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German Girl Names – Latest Beautiful Collection (2021)

Girls may have a few first names, which generally are motivated by relations. Anyhow, with the plan to secure the prosperity of kids, there are a few confinements on German Girl Names to diminish methods of being derided. First names must be authoritatively endorsed by the local German office of the populace register.

Hence German first names should be perceived as appropriate names. They can’t be ludicrous or debase the kid in any capacity. But they should not be connected with wickedness such as Satan or Judas or be heartless toward strict emotions.

German first name cannot be a brand, a surname, an item, or the name of a location. It demonstrates the kid’s sex – if an unbiased German first name is picked, at that point, a second name must include that is sexually explicit. They must not cross-sex – you can’t usually pick a kid’s name for a young lady and the other way around (except for Maria, which can set as a German boy’s second name).

 If you intend to pick a strange infant name, it is conceivable to ask your local Standesamt in advance to check whether there will be an issue. The Standesamt should make the choice, where an infant is born in Germany. At sometimes, German name limitations might be loosened up when a parent is from another country. Sometimes it is difficult to think about the naming laws in your nation of origin, though it is not required.

Most Famous German Girl Names for each 20s from 1900



Boy – Jan, Leon, Luca, Niklas, Tim, Tom, Lukas, Finn

Girl –  Anna, Lara, Laura, Lea, Michelle, Sarah, Julia, Lisa 

The 1900s

Boy – Ernst, Hans, Heinrich, Karl, Paul, Walter, Wilhelm, Friedrich, Otto

Girl – Anna, Frieda, Gertrud, Margarethe, Maria, Marie, Martha, Emma, Elisabeth


Boy – Alexander, Dennis, Jan, Michael, Sebastian, Stefan, Daniel, Christian

Girl –  Anja, Katrin, Melanie, Nadine, Sabrina, Stefanie, Julia, Nicole

The 1960s

Boy – Andreas, Klaus, Michael, Thomas, Uwe, Frank, Stefan

Girl – Angelika, Gabriele, Heike, Sabine, Susanne, Ute, Andrea, Petra


Boy – Dieter, Hans, Klaus, Peter, Uwe, Wolfgang, Günter, Manfred

Girl – Erika, Gisela, Helga, Karin, Monika, Ursula, Christa, Ingrid


Boy – Gerhard, Heinz, Helmut,, Karl, Walter, Werner, Hans, Herbert

Girl – Elfriede, Erna, Gertrud, Ilse, Irmgard, Lieselotte, Hildegard, Edith

Statistics present that 20% of infant young ladies had a name in the best ten most well known German girl names. The top German names for girls was apparently:

Top German Girl Names

Adelaide – noble, nobility

Alice – noble

Bertha – bright, glorious

Bali – strength

Kerris – love

Druella – elfin vision

Fredrika – peaceful ruler

Geraldine – a ruler with the spear

Jocelyn – a member of the Guts tribe

Kristin – a Christian

Robertha – bright fame

Rosalinde – pretty rose

Zelma – God helmet

Wilma – resolute protection

Aloisa – renowned warrior

Amilia – work

Angelika – angel or angelic

Berta – bright, glorious

Editha – prosperous in war

Emma – universal

Gisela – pledge/hostage

Hannele – grace

Juliane – youthful

History of German Girl Names

In the mid-1900s, German names with trustworthy constants were mainstream, for example, Bertha, Elisabeth, Gertrud, Frieda, Margarethe, and Maria. Some old-style names have, to a great extent, dropped out of ubiquity, for example, Elfriede, Hildegard, and Liselotte for German girl names. 

Then again, some old-style German names stayed famous for quite a few years during the 1900s, which means today you can discover numerous German first names. German names for kid girls, nonetheless, would, in general, change all the more regularly. In spite of the Ursula they are appreciated quite a few years as one of the top names in the mid-1900s.

German young ladies’ names pursued the pattern, with names, for example, Hannah, Julia, Lara, Laura, Lena, and Sarah being a portion of the trending names during a similar period. Other great German names that were prominent at different periods during the 1900s are as yet applicable for now, demonstrated as follows.

Top Classical German Girl Names

Alvira – white, fair

Bertina – bright, glorious

Caecilia – blind

Ebba – the fortress of riches, or strength of a boar.”

Floretia – flourishing, prosperous”, “flower

Juliane – youthful

Mareike – bitter

Roderica – renowned ruler

Urse – little female bear.”

Susanne – lily

Wilhelmina – resolute protection

Earhart – honor, bravery

Friederika – peaceful ruler

Haldis – purposeful

Katrina – pure

Liesl – Hebrew, “pledged to God

Rebekka – servant of God

Selma – godly helmet

Ilse – pledged to God

Winola – charming friend

Germany: Productivity or fertility rate

The fertility rate in Germany is as of now around 1.50 kids per lady (contrasted with around 1.9 in the US and UK). With the portion of infant kids, They destine to unmarried guardians dramatically increasing over the most recent 25 years.

This rate is most elevated among ladies somewhere in the range of 26 and 35 years. Germany’s fertility rate has generally observed moderate development, not recording a comparable price (1.51 kids per lady) for over 30 years.

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One Comment

  1. This is really a good list, and I thought to add some more german female names as I’m from German family background. I will share them with meaning.
    Agna – chaste, holy
    Adelinda – noble snake
    Albertina – the bright nobility
    Amalazuint – strong, working
    Annelis – good, grace and God of foxes – my oath
    Annemarie – good, grace, and beloved
    Anselma – protecting God
    Beat – the blessed
    Brigitte – the majestic, exalted
    Brigitte – the majestic, exalted
    Gabrayale – strong from the God
    Gadrun – the secret knowledge of the God
    Greta – pearls
    Jatta- a Jew, a woman of Judah
    Zenzy – the emerging, growing, prosperous
    Zibille – the forecaster
    Ilsa – god – my oath
    Irmalinda – completely soft and gentle
    Irmgard – universal, whole and enclosed
    warring Kirs – cherry
    Clara – clear, bright
    Claramond – bright defender
    Klarimondt – bright defender
    Klasilda – famous battle
    Konradayn – bold counselor
    Cordula – small heart
    Katarina – pure
    Katrina – pure
    Kunibert – brave, bright
    Kunigand – war-resistant
    Rebecca – trap
    Reinhild – counselor battle
    Renate – reborn
    Rosemarie – beloved
    Swanhild – the defeated swan
    Swanhild- Battle Swan
    Svendzha – Swan
    Selma – protector God
    Emily – rival
    Emma – whole, universal
    Erma – whole, universal
    Ermelanda – completely soft and tender
    Ermentraud – completely beloved

    I hope this is helpful for the readers. I might be a bit old person, so some of these names may not fit in 2020.

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