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Boy Names That Start With J – Most Famous List (2022)

The letter J is one of the most Famous and important starting letters for male names. On the off chance that you need to give your new baby boy an uncommon name, look over John and James, or Joey and Jordan. See the collection of child Boy Names That Start With J.

Name  Meaning 
Jaafar  Small river 
Jaakko  Representative 
Jaali  Powerful 
Jaan  God is gracious 
Jaani  Gift of god 
Jaareh  One who wounds and cuts 
Jabali  Strong as a rock 
Jabbar  Powerful 
Jabier  A bright man 
Jabr  One who comforts and help 
Jabroot  Majestic 
Jace  Healer 
Jiva  Existence 
Jitesh  God of victory 
Jiten  Conqueror 
Jita  Winner 
Jisnu  Successful 
Jinan  Lord of victory 
Jinay  Lord 
Jinah  Victorious 
Jin  Bright 
Jimmil  Who curious to learn and adapt new things and have excellent communication skills. 
Jimmie  Ones who can easily change their habits because of having dynamic nature 
Jimme  One who doesn’t have a stable attitude and are not focused towards their life or goals 
Jimiyu  Born during summer 
jimelle  One who is so eager to learn or have a thirst for acquiring knowledge 
Jimell  Calm and patient  
Jimel  Have an attractive and colourful personality 
Jimbo  Poses the  loving personality 
Jim  One who is having a personality which is adventurous, creative and possess artistic ability 
Jikai  A Person who loves to take care of everyone 
Jii  A sign of intelligence 
Jihad  Fight for the right of religion 
Jignesh  Always curious and by that who wants to discover the whole world freely  
Jignaas  Significance 
Jigme  Fearless 
Jigishu  A sign of victory 
Jigisha  Superior 
Jigen  Sharp minded person 
Jigar  Heart 
Jig  A person with a quick speed 
Jiei  A successful and prominent person 
Jie  Pure 
Jicku  A Brave and aggressive person 
Jibesh  Ambitious 
Jiban  A person who knows how to live happily of his soul 
Jiao-long  Looks like a dragon 
Jian  Condition of being agreeable 
Jia  Great person who is everyone’s favorite 
Jjval  Determination and originality 
Jnatri  Successful life 
Jnanendra  A desire to analyse and understand the world
Janaprakash  Mirror of knowledge 
Jnanadirgha  Life giving 
Jnanadarpana  The one who has hidden qualities of wisdom and knowledge
Jnanada  The one with high ambitions 
jnana Intelligence 
Jnab  Respect 
Jnaandeva  Lord of life 
Jnaan  Friendly 
jogindermeet A master of yoga who is friendly, compassionate and kind towards everyone 
Joginder  Enthusiast 
Jogdhiaan  Attain salvation 
Joga  Sacrifice 
Joseph  Increment 
Joe  The ultimate good guy 
Jodoc  Lord 
Jodin  My justice of the peace 
Jodie  Blessed 
Jodhpreet  Loveable as well as brave 
Jodhpal  Brave protector 
Jodhbir  Brave warrior 
Jodha  Warrior 
Jodh  Courageous soldier 
Joceaume  Joy 
Jobanwant  Attractiveness 
Jobanveer  Brave 
Jobanroop  Gorgeousness 
Jobandeep  Ray of hope 
Joban  Youth 
Joardar  Powerful 
Joar  One with a horse 
Joannic   Gracious 
Joakim  Adaptable and curious 
Joah  Keep calm 
Joachim  Strict and ambitious throughout life 
Joab  Have a deep inner need for quit 
Jrashesh  Real and honest 
Juail  Love that everlast
Jubail  Friendly 
Jubayr  A person who seeks friendship and prove to be the best buddy 
Jvitesh  Creator of life 
Jvalka  Bright light 
jwalanath Brilliance of light 
Jwalant  Luminous 
Jwalaprakash  Gift of fire 
Jwalaprasad  The master of flames 
Jwalin  Lord shiva 
Jyan  Victorious 
Jyeshta  Star 
Jyesth  Respected and honorable 
Jyler  Gracious 
Jyotdeep  Lamp’s light 
Joytichandra  Moonlight 
Jyotichndra  Aplendour 
Jyotindra  Lord of the light 
Jyotiprakasa  Light of the flame 
Jyotiranjan  Flame 
Jyotirmay  Kind 
Jyotirmoy  Lustrous 
jyotis Bright 
Jyotish  Brilliant 
Joytishk  Radiance 
Jyotishmat  Brightness 
Jyri  Earthwalker 

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