at that time has risen dramatically in popularity chart. The influence of Meghan Markel, the Duchess of Sussex, is durable enough for boosting the name.


‘N’ initial holders possess a rare quality which is flexibility. It will allow them to suddenly quit something and take a turn, to go off in an entirely different path.


The letter has strong spiritual vibrations. It will improve your baby’s personality, active, non-conventional, unpredictable, and daring. He will have excellent skills to achieve anything more smartly.


One rare yet cool girl name for letter ‘P’ is Penelope. She was the wife of Odysseus who was truly faithful. She was a historical icon who stayed loyal and faithful to him while he was away. Thus, the name itself symbolizes marriage faithfulness.


The letter depicts calm, persistence, and confidence. If you give your baby the initial Q, she will be destined to become a leader rather than a follower. 

Quentin, a regal name meaning ‘the fifth’ is such a cool name that doesn’t matter if your son is fifth-born or not, you can always use it.


What’s cooler than selecting a cartoonishly macho name for a real baby boy? Rambo, another cool baby boy name for you to consider.

Rebel, meaning asking for trouble is undoubtedly a cool name you’ll ever find. This is, of course, a gender-neutral name.


According to numerology, ‘S’ are original thinking people who have a creative approach to problem-solving. They are well behaved, hardworking, and punctual too. So, if you’ve decided to give your baby a cool name starting from S, it would make his character better. S’s naturally tend to be in charge.


If your baby’s name starts with ‘T’ he will possess excellent leadership qualities in his future. The letter T also symbolizes tolerance, patience, and kindness. If your baby has this letter as initial, he will more likely share his knowledge freely with those he leads. He may be seen as a dominant force in their friendship groups or the workplace.


Few names are starting from the letter ‘U’. Ulysses is such a name for boys. It has strong links to the Homeric Hero, eighteenth President Grant, and the James Joyce novel. It makes both distinguished and kind of weighty for a modern boy.


There are plenty of cool names starting from the letter v. Valentine, a name with a sense of strength, good health, and vigour is a derivation of the Latin term ‘Valens’. The name is quite famous and honoured throughout the world due to its association with Valentine’s day and love.


Just like the name John, William too is one of the most popular boys’ names of all time. It has been the most popular name for the past four centuries. This English name which means ‘resolute protector’ is has a considerable number of presidential and royal namesakes.

Many have excelled in whatever their field. The greatest English poet of all-time William Shakespeare, William the Conqueror, Prince William, and the president William are few of them.


Usually, the letter ‘X’ comes in the middle of the last of a name. Yet here is a name that places it squarely upfront, Xanthe. This cool name has a Greek origin meaning the colour yellow. It is an exotic name of a blonde, another-worldly being. Those rare personalities with the initial x will struggle to uplift themselves. They will seek ways to make themselves perfect and capable of balancing all the things.


The initial y will always give determination and physical and spiritual energy to the baby.


Your baby will make an excellent leader with this initial. ‘Z’ suggests the person is intuitive and fair-minded. Zenith is a progressive word name that stands for the ‘highest point’.

You may be surprised to hear this. But the Hebrew version of John happens to be Zane! We love the name John, and after all, Zane is more unusual yet a cool name for a baby boy. It merely means ‘the gift from God’.

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