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Italian Girl Names – Most Beautiful Collection (2022)

Italy is one of the most culturally and economically advanced countries in the world. There is a reason behind many Non-Italian people take names for their babies from the Italian language as it is sweet to hear and pronounce. But it may difficult for you to find Italian Girl Names which have something beautiful in meaning, especially for those who can’t speak Italian.

Hence, that makes you hard to decide which one you should take. To make your way easy, we are here with a list of Italian Girl Names with meanings. Are you looking for a suitable Name, so have a look?

Italian Girl Names Starting from A

Alessandra: Defender and helper

Adriana; Dark

Alessia: Defending warrior

Alicia: Noble one

Angelica: Angelic

Agata: Good


Alda: Noble

Alcie: Strong 

Anna: Beautiful grace

Arianna: Chaste or holy

Alfonsia: Ready

Alma: Soul

Alonza: Ready for battle

Andria: Love

Asia: Sunrise or east

Aurora: Dawn

Anita: Grace

Anetta: Favour

Armide:  Little armed one

Aryanna: Holy one


Beatrice: She who makes merriment

Benedetta: Blessed

Bianca: White

Bambi: Little one

Belinda: Beautiful girl

Belladonna: Beautiful woman

Benigna: Kind

Bia: White

Bona: Good

Bradamante:  Wild lover

Bonifacia: Benefactor


Camilla: Free-born, noble

Carlotta: Free person

Caterina: Pure

Chiara: Light, clear

Camelia: Flower

Carissa: Embrace

Carolina: Strong

Cascata: Waterfall

Celia: Heaven

Clara: Bright

Coco: Cook

Cosima: Beauty

Cristiana: Belilever


Dahna: Lady

Dani: God will judge

Deangela: Angel

Debora: Bee

Diamante: Diamond

Dianora: Divine

Dolce: Sweet

Domencia: Belongs to the lord

Dona: Lady

Dorotea: Gift by God

Italian Girl Names Starting from E

Elena: Shining light

Eleonora: Shining light

Elisa: God is my oath

Emma: Whole or universal

Editta: Wealthy

Edmonda: Protector of prosperity

Elda: Battle

Eleanora: Light

Elena: Light

Elettra: Bright

Elma: Protection

Elosia: Very healthy

Ernesta: battle


Francesca: Free one

Fabina: Farmer

Fantasia: Fantasy

Farfalle: Butterfly

Fausta: Fortunate

Favianne: Hopeful

Feliciana:  Fortune

Felicita: Good luck

Felisa: Lucky

Fiora: Flower

Fiorella: Little flower

Franca: French


Gabriella: God is my strength

Gaia: Earth

Giada: Jade

Ginevra: Fair one; it is the Italian form of Jennifer.

Gioia: Jewel or precious object

Giorgia: farmer

Giulia: Youthful

Greta: Pearl

Gabi: Woman of God

Gemma: precious stone

Ghita: Pearl

Gia: God is gracious

Gilda; sacrifice

Gioconda: Happy

Giustina: Fair

Guiditta: Praised


Horatia: Time keeper

Humiliana: Humble


Ilaria: Cheerful and happy

Irene: Peace

Iniga: Fiery

Italia: Calf


Jacobella: Supplanter

Jemma: Jewel

Jolanda: Violet flower

Jovannie: God is gracious

Justina: Just


Kamelia: Botany

Kara; Beloved

Karissa: Embrace

Karlotta: freeman

Karrah: Dear

Kiara: Bright


Kyara: Clear


Laura: Bay laurel plant

Lacole: Victorious people

Lacrecia: Rich

Ladonna: Lady

Leola: Lion

Leora: Shinning light

Leonora: Light

Letizia: Glad

Liliana: Lily

Lokapele: Beautiful Rose

Loretta: Laurel

Lucetta: Graceful light

Lucia: Light


Margherita: Daisy

Maria: Sea of sorrow

Marta: The lady

Martina: Mars

Melissa: Bee

Mia: Mine or chosen one

Miriam: Sea of bitterness

Mara: Bitter

Madonna: My lady

Massima: Great

Melania: Black

Mercede: Merciful

Mia: Mine

Miirabella: Lovely

Mona: Hearkening


Nicole: Victory of the people

Noemi: Pleasantness

Nanda: Joy

Nerina: water

Norma: Rule


Octavia: Born eighth 

Olympia: From Olympus

Orabella: Golden beautiful 

 Orazia: Keeper of time

Italian Girl Names Starting from R

Rebecca: Join or tie together

Rosella: Rose


Sara: Princess


Serena: Tranquil, serene

Sofia: Wisdom and skill


Valentina: Healthy and strong

Viola: Violet

Valentia: Brave

 Valeria :Healthy  

Vanda: Wanderer 

Vittoria: Victory


Xaviera: New house 


Ysabel :Consecrated to God 

Ysabelle :Consecrated to God 


 Zaira : Dawning

 Zarah: Dawning 

 Zeta :Little girl 

 Zinerva: Fair or light haired 


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