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Most Cute Boy Names That Start With D (2022)

In this area, you can discover a rundown of Boy Names That Start With D, their implications, their starting point. Our index of names contains both present days manly names and uncommon brave names. You can discover Russian names or Greek. You can find the numerology of male names with the letter D and what signs relate to them.

David – beloved

Dawood – beloved friend

David – beloved

Dalmatian – being strong and manly

Damian – one who tames

Damir – give”/”take

Dan – God is my judge

Daniel – God is my strength

Dardan – pear

Dares – wild animal

Darius – rich and kingly

Dowd – dark’, ‘black

Decarabia – bearded

Demyan – to tame, subdue

Denis – Devotee Of Dionysos

Didumos – twin, double, twin brother

Dima – Strong fighter

Damir – peace

Dan – God is my judge

Danzai – god is my judge

Daniel – God is my strength

Daniele – God is my judge

Dante – Famous bearer

Dara – the pearl of wisdom” or “wisdom and compassion

Darius- he possesses” or “rich and kingly

Dimant – diamond

Dimitrian – a follower of Demeter

Demetrius – devoted to Demeter.

Diodorus – the gift of Zeus

Diodotus – given by Zeus

Diocles – the glory of God

Diomedes – of ZEUS

Dion – singer

Dionysius – God of wine

Disan – Charming man

Desiderius – ardent desire” or “the longed-for

Dietrich – powerful

Dmitri – Earth-lover

Dmitro – belonging to the lord

Dolon – crafty, deceitful, treacherous

Donald – ruler of the world

Donat – hill

Dragutin – precious 

Daichi – Large, Great; Land, Earth; wisdom, Intellect

Daire – fertile, or fruitful

Daisuke – Large, Grea

Dakari – Happiness, Joy

Dale – Lives in the valley

Dallin – little blind one

Dalton – the settlement in the valley.”

Daly – one who is present at assemblies

Damarion – Of The Sea Or Bitter

Damian – one who tames; subdues.

Dane – Dweller in the Valley

Dante – Famous bearer

Dario – Rich; wealthy 

Darragh – oak

Darrell – one who came from Airelle in France

Dawa – moon” or “month

David – beloved” or “uncle  

Dagobert – bright day

Dada – curly-haired child

Dal- Lives in a dale/valley

Dalmat – sheep

Darren – Great

Damir – give”/”take

Dana – God is my judge

Danil – God is my judge

Danis – a follower of the God Dionysius

Danislav – glory or day of glory

Daniel – God is my judge

Darius – He who holds firm to good 

Demid – heavenly, divine, noble

Demian – Of the people

Dean – monk or dignitary in charge of ten others

Dinar – gold coin

Dino – Little sword

Darkan – understanding

Dat – accomplished

Dayan – a Jewish religious judge

Day – Light And Hope

Desiree – desired 

Demetrius – devoted to Demeter

Demid – composed of two elements

Demian – To tame 

Div – Evil spirit

Didry – trumpeter

Dylan- son of the sea”, “son of the wave”, or “born from the ocean

Dean – monk or dignitary in charge of ten others

Diogenes – born of Zeus

Dieter – warrior of the people

Dietmar – famous people

Dietrich – powerful

Dugald – dark stranger

Douglas – dark water, dark stream, or from the dark river

Duk – leader

Duncan – dark or dark-haired man or battle

Duff – Dark-skinned

Dushan – heartfelt, sincere

David – beloved” or “uncle

Day – Light And Hope

Dade – a deed or an exploit

Damin – self-controlled

Deshen – World

Dmitry – Earth-lover

Dob – Brilliant

Dobromila – Love, to like, dear

Dobromir – world, peace

Dobroslav – glory, fame

Dobrynya – the good, goods, property, stuff / kindly, good, well

Dodo – gift of God

Doyle – black stranger 

Domenico – of the Lord

Dominic – Lordly

Donat – hill

Dorje- Indomitable

Dorian – gift

Dorotheus – God’s Gift 

Didim – twin, double, twin brother 

Dragomir – He who is very dear or He who is very precious 

Dragutin – precious

Dwight – the God of wine

Douglas – dark water, dark stream, or from the dark river

Dula – Polish

Duncan – dark-haired or dark warrior

Diego – supplanter

Dieudonne – Gift of God 

Duke – leader

Davie – Cherished; Beloved  

Dagur -Day

Dalai – ocean” or “big

Dalan – blind

Daler – Brave

Dalis – Drawing water

Dallon – little blind one

Damir -peace

Dani – God Is My Judge

Daniil – God is my judge

Danis – a follower of the God Dionysius

Danislav – a day of glory

Daniyar – Friend of wisdom

Dante – enduring

Darsen – divine vision 

Daphnis – laurel

Devdan – a gift of the gods

Demyan – to tame, subdue 

Decim – ten

Damie – open-spirited, friendly

Dason – son of David

Dack – roof

Derry – Gifted ruler, People ruler

Dian – Divine

Dilip – An ancestor of Lord Rama, a king

Dilshot – Of Mars, Warlike, Warrior

Dinar – gold coin

Diogo – supplanter

Dionysios – God of wine 

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